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Latest Headlines

Even as OpenStack gets past some challenges, new ones emerge

Speakers at OpenStack Day Seattle last week said that OpenStack has been shedding its reputation as an unknown, unproven and difficult-to-install technology. But they also laid out challenges that still hold back deployment. One of the biggest is related to internal challenges that businesses face, both in finding people with the right skills to deploy and manage an OpenStack cloud and in instituting the right culture to support an OpenStack deployment.

IBM boosts private cloud automation by buying some of Appcore's assets

Appcore – or rather, some of it – has become part of the IBM cloud family. A post on the private cloud automation tools provider's website noted that IBM acquired various assets of the company, including technology and staff.

LinuxCon kicks off with new projects for mainframe, storage

As you may be aware, LinuxCon kicked off yesterday, and there has been plenty of news coming out of the conference so far. And in the last several years, the number of vendors backing Linux-based projects has skyrocketed. Many of those are present at the conference this week.

5 independent OpenStack vendors that are no longer

OpenStack has been gaining in popularity among a variety of companies, from startups on up to the largest enterprises, but some vendors specializing in OpenStack have been riding a rocky road. Some have disappeared entirely. And many have been gobbled up by much larger companies.

Flexera InstallAnywhere now supports Docker

With the latest release of Flexera's multi-platform installation tool, the company is now supporting Docker. InstallAnywhere 2015 is able to install apps directly to Docker, simplifying the management and deployment of the container technology, but the update also means to make it easier to deploy complex applications by connecting to popular database servers.

IBM takes Bluemix Garage collaboration space to Toronto

IBM followed up the release of its first two Bluemix Garage collaboration spaces (in San Francisco and London, respectfully) by opening a third – this time in Toronto. The company also plans to open two more of the Garage sites by the end of this year, with Big Blue targeting Nice, France and Melbourne, Australia as the next expansion areas.

IBM creates PLE for engineers to produce more customizable IoT devices

When it comes to Internet of Things devices, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every user. Realizing this, IBM is introducing this week at the NI Week event new software called Product Line Engineering.

Do we need IoT standards?

While Big Blue looks to join as many IoT standards bodies as possible, an analysis by Kevin Fitchard for FierceMobileIT coming on Thursday suggests that standards might not be such a big deal for enterprises using IoT.

Big Blue buys into IoT in a big way

IBM has been embracing the Internet of Things in a big way. In its latest move, Big Blue is launching a community for IoT developers to help them connect devices to the cloud and to harness data generated from those devices.

IBM's Softlayer signs up FCC and gets new federal security approval

IBM has lined up the Federal Communications Commission to use its Softlayer Federal Cloud, according to NextGov. Not only is that a nice new customer for IBM, it also signifies that IBM has achieved...