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Latest Headlines

New big data center named for WWII code-breaker Turing

The British government has funded the creation of a new big data research center to be named after computer pioneer and WWII code-breaker Alan Turing.

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Big data is not about petabytes, but complex computing

You've heard me and several others repeatedly say that the term big data is unfortunate because it's really not about the size of the data, but about the complexity of the computing. In other words, big data tools are not contained to usage where there are petabytes of data. Those tools are useful with just about any sized data if you're doing complex computing with it.

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Want to attract mobile IT talent? Offer a free lunch

If you want to attract the top IT talent in mobile development, you need to offer free lunches. A free gym membership, tuition reimbursement, working with the latest tech and a referral bonus wouldn't hurt either.

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Legacy apps hold enterprises back from embracing mobility

The need to support many redundant and outdated applications is holding many enterprises back from embracing mobility, according to a survey of more than 1,000 CIOs and senior IT decision makers by Capgemini, a consulting, technology and outsourcing service provider.

Google vs CDC: When traditional methods beat big data

In the end, the CDC's predictions proved right and big data failed in the hands of some of the best big data analysts on the planet: Google's. So what does that mean to big data practitioners elsewhere? Here are the lessons learned...