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Latest Headlines

Amazon to heat up the AI competition with new cloud offering

Amazon is stepping up its competition with Google, Microsoft and IBM with a new service, Bloomberg reported. The service aims to simplify running artificial intelligence software on computers rented from the company.

Are enterprises ready for digital employees? Accenture is banking on it

Accenture has partnered with IT and business process automation company IPsoft to create artificially intelligent technology to perform a variety of tasks at enterprises worldwide. This new AI arm of Accenture is based on IPsoft's cognitive agent, Amelia, which IPsoft bills as "your first digital employee."

Spotlight: This AI chatbot had an entire college class fooled as it posed as a teaching assistant

The Next Web told the story of Ashok Goel, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech, who added Jill Watson to his list of teaching assistants. Watson helped answer students' questions and helped ease the burden on the other TA's. 

Salesforce continues march toward AI excellence with MetaMind deal

Salesforce has acquired deep learning company MetaMind, adding to its ever-growing arsenal of artificial intelligence startups. 

AI is 'most important' tech today, but it can be misused, says Microsoft exec

Artificial intelligence is "the most important technology that anybody on the planet is working on today," observed to Dave Coplin, the chief envisioning officer at Microsoft U.K.

New digital assistant Viv coming next week could beat out Siri, Cortana

Next week, a new digital assistant launches – and it's supposed to be the most powerful yet. It's called Viv, and it's been in the making for four years, according to an article at the Washington Post.

OpenAI wants to bring AI tech to everyone- including the enterprise- at no cost

OpenAI – Elon Musk's artificial intelligence non-profit – plans to release its first set of AI software Wednesday morning, according to Wired. The toolkit can be used to build AI systems via reinforcement learning.

Spotlight: Bots are hot, but the backlash has only just begun

Bot hype is high, but bot technology may not be where people want it to be quite yet. An article at Networkworld dove into the deep blue bot sea, and took a look at how folks are viewing bot offerings.

The robot in the office: Friend or foe?

In an interview with Computerworld Thursday, Tom Davenport, co-author of the forthcoming book Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines, made the case for seeing artificial intelligence and robotics not as a threat in the workplace but as an advantage. In short, Davenport said, these technologies will help us do our jobs better.

The latest application for AI? Business contracts

The online contract review platform LawGeex is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to evaluate business contracts. On Tuesday, the Israeli startup announced it had raised $2.5 million, which the two year-old company will use to offer its contract review service for free to consumers.