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Latest Headlines

Cisco holds broadest network security patent portfolio, but loses in quality

When it comes to the number of patents in its security portfolio, Cisco Systems has the biggest and broadest, but smaller, more security-focused vendors are winning in terms of quality, according to a new report and infographic from consulting firm LexInnova.

Pica8 fires back at Cisco, calls ACI security 'primitive'

The battle between open source and proprietary software-defined networking continues; and of course, Cisco is once again at the heart of the disagreement between the two sides. But this time, instead of Cisco executives taking shots at whitebox solutions, it's an open source proponent saying Cisco is behind the times.

Spotlight: As Cisco ACE support ends, KEMP provides migration tool

KEMP Technologies is looking to gain a few Cisco customers as Cisco ACE customers face the elimination of support for the outdated technology.

As convenient technologies proliferate, network challenges will increase

With the proliferation of mobile devices and the ongoing Internet of Things trend, there are more and more endpoints connecting to the network; and according to Chris Spain, vice president of product management for Cisco's enterprise networking group, even as these devices make our lives easier, they're also taxing the network.

Cisco executives stress changing networks, 'security everywhere' at Live

Cisco pulled no punches this week at Cisco Live in San Diego when it came to chit-chat about its leadership team overhaul. A frank on-stage discussion between outgoing CEO John Chambers and his successor, Chuck Robbins, set the foundation for what Cisco is doing.

Spotlight: HP trails Cisco in cloud infrastructure space

When it comes to the infrastructure supporting clouds, Cisco is the leading vendor, at least in the public cloud space, according to a new report from Synergy Research Group.

American OpenStack cloud market just got busier... again

Although OpenStack's greatest success has been in the private cloud, there are several Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers hoping to cash in on the public cloud. And the market just got a little more crowded.

Chambers opens Cisco Live with 'disrupt or be disrupted' message

Cisco chairman and outgoing CEO John Chambers kicked off Cisco Live in San Diego speaking to the importance of digital transformation. In what is likely to be the last opening keynote Chambers gives at a Cisco conference, he stressed the importance of transforming businesses to the digital realm and getting ready for the next generation of the Internet.

It's not the same ol' Cisco

Incoming Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins jumped the gun by about a week in announcing his senior management and executive team. With the announcement also comes more sad news, as Cisco says "goodbye" to even more long-time executives.

CliQr integrates CloudCenter app manager with Cisco ACI

At Cisco Live in San Diego, application-defined cloud management platform provider CliQr announced it has integrated its CloudCenter product with Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure to provide greater levels of application efficiency, performance, visibility and control.