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Latest Headlines

BT, Ciena demonstrate support for terabit-rate speeds over BT's core network

British carrier BT has teamed with network gear provider Ciena to demonstrate support for terabit-rate speeds over BT's core network using Ciena's WaveLogic 3 transceivers, according to a release by the two companies.

Cisco: BYOD improves employee productivity, lowers enterprise costs

BYOD employees are gaining an average of 37 minutes of productive time per week, and BYOD implementation generates $350 of value each year per mobile employee, according to a recent report by Cisco.

There's a battle brewing over the soul of big data

Usually, techno wars have only two camps, usually comprised of major vendors and their flagship customers pushing for one standard or another like TDMA vs. CDMA or ATM vs. IP. But it is different this time. 

Forbes survey shows business leaders value cloud-based collaboration

A full 82 percent of business leaders surveyed by Forbes Insights said cloud-based collaboration tools help businesses execute faster by shortening time to market, quickening product upgrade cycles and enabling faster responses to competitive challenges.

Aruba makes enterprise Wi-Fi less 'sticky'

Aruba Networks unveiled on Tuesday its next-generation 802.11ac Wi-Fi product that includes Aruba 220 series Wi-Fi access points and its ClientMatch technology to lessen "sticky" clients that do not automatically stay connected to the best access point.

Where is the center of big data?

The New York Times  today profiled Cisco CEO John Chambers' new strategy for big data and in the process, put a fine point on the most important question for the big data market, one being answered with four different approaches by some of the biggest names in networking and computing: "The question could ultimately be whether the center of the system is in the data, as EMC thinks, or in H.P.'s servers, IBM's software, or Cisco's network."

MGM Resorts merges Wi-Fi, mobile apps

MGM Resorts, which runs nearly half of the major hotels on the Las Vegas strip, is working with Cisco to leverage Wi-Fi and location-based apps to more effectively target sales.

Cisco posts strong financials, beating Wall Street estimates

Cisco, the networking and IT giant, posted a healthy 14.5 percent increase in net income for the first quarter of 2013. Cisco CEO John Chambers said Cisco is "starting to see some good signs in the U.S. and other parts of the world which are encouraging."

Juniper Network unveils JunosV Contrail Controller for SDN

LAS VEGAS–Juniper Networks this week unveiled its JunosV Contrail Controller, an open standards-based controller for software defined networking (SDN), as part of its JunosV Contrail family of products.

Cisco: Some IT professionals in 'London fog' regarding business initiative visibility

LAS VEGAS–Cisco released on Wednesday the results of a survey of 1,300 IT professionals from 13 countries which found that close to one-third of respondents equated their IT department's visibility into business initiatives to a "foggy day in London."