Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

IBM R&D unveils 100Gbps light networking chip, but don't expect to see it on the market soon

It looks like Big Blue wants to boost network speeds by using light. According to a  CIO  article, IBM developed a silicon photonics chip that tops 100Gbps at aggregate speeds. And because it's essentially a beam of light, the transfers could take place over distances of up to two kilometers.

IBM BlueMix PaaS gets an update with Microsoft.NET support

IBM added support for Microsoft's.NET languages to BlueMix, opening up support for technology from its rival platform-as-a-service provider.

Cloud Foundry Summit: Mirantis, IBM, HP boost support for open source PaaS

From the Cloud Foundry Summit in Santa Clara, the Cloud Foundry Foundation gained additional support from vendors through the announcement of new solutions and services based on the open source platform-as-a-service software. Five months after the foundation was formed, it now has more than 40 and end-user organizations as members.

IBM teams with startup Ionic to make mobile enterprise app development easier for the uninitiated

In a move to speed up the turnaround and reduce the complexity of enterprise mobile app development, IBM has announced a partnership with Ionic, a company that offers drag-and-drop design capabilities for mobile apps.

Apple, IBM take their enterprise mobility roadshow to Japan

Apple and IBM are taking their enterprise mobility partnership overseas through an agreement signed with Japan Post to make it easier to check on elderly residents, the companies announced Thursday.

It's official: Amazon Web Services is big business

For the first time today, Amazon disclosed revenue for Amazon Web Services. In the quarter ending in March, net sales for AWS were $1.57 billion. Annually, that would make AWS a $6 billion business.

Doing DevOps builds competitive advantage, but only in the short term

IT has for some time been considered a competitive advantage to the overall business. Or, more to the point, leaders with forethought and business savvy consider IT to be a considerable advantage.

Spotlight: IBM cloud business continues growing

From a revenue perspective, IBM isn't looking so great right now, but when you look at the growth of its cloud business, Big Blue appears to be coming along nicely.

Spotlight: IBM opens up 700 terabyte threat intelligence archive

IBM is opening up its massive threat intelligence archive, which contains more than 700 terabytes of raw aggregated data, to the private sector in an effort to set up a data sharing exchange called IBM X-Force Exchange.

Apple, IBM expand partnership to healthcare research

Apple and IBM made headlines when they announced their enterprise mobility partnership last year. Now the two firms are taking that partnership and expanding it to medical research.