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Latest Headlines

Australian software firm TechnologyOne plans to take on Oracle, SAP in US market

TechnologyOne, an Australian software company, has an ambitious three-year plan to take on Oracle and SAP in the U.S. enterprise, education and local government markets.

HP's new enterprise security tools detects malware phoning home, software bugs

HP unveiled on Wednesday new enterprise security tools that can detect communications between malware and a remote server as well as uncover bugs in enterprise software using machine learning.

In a few years, Gartner predicts most businesses will do more building than buying of apps

In a report released today, Gartner said it believes that by 2020, 75 percent of application purchases by businesses will be related to building apps, rather than buying them. The report covered a very wide range of trends around enterprise software and services, including predictions around the shift to cloud services.

Progress partners with Logi Analytics to bring analytics to the enterprise

Progress Software has partnered with Logi Analytics to release a new custom analytics platform designed to unlock the value of operational data.

All together now: Solid prep work lays foundation for successful ERP implementation

A guest post by Joel Schneider of Liberty Technology Advisors, Inc. on how teamwork creates a successful ERP implementation process.

So the Cloud and Enterprise guy is going to run Microsoft

The practical impact of Nadella's selection for enterprise IT buyers won't be known for some time. So much the better for poorly supported speculation!

Not-so-strange bedfellows: Single sign-on, API management, good UX

Monolithic business applications (think late-90s ERP) made a certain amount of sense--all that functionality tightly integrated under one user interface. Unfortunately, as Ben Kepes points out, that interface usually stank.

Focus will be on providing "enterprise-class support" for mobile data, apps, says Gartner

Over the next few years, enterprise software providers will focus more on providing "enterprise-class support" for mobile data and applications on top of existing mobile architectures, predicts market research firm Gartner.

Buying enterprise software: The more things change...

Tech is known for rapid change. Tony Byrne points out that some things stay the same. Byrne, of the Real Story Group, outlines six lessons for enterprise software buyers based on trends that have persisted for years and that will remain important in 2014 and beyond.

Microsoft dominates sluggish enterprise software market, says IDC

Microsoft continues to dominate a sluggish enterprise software market, according to the latest stats from IDC.  Microsoft had a 17.1 percent share of the enterprise software market based on revenues in 2012, down from a 17.4 percent share in 2011.