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Latest Headlines

Ravello working on way to let developers run multiple Android emulators from the cloud

Ravello, an SaaS startup focused on nested virtualization for cloud deployments, is developing the capability to set up and run multiple Android emulators from the cloud, something its clients have been clamoring for.

To cloud or not to cloud your UC

Running your unified communications system in the cloud is now an option but you should think hard about management, security and other issues to find out if it makes sense for your business. 

Enterprises use the cloud to drive digital transformation

A large number of organizations continue to use cloud computing to drive cost efficiencies. But new data reveals that many are also using the cloud to drive large-scale digital transformation.

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Top news for December 19, 2014, including cloud-based apps, AirBnB's mobile experience and the VA's tablet deployment.

BYOD pushes enterprises to deploy cloud computing

As companies struggle to manage and secure BYOD devices, they are increasingly turning to cloud computing as a solution.

Companies can now opt for wearables as part of a corporate wellness program

Companies wanting to spruce up their corporate wellness programs may find the answer in a new mobile health, or mHealth, product called the Activity Kit Health Solution.

Mobility is fueling the social business revolution, says IDC

Mobility is fueling the rapid growth in social business, which is dramatically changing the way we work, says market research firm IDC.

Amazon hires CIOs to sell cloud to CIOs

"Amazon.com is quietly hiring chief information officers to pitch prospective customers on the benefits of its cloud," Clint Boulton recently reported in  The Wall Street Journal.

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Top news for November, 5, 2014.