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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Big data's other jobs; Cisco earnings disappoint; more

Top news for November 15, 2013. 

Cisco launches a different company to build Cisco products, then buys it

Yesterday was a busy day for networking giant Cisco, which announced the launch of stealth startup company Insieme Networks--and promptly bought it for $863 million.

Cisco reinventing its collaboration portfolio

Cisco made a slew of announcements and introducted a number of products this week, aimed at simplifying the way in which organizations communicate, interact with outside partners and manage their collaboration tools.

CISOs behind the curve on BYOD

According to a recent IBM survey, CISOs are behind the curve when it comes to BYOD policies. This opens up their enterprises to security risks that could be lessened with proper BYOD strategies and technologies in place.

The remote worker debate: Home is where the heart is

The tech media has been quick this week to jump on reports that HP is calling remote-based workers back to the office. It follows similar action by Yahoo earlier this year. But there are plenty of reasons to allow--even promote--a remote workforce.

Cisco reaffirms its support of remote-based workforce

In the midst of reports that some leading technology companies are reining in their remote workers, networking giant Cisco reaffirmed its policy last week that remote workers are a valued and critical part of its workforce.

Data centers will be engulfed by clouds by 2017

Data center cloud traffic is on track to more than triple over the next four years, according to networking giant Cisco.

Encryption flaw in WhatsApp could allow attackers to decrypt messages

A major design flaw in the cryptographic implementation of the popular WhatsApp chat application could let attackers decrypt messages--should they succeed in intercepting them. The vulnerability was discovered by Thijs Alkemade, a student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and also the lead developer of the open source Adium chat client for Apple's OS X operating system. 

Call center activity taking off, says Cisco's Hernandez

While Cisco has been in the contact center business for a few years now, the company has seen tremendous growth in this market in the past year, according to John Hernandez, vice president and general manager of Cisco Collaboration Business Applications.

Spotlight: Getting a leg up on SDN skills

Analysts predict that the software-defined networking market could grow to $35 billion by 2018 and influence between 30 to 40 percent of total network spending.