Voxox relaunches with new service and new logo


As unified communications (UC) and VoIP companies continue to release products to one-up each other, it is only a matter of time until we start to see all the innovations being concentrated into one place. The latest place to see all the latest innovations in one package is Voxox and its latest release entitled effectively: "New Voxox."

New Voxox includes a hat-tip to Google Voice with a function called Call Connect which allows the service to trigger VoIP call on any device and voicemail transcription. The release relies heavily on a web portal and a condensed window that bring all forms of communication into on pane. This merger means incorporating text transcription of voice messages in with IM, text, and email communications so that all of a users points of contacts are in one place. 

The company is using the new release to launch a new brand identity. With the same theme of bringing all communications into one place, the company is rallying around the single word slogan: Unify. The company has also launched a new logo to go along with the release.

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