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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Cisco rejects leaving a backdoor key for governments, omits mentioning Huawei

In an empassioned statement, Cisco's general counsel calls for governments to step out of the network and network components design businesses.

Cisco cloud service will moderate multiple public clouds

A service called InterCloud aims to create a layer of abstraction giving hybrid cloud customers more freedom to use the equipment they choose.

Cisco still searches for collaboration formula, tries jiving with Jive

The company's short, though earnest, effort to build a single collaboration platform under its own brand comes to an end that shows evidence of bitterness.

Data center threats include new 'überbots', old Java, says Cisco

The fact that old applications that can't (easily) be rewritten rely on an older version of the Java runtime, may be a factor in nine out of ten client-side exploits.

CITE 2014: Translating ideas into mobile innovations

I enjoyed getting the end user perspective on mobility at this year's CITE Conference. The IT folks in the trenches have a lot to teach analysts and journalists like me about turning ideas into innovations in the real world.

Cisco, Sanofi take different paths to mobility

U.S. high-tech behemoth Cisco and French drug giant Sanofi took very different approaches to their mobility strategies, related two IT execs from those companies at the CITE Conference this week.

Only half of enterprises have a mobile strategy, security the biggest challenge, says report

Fifty-one percent of organizations have an enterprisewide mobility strategy in place with clearly defined initiatives, while 49 percent do not, finds an Illuminas  survey, commissioned by Cisco. The survey polled 400 mid-market and enterprise-IT decision makers.

Industry consortium to develop IoT standards, technology

A consortium of heavy hitting IT firms will develop engineering standards for the Internet of Things to enable interoperability among networks and devices and improved access to big data for organizations.

Cisco on UC: We have to think like a consumer tech company

Unified communications appliances and services are being marketed more toward smaller businesses, complete with smaller prices. That's a problem for Cisco, and its SVP knows it.

Cisco, Google sign a deal to bring WebEx to Chromebooks

The low-cost, browser-based device can display web content, but can't run plug-ins like WebEx. That will change, as a result of a deal announced Tuesday.