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Latest Headlines

A10, Cisco partner for dynamic application networking services

A10's Thunder ADC has been fully integrated with Cisco ACI, offering enterprises a new option for automatic provisioning of application delivery and security services. A10 says it's a lower cost alternative to other ADC offerings.

Polycom add-on tracks how long you stayed in a meeting

Polycom introduced a handful of new products, including one that tracks how many people were in a meeting and how long they stayed. 

Cisco to offer switches to support faster Wi-Fi without requiring new cabling

Cisco plans to roll out in the second quarter new LAN switches that will serve as a stopgap for businesses that want to roll out faster WLANs but don't want to update their cabling just yet.

Oh, the places IoT will go... or will it?

While Google tries to soften the blow around news that it plans to stop selling Google Glass, experts who spoke during yesterday's Women in Technology "WIT Connect" panel in McLean, Virginia, highlighted ways that issues like privacy and security are impacting the growth of new devices like Glass. 

Globo amps up EMM security and control with Cisco ISE integration

To beef up the security and control of its enterprise mobility management platform, Globo is teaming with Cisco to integrate the Cisco Identity Services Engine into the GO!Enterprise platform.

Open Interconnect Consortium releases preview of IoT software

The Open Interconnect Consortium and the AllSeen Alliance are both generating traction in a quest to become the primary IoT standard. 

Cisco CEO Chambers endorses Germany's 'Industry 4.0,' stops short of 'two Internets'

An endorsement of the German industrial re-innovation program may put Cisco on a controversial side of a new and troublesome issue: whether net neutrality proponents should be given their own Internet.

CES 2015: Cisco, Broadcom will try to make more sense of '5G'

If the fifth generation of wireless technology is ever to produce an actual generation of wireless products for the enterprise, it will need to win over consumers first. So far, it hasn't been that easy.

Mastering the top technologies for 2015 starts with embracing change, says Cisco CIO

IT is in the midst of unprecedented transformation, and the ability to identify and embrace new ways of doing things and new ways to use data will be essential to remaining competitive, according to Cisco's CIO, Rebecca Jacoby.

Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby reflects on the top tech trends for 2014 and 2015

FierceCIO recently spoke with Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby for her take on the top trends in IT for 2014, and what she expects will dominate her thoughts in 2015.