Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Facebook looks to disrupt Cisco-led networking industry

Update your status. Check your friends' photos. Watch videos of cats and dogs. Oh, and buy data center networking switches. That's the Facebook of tomorrow.

Enterprises turn to software for videoconferencing, leave hardware market flat

Remember several years ago when telepresence rooms were all the rage? Looks like the good days for companies like Cisco, Polycom and Avaya are long over.

Spotlight: New collaboration certifications from Cisco

Cisco is beefing up its training and certification portfolio again--this time around collaboration.

Are your light bulbs Wi-Fi-enabled?

The role of the network administrator is forever changing. And sometimes the role's responsibilities shift in unexpected directions, particularly when you look to the future of all that will be connected to the network, if not the Internet of Things.

Don't let slowest 'car' lead the way in 802.11ac

Even with the launch of the latest 802.11 wireless networking standard, Wi-Fi has a performance issue. The slowest device on an access point kills the fun for everyone else, bringing throughput down and impacting efficiency. But there are ways to combat the problem, even without waiting for 802.11ac Wave 2.

Arista touts own VXLAN capabilities in wake of Cisco BGP EVPN news

Cisco's announcement of support for BGP EVPN VXLAN has met with some criticism from one of its rivals. Arista Networks has fired back with an announcement that its own Trident II-based switches, specifically the 7050X and 7300X, are also compliant with the protocol.

Software-defined networking is survivable

Is software-defined networking keeping you up at night? If so, it's understandable. Not only does it demand news skills and a new way of viewing the network as a whole, but new technology has a way of changing jobs or making them obsolete.

Cisco adds support for EVPN VXLAN to Nexus 9000

It's only going to affect a certain segment of Cisco's customer base, but the networking vendor is adding support for the BGP EVPN VXLAN protocol to its Nexus 9000 Series of switches.

The hardware industry that turned to software

When the networking space was ruled by names like Bay Networks and 3Com, the idea that hardware pushers would one day find their world increasingly ruled by software would have seemed absurd.

Cisco's software shift may finally open door to cloud market

Changes to how Cisco is dealing with and licensing software, which we wrote about  last week  here on  FierceEnterpriseCommunications, is having an impact on how the company is targeting the cloud market.