Enterprise-grade VoIP solutions provide businesses varied and multiple capabilities such as conference calling, internal office communications, and automated messaging. Enterprise VoIP solutions have many specific benefits: integrating phone and email systems, for example, allows a business to convert voicemail into email.
Challenges facing business that wish to integrate enterprise VoIP solutions include: managing the transition from a traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to a VoIP system, measuring the costs and potential productivity of using VoIP, and evaluating the devices and applications available in the marketplace and their effectiveness within the business.


Enterprise VoIP

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Skype still surging, awaiting Microsoft enterprise integration

It has been just over one year since Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) announced its largest acquisition ever, the $8.5 billion deal for Skype. The timing has prompted numerous assessments in the last few

Report: Enterprise VoIP drove wireline NGN resurgence

Enterprise VoIP has played a key role in the resurgence of the wireline NGN market, a new study suggests. Research firm Exact Ventures said the wireline voice core market grew 7 percent between the

Congress looks at new UC, VoIP system to connect district offices, Capitol

Administrators are looking at ways to bring a full suite of unified communications services into the House of Representatives, giving legislators access to a combined voice and data communications

Study: Business to drive mobile VoIP usage to 83 million seats by 2015

Mobile VoIP usage, like fixed-line VoIP, is continuing to grow in the U.S. as consumers and businesses increasingly adopt the technology, according to a new report that says the total mobile user

Talari announces interoperability of its WAN virtualization offering with Avaya solutions

Talari Networks and Avaya last week said Talari's appliance-based WAN Virtualization solutions-which allow enterprises to combine multiple sources of public network connectivity to create a network

Google VoIP goes live, but it still has a few tricks up its sleeves

After months of rumor spotting and connecting the dots, the long awaited Google VoIP offering has arrived. The results are somewhat less exciting when you think about it. With the flip of a switch

Dell'Oro sees IP PBX line decline in 2009

The Dell'Oro Group predicted that enterprise VoIP growth will slow and IP lines for the PBX market will decline for the first time ever in 2009, according to its Enterprise Telephony Quarterly

Skype mulls pricing for enterprise offering

Skype for SIP is currently in beta testing, and the company is using the trial to determine price points for the business offering and to improve quality of service. Enterprise users are paying

VoIP makes Top 5 List of CIO tech investments

Chief information officers (CIOs) across the United States say VoIP is among the top five areas of IT investment they will invest in over the next 12 months. The survey, conducted by Robert Half

PICTURES- VoiceCon East 2009

Like all tourists who go to Orlando, FierceVoIP took pictures of the items and people we met during our travels at VoiceCon East 2009 in Orlando. We have grouped them into three categories: Sights