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Latest Headlines

Industry consortium to develop IoT standards, technology

A consortium of heavy hitting IT firms will develop engineering standards for the Internet of Things to enable interoperability among networks and devices and improved access to big data for organizations.

Cisco on UC: We have to think like a consumer tech company

Unified communications appliances and services are being marketed more toward smaller businesses, complete with smaller prices. That's a problem for Cisco, and its SVP knows it.

Cisco, Google sign a deal to bring WebEx to Chromebooks

The low-cost, browser-based device can display web content, but can't run plug-ins like WebEx. That will change, as a result of a deal announced Tuesday.

Cisco fights to keep videoconferencing screens relevant

Admitting "the experience sucks" for videoconferencing systems priced at $1,000 and under, a Cisco exec announces plug-and-play room systems that give something back to smartphones.

Goldman-Sachs, Cisco, Microsoft show off their software-defined, virtualized infrastructure

It was a good week for seeing software-defined and virtualized IT infrastructure in action. Three prominent companies talked shop in the media, providing some details about how these trends work in real-world settings: Goldman-Sachs, Microsoft and Cisco.

Infographic: Mobility frustrating for employees, risky for firms

Mobility can be a frustrating experience for employees and a security nightmare for enterprises, according to data compiled by Cisco.

Upgrading to 802.11ac today is a 'no-brainer', says Cisco

FierceCIO:TechWatch  had the privilege of interviewing Sanjit Biswas, Cisco VP and former CEO of Meraki. Read on to learn his thoughts on 802.11ac Wi-Fi adoption.

JP Morgan slaps Cisco's stock (and SDN claims)

Cisco, after some early dawdling, has been pushing hard lately into Software Defined Networking.

SDN: Time to get down to business in 2014

Software-defined networking is ready for its closeup. Or it should be. The technology is still new-ish, but major vendors have defined product strategies at last--Cisco being the foot-dragger through the door.

Cisco buys Collaborate.com

This week, Cisco bought Collaborate.com, a tool that provides a central place to collaborate around a variety of cloud services.