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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Microsoft bones up on dog breeds with machine learning app

Microsoft continues to flex its artificial intelligence muscles with the release of a new app, Fetch!

These were the most important stories of 2015 and here's why you should care about them

The most important stories from 2015 – a hint at a rebound at Microsoft, Apple's impact on the enterprise, setbacks for women in tech and the continuing struggle of traditional enterprise IT vendors – promise to influence IT in 2016. 

Researchers shorten machine learning curve with new algorithm

Researchers have developed an algorithm that dramatically shortens the learning curve by enabling the machine to generalize from a limited number of examples rather than depend on analysis of hundreds of examples.

Wikipedia uses artificial intelligence to find bad edits

Wikipedia has begun using artificial intelligence to make the editing process easier on human editors. The machine learning service – dubbed ORES, which stands for Objective Revision Evaluation Service – reviews edits and flags suspect changes, so human editors can more quickly find problem edits. 

Kodak Alaris introduces AI Foundry for organizing digital communications with AI-based tech

Seeking to take on the chaos of enterprise digital communications, Kodak Alaris announced the formation of AI Foundry. The new company will offer artificial intelligence technology, including a flagship product called Info Insight that gathers and organizes the many disparate kinds of content an enterprise deals with to allow more impactful responses from the right person. 

Allen Institute uses artificial intelligence to search computer science research

Paul Allen's The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence launched a new search engine, called Semantic Scholar, that uses artificial intelligence to make it easier for researchers to find scientific reports, according to a report on Geekwire.

Google reportedly has been using artificial intelligence to drive search

Over the past few months, Google has been using a new artificial intelligence program to help improve its search results, according to a Bloomberg story.   

Machine learning demystified

Even researchers skilled in statistical modeling and other research techniques are sometimes a bit confused over how exactly a machine can learn and what that means to them and their work. More than a few IT professionals are confused over it too and struggle to understand products that offer it. To the uninitiated, the sea of algorithms and their many uses can appear unfathomable and indistinguishable.

Machine learning key to 'rethinking everything' at Google, says CEO Pichai

Google's new CEO Sundar Pichai called the company's efforts in machine learning a "priority" during Alphabet's financial call Thursday.

CrowdFlower unveils new AI product

CrowdFlower unveiled its new AI product – a module for its platform for data science teams – at the Rich Data Summit last week. The capability is in private beta and referenced as simply AI for now. The company said it combines machine learning and human-labeled training data sets to create predictive models that can be applied against new data.