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Doing and knowing

by Thomas Howe Today's service providers are real "doers." From business model to world view, carriers see the world in terms of what they can do for their customers. They excel at doing things like

CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Web 2.0 Apps – Better Than Call Center Support?

By Monique Bozeman I'm a marketing person by nature, but I do have a manifest geek gene that pops up from time to time, driving me to late night surfing of sites billed as news for nerds. I guess

FORD: Skype Me, Asterisk Us

by Carl Ford Mark Spencer had been working on projects delivering drivers and writing code that was specific to boards. Being part of the open source experience, he saw that his work could be built

CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Pro-active Customer Contact, Part 4- Learning From the Leaders

By Joe Outlaw There are countless stories of how enterprises have reduced their contact center operating costs by improving center and agent utilization with the additions of outbound and blending

CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Pro-active Customer Contact, Part 1: Why The Time Is Right

By Joe Outlaw Given my focus on the leading edges of customer contact you might wonder why I would be writing a series of articles about pro-active customer contact. Haven't outbound calling, auto

Outlaw: Is Your Call Center Killing Your Business?

By Joe Outlaw "Of course not!" you say. Don't be so sure. First, let me say I appreciate there are many call centers filled with enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and customer-focused people doing their

CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Towerstream’s VoIP Conversion

Broadband wireless carrier Towerstream has converted over its 130-agent call center from a legacy PBX to VoIP. Towerstream's call center supports inbound and

CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Europe’s Customer Service Near-Sweep

Six of the world's eight top global innovators in customer service and call centers reside in Europe, according to Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories. The company recently announced the