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Latest Headlines

Cisco, HP make the grade in wired, wireless LAN access market, says Gartner

Cisco and HP are the only two vendors to make the leaders' quadrant in Gartner's latest Magic Quadrant for the Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure market report.

OpenDaylight still has obstacles to overcome

Keeping an open networking project on its path must be a tricky task. Working with vendors and other open source projects to create something new – and often from scratch – while not letting any particular member take control can't be easy.

Spotlight: HP overtakes Cisco in cloud infrastructure market

A new report from Synergy Research Group shows that HP has overtaken Cisco in the cloud infrastructure market.

Spotlight: Graph databases event draws star speakers from Cisco, Docker, Microsoft and more

If you're interested in hearing the latest in graph database news and developments, you might want to check out Neo4j's third annual GraphConnect conference.

Cisco SDN makes its way into service provider realm through Verizon

Cisco's software-defined networking technology, specifically Intelligent WAN, has found its way into the service provider world. Using the technology, Verizon launched a new software-defined WAN service for its enterprise customers.

OpenDaylight's Neela Jacques talks Cisco and the future of the open networking project

When Neela Jacques left a position at VMware to take on the role of executive director of the OpenDaylight Project, there were those who thought he lacked good judgment, but two years and three iterations of the open networking project later, Jacques believes the project is well on its way to becoming the de facto software-defined networking standard.

Why Apple needs the enterprise and what's standing in its way

At a time when enterprise computing is in a transition period, moving from on-premises to cloud, from PC to mobile, there is an opportunity to control the future of enterprise computing. Having created this opportunity in large part, Apple is looking to expand the reach of iOS to maintain the iPhone's top spot in the enterprise but also turn around the declining trajectory of iPad sales. 451 Research's Chris Hazelton weighs in on Apple's relationship with the enterprise.

Spotlight: Apple, Cisco back Microsoft in its case about U.S. access to data stored in Europe

Microsoft is taking on the full litigious force of the U.S. governemnet in a case that raises the question of what kind of data law enforcement agencies can access, according to an article from Bloomberg.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Cisco and others join forces to create open media standard

Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mozilla and Google announced yesterday their Alliance for Open Media, a collaboration to reduce their respective reliance on expensive patented media technologies.

Spotlight: Rumor has it top Cisco execs are still reporting to Chambers

I'll agree with Cisco's John Chambers that the insinuation is a little insulting to new CEO Chuck Robbins, but there are more questions popping up about who really is running Cisco. Is it Robbins or Chambers?