Zultys offers WiFi SIP softphone option


Zultys Inc. announced a new version of its Zultys Mobile Communicator, adding a WiFi-based SIP softphone to the mix to better support mobile and remote users on iPhones and iPads, while keeping a low-cost profile. Providing of WiFi option will also help users to better manage their data usage as they near the limits of their mobile data caps.

The Zultys Mobile Communicator 2.0--available at the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) applications store--lets off-site users use iPhone, Android or BlackBerry smartphones and iPads to access the features of the Zultys' Unified Communications phone system.

With the 2.0 version for the iPhone and iPad, the vendor's new WiFi SIP softphone option offers those users an alternative to the roaming costs or international charges that could be levied on them while traveling out of their home service areas. Another very timely benefit: It also can help them put off breaching the limits of their mobile data caps by allowing them to switch over to WiFi.

Vendors ought to recognize that amid the prevalence of usage caps, they need to have a simple way of enabling WiFi offload. In some cases, carriers may help users make the choice to move to WiFi, but for now it is largely still a user-driven activity.

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