Voxbone to provide global DID numbers to Aculab cloud-based platform

Busche: Aculab, Deutsche Telekom deals signal cloud-based application trend

Voxbone, a VoIP wholesaler, has signed an agreement with telephony applications provider Aculab to supply international direct inward dial (DID) numbers for Aculab's cloud-based platform, which enables developers to create on-demand automated telephony applications that make, receive and interact with calls.

Aculab Cloud enables enterprise communications functions including transferring calls, playing messages, mixing calls together in a conference, playing text-to-speech prompts and messages, analyzing call progress, detecting answering machines, queuing calls and making simultaneous outbound calls.

Aculab offers the tools for developers to build applications that run on voice command, such as a speech-driven interactive voice response (IVR) platform, explained Christoph Busche, Voxbone marketing manager. Voxbone provides the DID access numbers that people dial to get to these IVRs, he told FierceEnterpriseCommunications in an interview.

"The agreement shows where the industry is heading. It shows that cloud communications is getting more and more important. There is a new kind of company emerging, which is a cloud-communications enabler for enterprises. This is something new we see emerging and this is providing a lot of growth and a lot of potential in the enterprise communications sector," Busche said.

Busche cited a similar agreement that Voxbone signed with Deutsche Telekom, under which Voxbone is providing international DID numbers for the German carrier's cloud-based Developer Garden, which enables developers to integrate DT services into their mobile and desktop applications. 

Using the Developer Garden, developers can build speech-driven interactive voice response (IVR) and VoIP solutions, voice mash-ups and SMS applications with Telekom Tropo API, a cloud-based voice applications platform, or initiate conference calls with just a Web service call.

Voxbone said it is the only international DID operator with self-owned licenses, telephone number ranges and network infrastructure in its footprint. Last year, the company's private global VoIP network carried 2.8 billion minutes of voice traffic. Voxbone said it has more than 700 wholesale customers, including Microsoft's (Nasdaq: MSFT) Skype unit, IDT, Level 3 (NYSE: LVLT), Jajah and Arkadin.

The cloud trend is impacting every aspect of enterprise communications, including telephony applications and VoIP services. The cloud makes advanced communications services and applications available to enterprises of all sizes and locations.

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