Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

IBM puts ample stock in Watson cognitive computing invention

Watson is IBM's cognitive computing invention that beat human players at Jeopardy a few years ago and achieved some other publicity stunts as well. But its days of just playing around are gone; now it's doing real work in big data and is gaining traction in the field.

Mobile fuels record online sales for Cyber Monday

Mobile traffic accounted for 30 percent of visits to retailers' websites this Cyber Monday, an increase of more than 58 percent year-over-year, according to IBM stats provided to Bloomberg.

IBM, Hewlett-Packard, EMC among leading security and vulnerability management vendors, says TechNavio

IBM, Hewlett-Packard, EMC, Symantec and McAfee are leading vendors in the global security and vulnerability management market, according to TechNavio.

Research finds surprising trends among leading cloud adopters

Recently released IBM research on cloud adoption produced a few surprising results, writes Ellis Booker on  InformationWeek. IBM divides respondents into three categories based on the results: Chasers, Challengers and Pacesetters. 

Mobility deals on the rise

Things are heating up in the high-tech M&A market, driven by the move to mobility by enterprises and consumers. IBM just inked a deal to buy Fiberlink. Expect more mobility mega-deals in the near future.

Rise of the Machines

The Rise of the Machines is ahead of schedule. It's time for CIOs and other enterprise leaders to heed the call and seize the M2M opportunity as soon as possible. Firms that ignore the potential of M2M may face termination by their competition

Roundup of Strata Conference/Hadoop World product announcements

In an effort to bring you as much useable news as possible in a single issue, here's a quick roundup of some of the announcements that were not showcased in this week's newsletter but will be covered in more detail in future posts.

CISOs behind the curve on BYOD

According to a recent IBM survey, CISOs are behind the curve when it comes to BYOD policies. This opens up their enterprises to security risks that could be lessened with proper BYOD strategies and technologies in place.

IBM develops two-factor authentication for mobile transactions

IBM has unveiled a new mobile authentication technology based on the near field communications standard, adding a additional layer of security to NFC-based transactions including online banking and accessing a corporate Intranet or private cloud.

IBM CIO calls big data 'the planet's new natural resource'

The interesting thing about data is its dual nature. Data goes out from the individual but returns again to serve the individual from the knowledge of the human collective. Big data is just too darn useful a resource to live without.