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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Security worries continue to hold companies back from cloud adoption

Security concerns top the list of barriers to cloud adoption, led by general security concerns, legal and regulatory compliance concerns, and data loss and leakage risks.

SAP launches Solution Manager 7.2 to simplify implementation and operation of SAP S/4HANA

Enterprise app giant SAP has launched its SAP Solution Manager 7.2 with the aim of simplifying the implementation and operation of SAP S/4HANA.The SAP Solution Manager is a central hub where users can access management activities and access central information for all aspects of deployed products.

TensorFlow 0.8 gives the people what they want: Distributed computing support

Google's TensorFlow AI has been updated and now comes with a host of new offerings. TensorFlow 0.8 with distributed computing support includes "everything you need to train distributed models on your own infrastructure," the company said in a blog post.

IBM, SAP expand partnership to boost digital transformation through cloud, customer experience and more

IBM and SAP are expanding their cloud partnership in an effort to "increase customer value through cognitive extensions, enhanced customer and user experiences and industry-specific functionality," the companies said in a release on Wednesday.

Oracle adds help desk, offline mobile learning to HCM Cloud portfolio

Oracle is adding a help desk app to its Human Capital Management, or HCM, Cloud portfolio that will give HR managers more visibility into workforce, search capabilities, and case management and escalation capabilities, along with other new features.

Google has big plans to take on the cloud market

Google plans to open source some internal tech, embrace a multiplatform design principle and help folks set "reasonable expectations" for what they should move to a public cloud- all with the end goal of taking the cloud market by storm.

Broadview's CIO: We've gone from 150 servers to 3 in our corporate data center

IT departments can now do a lot more with fewer servers, and the data center is shrinking at a relatively rapid pace. Add in the advent of cloud technology, and individual companies have even less need for internal data centers.

Spotlight: Box CEO weighs in on FBI's squabble with Apple

Box weighed in on the FBI's recent attempt to bypass security protection on the iPhone and what it means for the tech industry at large. "Anything the technology industry or governments do...

In the latest data center experiment, Microsoft goes underwater

With data centers popping up in nearly every kind of terrain – underneath mountains, in the desert, alongside coalmines – companies were running out of novel locations to set up digital shop. That is until Microsoft decided to make its Project Natick a maritime adventure.

Gartner finds IT spending plummets in 2015, expects little growth in 2016

Worldwide IT spending in 2015 took a large overall hit, dropping 5.8 percent year-over-year, according to Gartner.