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Latest Headlines

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The top news stories for Jan. 23, 2015.

Datapipe acquires GoGrid to grow multi-cloud efforts

Consolidation in the industry is picking up, both through M&As and increasing alliances. For example, GoGrid is the third acquisition for Datapipe which is forever on the mission of ruling the global multi-cloud managed services market.

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The top news stories for Jan. 12, 2014.

The big deal in the small data, medium data, big data debate

Everywhere you turn conflicting media reports tout small data over big data and vice versa. What you really should be looking for is smart data, i.e. relevant data--and the size be damned. 

Growing degree programs turn data analysts into the new BMOC

Colleges and universities are rarely accused of moving at lightning speed when it comes to addressing workforce needs, but they just may be bucking that trend when it comes to creating big data specialists.

UK government could use 'big data' to select service, pre-fill forms in behalf of citizens; will US follow suit?

According to a new report, the U.K. government could increase the usefulness of its big data work by using it to pre-fill service request forms for citizens, tailor services to individuals and groups of citizens, aka as personalization, and to better monitor quality and delivery of services on a local and individual level.

CIOs told to be more like the CFO; Organization aims to make New England a cybersecurity mecca: More

The top news stories for Dec. 17, 2014.

Spotlight: Big data takes a look at the Underground Railroad

Slate  looks at the impact of big data on civil liberties, discrimination and the concept of personal freedom.

Big data investments could double among the Fortune 1000

Big data analysis has become firmly entrenched in a majority of Fortune 1000 organizations, and investments in data analytics are expected to double over the next three years, a new study reveals.

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Top news for November 4, 2014.