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Latest Headlines

Padmasree Warrior likely to join Microsoft board of directors

It would have been a surprise if former Cisco CTO and Chief Strategy Officer Padmasree Warrior hadn't surfaced at another technology company. After all, she's considered one of the most powerful women in the tech industry. And now it seems she has joined the Microsoft board of directors.

Spotlight: Security researcher says rooting Cisco IOS not that difficult

The SYNful Knock exploit isn't that sophisticated, according to Grid32 researcher Luka Hall. 

Cisco WebVPN vulnerable to JavaScript implant attack

Security research firm Volexity indicated in a blog last week that Cisco's Clientless SSL VPN (Web VPN) is vulnerable to JavaScript implant techniques that could enable malicious individuals to get access to internal corporate resources.

Cisco partners with FANUC on product to fix robots before they break

Cisco has partnered with Japanese robot maker FANUC on its Zero Downtime product that knows manufacturing robots need to be fixed before they break down, known as proactive maintenance.

Spotlight: Cisco and whitebox can coexist, says CEO

Cisco Systems has taken a rather hard line against the emergence of whitebox networking products, but CEO Chuck Robbins seems less concerned than his predecessor.

Arista gains small victory from patent review board

The legal dispute between Cisco Systems and Arista Networks isn't over yet, but it looks like in regards to two of the patents Cisco lays claim to, Arista may end up winning.

Cisco ACI to support Layer 4-7 devices from non-partners

Cisco may not generally be a fan of open networking, even though it is a member of the OpenDaylight Project, but the company is at least interested in making its Application Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking architecture a little more open in its next release.

Identiv bridges network and physical security using IoT devices

Security vendor Identiv launched the Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager, an Internet of Things access control system that provides both network and physical security by integrating with Cisco routers, switches, video and telephony products into what is touted as a low-cost monitoring and protection product.

Spotlight: Cisco says it has signed on 1,000 SDN customers

If Cisco Systems' claims of hitting the 1,000 customer market for its software-defined networking technology is true, then it may show a significant increase in enterprise adoption of the technology.

HP open networking now supports Pica8's PicOS

HP added support for Pica8's PicOS networking operating system to the Altoline family of open networking switches – something HP first started talking about a month ago, according to eWeek. But now, PicOS is supported across Altoline products.