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Latest Headlines

CISOs behind the curve on BYOD

According to a recent IBM survey, CISOs are behind the curve when it comes to BYOD policies. This opens up their enterprises to security risks that could be lessened with proper BYOD strategies and technologies in place.

IBM develops two-factor authentication for mobile transactions

IBM has unveiled a new mobile authentication technology based on the near field communications standard, adding a additional layer of security to NFC-based transactions including online banking and accessing a corporate Intranet or private cloud.

IBM CIO calls big data 'the planet's new natural resource'

The interesting thing about data is its dual nature. Data goes out from the individual but returns again to serve the individual from the knowledge of the human collective. Big data is just too darn useful a resource to live without. 

IBM scoops up mobile message service Xtify

IBM bought Xtify, giving them a smart, young company, which provides push notifications from major brands to consumers across mobile devices.

Spotlight: IBM uses big data to predict outbreaks of dengue fever, malaria

Scientists from IBM have teamed with John Hopkins University and University of California researchers to put big data muscle behind the fight against some of the world's most devastating infectious diseases.

Spotlight: Research says buyer beware for cloud services

A team of research analysts have published the results of their study on the cloud computing market and whether organizations truly get what they are paying for.

IBM beefs up financial security portfolio with Trusteer buy

IBM has expanded its security services portfolio through its agreement to acquire Trusteer, a provider of software and services to guard against financial fraud.

Attackers can steal corporate data using DNS tunnels, warn researchers

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Surreptitious communication via the domain name system poses a serious security threat to enterprises, warns a group of researchers from the University of California system, Qualcomm and IBM.

Backdoors in Lenovo equipment prompt classified network ban by 5 governments

Laboratory testing of Lenovo's PCs and other equipment allegedly found backdoors in its hardware and firmware vulnerabilities in its chips, which has led to the equipment being banned from classified networks by five governments, the Australian Financial Review reports.

IBM, HP, Dell battle for second spot behind Cisco in network equipment market, says Infonetics

IBM, HP and Dell are battling to take second place in the enterprise network equipment market behind leader Cisco, according to a survey of 210 enterprises in North America conducted by Infonetics Research.