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Latest Headlines

E-Spirit rolls out Corporate Content Cloud Initiative for 'true digital transformation'

CMS firm e-Spirit announced this week plans to help companies "achieve true digital transformation" with its new Corporate Content Cloud Initiative.

Recall misdirected files, media with Pushfor

A new private cloud-sharing platform,  Pushfor, aims to give businesses a way to recall mis-sent files even if they've already landed on the recipient's device.

SkyKick rolls out new set of cloud deployment management tools

Cloud management software vendor SkyKick launched a new line of products this week to help IT partners manage customer cloud deployments in a single platform. Known as Cloud Management-as-a-Service, the new collection of tools aims to reduce the time sink of migrating, backing up and managing cloud applications for dozens or even hundreds of customers.

Kentik Detect aims to set speed records for network data monitoring, analysis

Kentik, known as CloudHelix while running in stealth mode, officially launched with its first product, a cloud-based network visibility and analytics offering that the company claims can process trillions of network data records in a day.

UC poised for rapid growth through 2020

Although I don't remember the first time I heard the term "unified communications," I'm certain it was at least a decade ago. It followed the VoIP trend and was hinted by vendors as being the next big thing in enterprise communications.

Spotlight: IBM i2 COPLINK takes to the cloud

A vertical networking data sharing and analysis application, IBM i2 COPLINK has been there for the law enforcement sector for nearly two decades. IBM has updated the vast network that connects more...

SDN abstraction, automation features could boost cloud app access

With cloud and virtualization becoming more pervasive within the enterprise, the one thing that's holding back the greatest benefits is the network itself, argued Brendan Ziolo, head of large enterprise strategy at Alcatel-Lucent, in a Network Computing column.

Cisco executives stress changing networks, 'security everywhere' at Live

Cisco pulled no punches this week at Cisco Live in San Diego when it came to chit-chat about its leadership team overhaul. A frank on-stage discussion between outgoing CEO John Chambers and his successor, Chuck Robbins, set the foundation for what Cisco is doing.

Customer service focus needed to boost UC adoption among SMEs

For UC to grow within the small and medium enterprise space, vendors will have to find ways to differentiate themselves from traditional telephony providers. The solution? A customer service focus.

Here's a twist: Netskope is coming out with an appliance for monitoring employee cloud use

Netskope, the cloud based provider of cloud security services, is coming out with an appliance that customers can run on-premises to track what kinds of cloud services workers are using. It's targeted at security-conscious businesses and those that must comply with stringent regulations.