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Cisco systems vulnerable to DoS attacks

If you or your customers are running Cisco's Unified Call Manager or Unified Presence Server, better make sure your patches are up to date. Cisco says its systems are vulnerable to DoS attacks

New AeroScout for auto-find

AeroScout's new T3 RFID tag, which communicates over WiFi networks and features simple response buttons for answering calls, will be on the market in the middle of 2007. These tags, examples of a

Cisco buys WebEx for $145,000 per customer

Cisco's chief development officer Charlie Giancarlo gave a keynote last week at VoiceCon. Given Cisco's position in the VoIP market, he kind of had to, since Nortel and Microsoft gave talks of

Prognosis adds Avaya to Cisco support

Prognosis, which has made performance monitoring and performance systems for Cisco, is expanding its portfolio. The company announced at VoiceCon that the Prognosis IP Telephony Manager 9.0 will

ALSO NOTED: Cisco, Apple strike an iPhone deal; Vonage/Verizon trial starts; and much more...

> Cisco and Apple have resolved their differences over the iPhone name, but they're not telling anyone else what their deal is. The speculation is that it has something to do with the iPhone's

QUICKLINKS: Apple and Cisco stretch talks; New Blackberry 8800; And much more...

> Apple and Cisco stretch talks article >

QUICKLINKS: Cisco and Apple talking again; IBM comes on-board for WiMAX; Broadcom releases chip with FM, WiFi and Bluetooth

Cisco and Apple talking again. Article IBM comes on-board for WiMAX.

SPOTLIGHT: iPhone trademark? Not so fast.

You've probably been following the fight between Cisco and Apple about the name iPhone. Someone's found an ad using the term as far back as 1995 or 1996. Looks like someone might owe a bunch of

Remote workers still imperil enterprise security

A survey sponsored by Cisco and conducted by InsightExpress has found that poor judgment and bad practices by users are defeating the intent of security hardware and software, leaving enterprise

SPOTLIGHT: Call accounting for VoIP

If long distance calling over VoIP is essentially free, why should your customers care about call accounting? Because it's a good way to check productivity--or, to put it another way, it's a good