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Latest Headlines

OpenAI wants to bring AI tech to everyone- including the enterprise- at no cost

OpenAI – Elon Musk's artificial intelligence non-profit – plans to release its first set of AI software Wednesday morning, according to Wired. The toolkit can be used to build AI systems via reinforcement learning.

Spotlight: Bots are hot, but the backlash has only just begun

Bot hype is high, but bot technology may not be where people want it to be quite yet. An article at Networkworld dove into the deep blue bot sea, and took a look at how folks are viewing bot offerings.

The robot in the office: Friend or foe?

In an interview with Computerworld Thursday, Tom Davenport, co-author of the forthcoming book Only Humans Need Apply: Winners and Losers in the Age of Smart Machines, made the case for seeing artificial intelligence and robotics not as a threat in the workplace but as an advantage. In short, Davenport said, these technologies will help us do our jobs better.

The latest application for AI? Business contracts

The online contract review platform LawGeex is pioneering the use of artificial intelligence to evaluate business contracts. On Tuesday, the Israeli startup announced it had raised $2.5 million, which the two year-old company will use to offer its contract review service for free to consumers.

Apttus adds AI capability, partners with Microsoft

The customer relationship management vendor marketplace just got a little more interesting. On Monday, quote-to-cash software company Apttus announced that it had released a machine learning offering, which would now be available to Microsoft customers.

Spotlight: Microsoft to unveil new bots at Build

Microsoft has plans to unveil some new prototype bots at the Build conference today, building on CEO Satya Nadella's vision of "conversation as a platform."

Spotlight: Meet 'Connie,' a Watson-enabled hotel concierge

Connie is named after Hilton founder Conrad Hilton, and will work with Hilton employees to answer visitor requests and questions, personilize guest experience and offer information to travelers to help plan trips. 

Gates thinks quantum computing in the cloud may come in a decade

Bill Gates did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit Tuesday and said that there's a chance within six to ten years that "cloud computing will offer super-computation by using quantum." 

Salesforce continues investing in cutting-edge technology with Augment funding

The funding comes hand-in-hand with Salesforce's deeper integration with the augmented reality tech that Augment offers. Salesforce is continuing to show how dedicated it is to pursuing up-and-coming tech, and this funding and integration is just one more step along that path.

With CaffeOnSpark, Yahoo joins the open source AI fray

This week Yahoo open sourced the code to its CaffeOnSpark artificial intelligence engine for researchers, developers and competitors to use and modify as they wish.