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Latest Headlines

Cisco gearing up for small form factor campus aggregation switch

Cisco is getting ready to launch a campus aggregation switch within its Catalyst line. The big difference here is the Catalyst 6840-X will provide up to 40 10Gbps Ethernet ports and two 40Gbps uplinks in a small 2RU form factor.

What Chuck Robbins' appointment as Cisco CEO says about the vendor's future

Selecting the successor for one of the most well-known CEOs of a large public technology company can't be an easy task. According to Cisco, it took its board of directors 16 months from the time it initiated the search to the time it decided the right man for the job was current senior vice president of worldwide field operations Chuck Robbins.

SDN: Viva la evolution!

Although the hype may at times indicate otherwise, the adoption of software defined networking is more of an evolution rather than a revolution.

John Chambers to step down as Cisco CEO in July

It's the end of an era at Cisco Systems. This morning, the company's board of directors announced that its long-serving chief executive will be stepping down on July 26.

Spotlight: Cisco goes head-to-head against Arista in intellectual property war

Legal battles between Cisco Systems and Arista Networks are about to heat up. Cisco alleges that Arista has infringed on 14 of its patents.

Choosing between Cisco and Microsoft in UC? It's not so easy

Selecting and deploying a unified communications solution is no easy task. But sometimes it is. Only the boldest of the bold truly like to play office politics, but choosing the right UC solution can be a very political decision, according to a  TechTarget  article.

News Scan: Chuck Robbins to assume Cisco CEO post; IT outsourcing reports worst quarter in a decade; More.

The top news stories for May 4, 2015.

Cisco takes aim at white box switches in new video

Whether it's just friendly advice or a shot across the bow of white box switch vendors, Cisco posted a video that aimed to do some "myth busting" about the bargain--or lack thereof--of white box switches.

Spotlight: Security researchers find a way to thwart ransomware--decrypt it yourself!

The Talos Group at Cisco did excellent work in unraveling a criminal ransomware scheme. Read the post for details on how to decrypt TelsaCrypt yourself and avoid paying to get your data back from greedy, heartless criminals.

In IoT, every 'thing' might not need an IP address

When IPv4 addresses ran out a few years ago, IPv6 had already been designed to help fill the void and ensure there would be more than enough IP addresses to go around for years to come, if not forever.