Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Cisco adds support for VMware and Microsoft to ACI

The latest release of Cisco's Application-Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking technology adds support for Docker containers and micro-segmentation for both VMware VDS, Microsoft Hyper-V and bare-metal applications.

The battle for UC supremacy heats up

Skype for Business has been in the headlines again. With Microsoft finally unveiling the long-awaited preview of PBX and PSTN features for Skype for Business and, in turn, its Office 365 productivity suite, there is much to be excited about and plenty to discuss.

IHS names Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei leaders in enterprise networking

Maybe these names will come as little surprise when leaders of the enterprise networking space are discussed, but it appears that Brocade, Cisco, HP and Huawei are leading the market. That's according to a new IHS report that analyzed the top six revenue producers in the space.

HPE Networking looks good as HP closes out its final quarter

With the release of fiscal 2015's fourth quarter results, the final nail in the old HP's coffin has been hammered in. Although sales dropped in almost all categories, there's good news for the newly-formed HP Enterprise – and it's in the networking business.

Spotlight: Pearson VUE's credential management system falls victim to malware attack

Cisco's largest certification partner had a difficult week.

Cisco executives: Where are they now?

It has been four months since Chuck Robbins stepped into the role of Cisco CEO. The passing of the torch from former CEO John Chambers to Robbins came at the expense of several lost executives, reducing the old school Cisco brain share and replacing it with up-and-comers.

Cisco extends ACI to VCE Vblock systems

Cisco has been touting much success with its Application Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking architecture, and now the company has struck a deal to put ACI on the VCE Vblock.

Cisco drives small meeting room videoconferencing with planned Acano buy

Cisco plans to buy London-based Acano early in the new year to beef up its videoconferencing and collaboration capabilities.

Spotlight: Cisco announces acquisition of collaboration and conferencing company Acano

Networking giant Cisco announced Friday that it plans to acquire collaboration and networking coompany Acano for $700 million.

Cisco aims to converge data center and WAN with cloud-scale networking update

Cisco is making cloud-scale networking easier to achieve for its large enterprise and service provider customers. The company unveiled new software and developer tools designed for cloud-scale networking.