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Latest Headlines

CIOs reveal top concerns, retention not getting its due

Worries about information and systems security continue to most keep CIOs up at night, but many aren't placing proper priority to rentention of IT staff, recent studies show.

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The top news stories for May 1, 2015.

Nadella uses Build Conference to bolster bold cloud vision

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is cloud-gazing on a grand scale--$20 billion worth of cloud in fact.

Spotlight: Puppet Enterprise 3.8 gets Docker, AWS management modules

The latest version of Puppet Labs' commercial management and orchestration tool adds support for Docker and expands existing management capabilities for Amazon Web Services. 

Microsoft earnings call confirms bright horizon in the cloud

Microsoft continues to wave its cloud computing banner high, as the firm's quarterly earnings call yesterday sounded very much like a rousing pep rally, with cloud service revenues slightly edging out analyst forecasts.

News Scan: Forecast is for clouds--$40B worth; Wearables will make their way into most firms, eventually; More

The top news stories for April 24, 2015.

News Scan: Security worries over the cloud won't go away; Tension between CIO, CSO a good sign for the business; More

The top news stories for April 23, 2015.

Radware launches WAF service that protects apps in the cloud and on premise

To help IT secure apps both in the cloud and on premise, security firm Radware launched on Monday what it claims is the first hybrid cloud Web application firewall service, providing both on-premise and cloud-based app protection against web-based cyberattacks.

ProfitBricks sets sights on DevOps with DevOps Central community, additional language support

ProfitBricks wants to make using the cloud less painful. Here's how.

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The top news stories for April 15, 2015.