Why is your desk phone still so dumb?


Still have a desk phone? If you don't next year, maybe the problem isn't that mobile phones have become so smart.

Maybe the problem is that the desk phone has stayed so dumb.

"Desktop phones should be the smart ones because they are free of mobile constraints," writes industry analyst Dave Michels on UC Strategies. Plenty of available power, no antennae, room for a larger screen and so on.

Most landlines don't take advantage of these options. Michels points to the Cisco DX650 "video endpoint" as a better model of what a desktop phone could be--a real hub for unified communications. The DX650 is Android-based and can run apps from the Google Play store, and offers its own APIs for third-party developers.

The Fierce Take: Great point, and reminiscent of the Apple iPad launch. Critics scoffed, but tablets quickly became the fastest-adopted consumer device format in history. Seems the desktop is a missed opportunity--if the price point for better options can drop low enough. (Resellers currently list the DX650 north of $1,000 per unit, whereas $100 will get you a vanilla VoIP set.)

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