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Latest Headlines

Broadband, VoIP bundles could push market to saturation?

A recent report from analysts at Point Topic put forth some nice figures about the health of the VoIP market. They estimated that one in five broadband subscribers had a VoIP service connected as

Telcos not just losing voice subs

I stand corrected. Every report that shows subscribers dropping from telco rolls has had me thinking that they've just switched to using VoIP service over broadband or their cell phones. The

MetaSwitch exceeds 200 ILEC customers

MetaSwitch announced it signed more than 20 new ILEC customers in the second-quarter and now has deployed its IP communications software to more than 200 ILECs. The company said the strong growth in

NextGenTel buys 23,000 VoIP sub lines

TeliaSonera subsidiary NextGenTel announced it purchased 23,000 VoIP subscriber lines from Tele2 Norway. NextGenTel will pay roughly $15.5 million for the VoIP lines and 74,000 additional broadband

Cisco may enter CDN space; AT&T, Qwest get tweeting

> Cisco may enter CDN space > CWA "Ready to Strike" ringtone ready for action > Reward for info on AT&T SF cable cut boosted to $250K > AT&T tweets California fiber cut info >

Skype lobbies Silicon Valley on broadband stimulus spending

With billions of dollars earmarked for broadband stimulus, Skype wants Silicon Valley to know how spending should be tweaked to "protect the innovation" for which the area is known. Currently, NTIA

A Few Digital Lines

By Carl FordI want it to be understood from the beginning that this is not an attack on our new president! President Obama, if you are reading this, I feel for you as you navigate the hopes of our

SPOTLIGHT: VoIP in India 'On The Runway'

If minor changes in regulation are made, VoIP in India could "take off in a big way" says Express Computer. According to Frost and Sullivan, sales of IP PBX systems grew by 65 percent in 2007 while

ALSO NOTED: Citi Group posts gains; Voipfone bows managed VoIP product; and much more...

> City Group see big jump in annual revenue. Report > Voipfone introduces managed broadband, VoIP package.

Airspan says Aussie ISP cut corners in WiMAX network

There's a dust up brewing down under, where comments from the CEO of an Australian ISP that WiMAX technology was a "miserable failure" supported only by "opportunistic hype" drew a quick and acerbic