Zentera offers CoIP on CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace


Zentera has expanded its Cloud over IP product to the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace, enabling organizations to get its session network product on CenturyLink Cloud.

CoIP was designed to provide enterprise-grade security across cloud data center administration and uses without changing the underlying network infrastructure. It provides a single virtual network for applications so it appears that all resources were deployed on one corporate network. In reality, though, they could be dispersed throughout public and private clouds.

The launch of CoIP on the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace connects the virtual network to CenturyLink's public cloud, providing an extra link enterprises can use for storing data and hosting applications.

It's a good move for Zentera and will be beneficial to customers that use CenturyLink cloud. When it comes to telco-owned infrastructure as a service offerings these days, though, there are plenty of questions about their futures.

CenturyLink expanded its cloud presence significantly over the last couple of years, but the industry has hit a point where telcos in general are pulling back and partnering with more dedicated IaaS providers instead. CenturyLink is still operating its clouds, but it appears to be having other issues within its cloud organization, including several key executive departures over the last few months.

CenturyLink hasn't gained the market share of the big public cloud providers, but the company is still plugging away for business customers. For enterprises using CenturyLink Cloud, the addition of Zentera's CoIP offering could be a useful tool to ensure resources are available on their networks.

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