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Latest Headlines

Standalone apps dominate UCaaS space, but business suites are hot on their heels

Standalone applications or business suites? It's a good question for enterprises to ponder when it comes to deploying unified communications as a service offerings. Currently, the market is dominated by standalone apps, but the all-in-one suites look poised to catch up in the long run.

Reports indicate Cisco is about to develop a hyperconvergence appliance with Springpath

Rumors surfaced this week that Cisco is preparing to develop its own hyperconvergence appliance thanks to an OEM deal with hyperconvergence software developer Springpath. If true, it could mean the end of rumors that Cisco will acquire Nutanix and also put a damper on an existing relationship with SimpliVity.

FireEye acquisition rumors resurface

Last spring, Cisco executives squashed rumors that it was planning to acquire network threat prevention vendor FireEye, but a Seeking Alpha article has brought those rumors to the forefront again.

Cisco comes out the winner in Wi-Fi patent dispute

After eight years of fighting in court, Cisco has finally emerged the winner in a patent dispute that was originally ruled in the plaintiff's favor.

5 important networking acquisitions of 2015

The networking industry, like any industry that has been around for so long, always seems to be in the midst of consolidations. Larger vendors frequently purchase smaller companies, beefing up specific capabilities to address enterprise customer needs or buying their way into emerging markets.

The most important DevOps acquisitions of 2015

Call it industry consolidation. Call it accelerating time to market. Whatever the case, 2015 was a year of several major acquisitions in the DevOps space, including a few surprising ones.

Cisco aims to be the heavyweight contender in SD-WAN as competitors present lightweight options

Interest in software-defined WAN is growing, but unlike many smaller companies and startups that are looking to tackle WAN problems in a new way, Cisco is sticking to the tried-and-true branch appliance route. And according to Kiran Ghodgaonkar, director of WAN solutions at Cisco, it's ultimately going to be what wins in the enterprise, mostly because of the added services he said are available on such appliances.

Cisco conducts review of code in wake of Juniper breach

In the wake of teh breach at Juniper, Cisco is conducting a review of its code, which includes penetration testing and code reviews by qualified external parties.

Chambers, Elop, Mickos: Where this year's executive shake ups leave us for 2016

There were some big name comings and goings this year in enterprise IT and while those changes have had some immediate impact, there's surely more impact to come in 2016. Here are the most most interesting executive shakeups and the ones that promise to continue to reverberate into the coming year. 

Former Cisco executive Padmasree Warrior joins Tesla rival

There have been plenty of rumors about the next steps for Cisco executives who didn't stay on under the new regime. Some have already found new homes in or out of the information technology business. But the majority of the rumors appear to have been about former Cisco CTO Padmasree Warrior. It now appears, though, that Warrior has settled on the next phase of her career.