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Latest Headlines

Infonetics: The bleeding has stopped, trends point to hosted and biz VoIP

Getting a bit meta, Infonetics released a report on its reports! But rather than rehashing all the stuff they've been saying, they've taken their most recent reports on the VoIP markets and tried to

Broadvox sells VoIP lines to Phone Power

Broadvox announced it has sold its entire residential Direct VoIP business to Phone Power, a VoIP service provider based in Los Angeles. Beginning Tuesday, Broadvox customers will be transferred to

Verizon Business boosts European VoIP offering

Verizon Business announced today it has certified the ADTRAN NetVanta 6310 IP Business Gateway for use with its IP Integrated Access solution in Europe. Since the product allows for connectivity with

Telesphere buys Unity's VoIP assets

Fresh off raising a $15 million round of venture funding, business VoIP provider Telesphere announced it has purchased the VoIP services business of Unity Business Networks, which operates in

Russian lawmakers consider VoIP regulations

Russian lawmakers and a business group claim VoIP companies are causing unfair competition for domestic mobile network operators and telcos, according to a New York Times report. Members of Russia's

IIS buys Ring9 VoIP assets

IIS Group announced Wednesday it has purchased the VoIP assets and operating network of Ring9, a Gainesville, Fla.-based hosted PBX and network provider. IIS gains about 3,000 small business and

Cablevision upgrades business VoIP offering

Cablevision announced an upgrade to its Optimum Business offering that allows customers to deploy up to 24 lines of Optimum Voice VoIP calling, up from the previous limit of 12 lines per account. The

Skype mulls pricing for enterprise offering

Skype for SIP is currently in beta testing, and the company is using the trial to determine price points for the business offering and to improve quality of service. Enterprise users are paying

Ifbyphone offers carriers value-add services via SIP trunking

Ifbyphone is announcing this week that it is offering all of its Phone 2.0/mashup style value-added services as white label offerings via SIP trunking, enabling softswitch-equipped carriers to sell

Migration to business VoIP faces customer inertia

Cable operators are encountering customer inertia when it comes to getting business to move from existing services onto hosted VoIP service that provide more features and potentially lower total