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Latest Headlines

Cisco launches open source microservices architecture project on GitHub

Cisco dives deeper into open source with the launch of a new continuous deployment microservices project. Available for perusal on GitHub, the new project is a microservices architecture built as an open framework around various other open source projects, including Docker, Mesos and Consul.

Cisco wants to help you add voice calling, SMS to your apps

Cisco announced today that it plans to buy Tropo, the Twilio competitor that makes it easy to drop voice calling and SMS functionality into apps. Cisco said the combined companies will deliver a "collaboration platform as a service."

News Scan: Chuck Robbins to assume Cisco CEO post; IT outsourcing reports worst quarter in a decade; More.

The top news stories for May 4, 2015.

Spotlight: Security researchers find a way to thwart ransomware--decrypt it yourself!

The Talos Group at Cisco did excellent work in unraveling a criminal ransomware scheme. Read the post for details on how to decrypt TelsaCrypt yourself and avoid paying to get your data back from greedy, heartless criminals.

DHL, Cisco trend report looks at Internet of Things in logistics

The report estimates that the number of devices connected to the Internet will be up from 15 billion today to 50 billion by 2020 and that the new connections will generate around $8 trillion. What we're facing now is extreme data with little useful filtering. Harnessing the IoT will require much more than just connecting everything and bracing for the deluge.

Cisco CSO admits to thwarting NSA spying attempts

Cisco has shipped equipment to addresses that are unrelated to customers as part of the company's efforts to make it difficult for the NSA to intercept shipments of its computer equipment.

AirWatch joins Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin on enterprise mobile app standard

Enterprise mobile app development and deployment can be a fragmented and frustrating experience for app developers, IT and end users. To streamline the process, AirWatch by VMware, Box, Cisco, Workday and Xamarin have unveiled a new open standard approach called app configuration for the enterprise.

BYOD is not about saving the company money; it's about employee productivity

Mandating BYOD even for employees that need powerful computers makes no sense from any perspective. But allowing BYOD benefits the employees and company.

Oh, the places IoT will go... or will it?

While Google tries to soften the blow around news that it plans to stop selling Google Glass, experts who spoke during yesterday's Women in Technology "WIT Connect" panel in McLean, Virginia, highlighted ways that issues like privacy and security are impacting the growth of new devices like Glass. 

Globo amps up EMM security and control with Cisco ISE integration

To beef up the security and control of its enterprise mobility management platform, Globo is teaming with Cisco to integrate the Cisco Identity Services Engine into the GO!Enterprise platform.