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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: For networked apps, lack of context trumps big data

Though apps developers are working harder to incorporate context sensitivity, Lisa Morgan finds that the more data they input, the less sensitive they may be.

Artificial intelligence breakthroughs unveiled at CeBIT

Efforts in artificial intelligence are ongoing and making unprecedented headway. Several breakthroughs were demonstrated at CeBIT and most were breath-taking, made more so by the knowledge that these are not far-future fantasies but near-future possibilities. Take a look at some of the things presented at CeBIT and coming down the pipeline now…

Looking for big data and machine learning to replace human thinking? Ain't gonna happen

Christian Madsbjerg, cofounder of business consultancy ReD, says when it comes to technology mirroring or mimicking the human brain in the future, well, that's a big fat fail. Madsbjerg writes a post to that effect in VentureBeat in response to John Funge's post in the same publication making the opposite claim. Only one of them can be right about this. But which one?

IBM's Watson takes on big data analytics

IBM's Watson, made famous by beating Jeopardy champions, is taking on the big data challenge faced by many enterprises.

Apple's Siri raises profile of mobile virtual agents

Siri, that sweet-sounding personal assistant on Apple mobile devices, has raised the profile of mobile virtual agent technology, noted Forrester analyst Kate Leggett.

IBM touts practical applications for "Watson"

IBM's "Watson" supercomputer left its human counterparts in the dust after the first two rounds of Jeopardy this week. Jeopardy champs Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter finished the contest's second

Advances and applications in artificial intelligence

Notable advances have been made in artificial intelligence technologies over the last few years, especially in the realm of speech recognition. The ability of computers to listen to and understand