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Latest Headlines

Cisco and Cbeyond initiate VoIP makeover

Cbeyond and Cisco have joined forces to VoIP out businesses in Detroit. The two companies created a Small Business Communications Makeover contest for operations in the Detroit area, according to

ooma chief chats with FierceVoIP

Consumer VoIP was ratcheted up a notch over the summer with the introduction of service in a self-contained device. The future-phone sporting the company name of ooma quickly grabbed headlines,

Unified comms jam traffic

Unified communications is all the rage in telecom, so naturally there's a down side. That would be bandwidth consumption. Network General Corp., a San Jose, Calif., quality-of-service provider

VoIP security straight talk

VoIP vulnerability is getting its due these days, what with the Skype-out, the Las Vegas hackerfest and some hefty VoIP contracts awarded. The most common VoIP protocol, H.323, is a particular target

Microsoft and Cisco make nice

Microsoft and Cisco pulled together a press event in New York to show how they could simultaneously compete and cooperate. Cisco CEO John Chambers and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer sat down before a

I'm chock full of excitement

I'm chock full of excitement Boy, when I said thought VoIP would be exciting to write about, I really didn't realize just how exciting things would be! While there are many stories one might

The joys of VoIP for small businesses

I received this great little e-mail from my 12-year-old niece a few days ago: Hey Auntie Ann... Do you have Skype? I just got it. It's a neat way of "calling" people through your

Google proposes new spectrum plans

New wireless service providers would have an easier time finding pieces of the spectrum if a proposal by Google reaches

Stanley Works' VoIP migration

If any company is going to be conscious of picking the right tool for the right job, it would be Stanley Works. Network World has a top-flight profile of a VoIP rollout at the renowned

Cisco wants high-end and low-end business

Cisco doesn't want to play nice with others, at least not in the reseller channel. Charlie Giancarlo, its chief development officer, told the company's distribution partners last week that if a