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Latest Headlines

Cisco tries new collaboration, compliance tools for diverse work environments

How can the largest producer of collaboration appliances make collaboration work where appliances typically don't? Cisco engineers are tackling the problem before they're tackled by it.

News Scan: BES 10 heads to the cloud; Apple posts record iPhone sales; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Wednesday, July 23, including BlackBerry unveiling BES 10 as a hosted service, Apple posting record iPhone sales and revenues, an explosion of enterprise small cell deployment is expected within the next 12 months, Microsoft unveils cheapest Windows Phone yet and NVIDIA is to release its SHIELD tablet on July 29.

Spotlight: Building smarter cities through advertising

As I've mentioned before, nothing about the infrastructure of the Internet is inherently free; someone is always paying for it somewhere, somehow. Embedded in Wednesday's announcement from...

When will Cisco's projected IP traffic growth collide with Comcast's caps?

It's not just that the math doesn't look good for consumers worried about likely service caps for at-home Internet service. The math may not account for enough variables.

News Scan: Wireless traffic to surpass wired by 2018; MapQuest teams with MLB; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Wednesday, June 11 including wireless Internet traffic surpassing wired by 2018, IT leaders ignorance of the impact of the data dump from mobile apps on infrastructure, almost 3M wearable band shipments in the first quarter, the rise of IoT developers and how MapQuest and MLB are shaking up the mobile content landscape.

News Scan: iWatch set for October launch; Enterprises fuel small cell gear growth; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for May 6, including the expected release features of the iWatch, the coming growth in the small cell market, how Nokia overtook Cisco in a key market, the top 20 mobile security players and how the African continent is about to get a lot more mobile.

Cisco CEO Chambers: Most corporations will die unless networks can adapt

With the aid of an animation that literally depicted the Cisco logo mowing over competitors, the CEO opened his annual conference with the most optimistic sounding threat imaginable.

Cisco CEO pleads NSA to stop hacking his equipment

Following a photo and post by Sean Gallagher in ArsTechnica reportedly showing the NSA secretly installing spyware in Cisco routers, the company's CEO, John Chambers, wrote a letter to President Obama pleading for an end to NSA hacking. But even if the NSA refrains from such, will the damage done to private corporations' reputations persist?

Cisco Android desktops: Its bid to replace PCs in the office

Executives might not want another screen cluttering their desks. So Cisco is working to give them a reason to kick one of those screens off.

What have we learned this week at Microsoft TechEd 2014?

Can a company that's accustomed to setting the tone for an entire industry become content with simply finding some degree of harmony?