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Latest Headlines

IT business analytics company Numerify secures $37.5M in new funding

A lot has been said about technology as the driving force behind nearly every kind of business. In today's market, whether you think you're selling widgets, coordinating a fleet of cars or harvesting food, what you're really doing is leveraging technology to alter traditional models.

Look out for ethics violations in big data analytics, Gartner warns

Big data projects can lead to big upsides for businesses that employ them, but they also come with risks. For instance, Gartner today said it expects that by 2018, half of business ethics violations will happen because of improper use of big data analytics.

Autonomy founder sues HP for $150M over 'smear campaign'

The founder and former CEO of big data firm Autonomy, Mike Lynch, has filed a $150 million lawsuit against HP for what he alleges is a public smear campaign against him and the Autonomy management team after HP's acquisition of his software firm in 2011.

Spotlight: Big data to team with IoT in the enterprise

Big data analytics will play a major role in business use of the Internet of Things, enabling businesses to increase revenue and cut costs over the next 12 to 18 months, according to market research firm Strategy Analytics.

Okta combines big data and two-factor authentication in new security product

With $75 million from its latest funding round burning a hole in its pocket, identity and mobility management firm Okta unveiled Thursday its Okta Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication product, which combines big data with two-factor authentication to improve enterprise security.  

For Salesforce users, data is the problem and the answer, says Bluewolf

More than two-thirds of companies using Salesforce will invest in analytics offerings in the coming year, according to Bluewolf's fourth annual "The State of Salesforce" report. That's a sign that many companies see valuable intelligence to plumb from in-house and outsourced data, Bluewolf said. But it also shows that companies face challenges in making sense of data that they collect from services like Salesforce. 

Don't let IoT become a wrench in the works

IoT will change the way manufacturing works. But this won't happen willy-nilly. Manufacturers will need to have a plan to ensure IoT investments enhance processes, instead of becoming a wrench in the works.

News Scan: Amount of obsolete tech in use on the rise; Bill Veghte named CEO at SurveyMonkey; More

The top news stories for July 8, 2015.

Is your data analyst essentially a janitor?

The role of data scientist has been called the sexiest job of the century. But it turns out that many skilled data analysts are more likely to be donning janitor garb than pageant contest laurels.

Infographic offers advice on preparing for the future with IoT

For the benefit of CIOs that want to know what the exploding tech trend means to them, the New Jersey Institute of Technology has prepared an infographic on the Internet of Things and "How to Prepare for the Future."