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Latest Headlines

Apple, IBM partnership releases 3 more mobile enterprise apps

Apple and IBM have revealed three more enterprise apps developed through their partnership, according to reports from Mobile World Congress. MobileFirst for iOS, the joint effort announced in July, has released 14 apps to date and promised to push at least eight more by the end of the month.

IBM, Juniper bringing embedded analytics to switches

IBM and Juniper Networks are working together to build networking infrastructure with built-in analytics that take advantage of big data to boost performance of applications.

Spotlight: You're doing DevOps wrong

We hate to break it to you, but according to IBM, you're not doing DevOps right. Nope, not even you.

IBM enables in-house Bluemix PaaS

IBM is intent on capturing more of the platform-as-a-service (PaaS) market. At IBM InterConnect 2015 in Las Vegas, Big Blue unveiled plans to release the Bluemix software so that enterprises could deploy their own on-premise Bluemix platforms.

Apple-IBM alliance shifts focus to general business mobile apps, says analyst

The Apple-IBM enterprise mobility alliance is expected to shift the focus of its mobile apps from vertical markets to general business applications, such as supply chain management.

In bid to calm Node.js turmoil, Joyent plans independent foundation

Joyent plans to create an independent foundation to steward Node.js, the popular open source runtime used for server-side applications that has come under fire in the past couple of years for its...

The many reasons why enterprises wipe mobile devices

Enterprises are increasingly using remotely wiping of employees' mobile devices to ensure that corporate data is protected.

Apple, IBM to release 12 more enterprise mobile apps by March

Apple and IBM are planning to release 12 more enterprise mobile apps targeted at healthcare, energy, utilities and industrial sectors by March, reports The VAR Guy.

Record-setting profit at Apple couldn't prevent slide of iPad

Despite setting records with its most recent quarterly results, Apple continues to see its iPad sales slide. Apple is betting that its alliance with IBM will spur iPad adoption in the enterprise and revive iPad sales.

Apple's Swift programming language sees 'remarkable' growth in popularity, says RedMonk

Apple's Swift programming language, a key to the mobile apps being built by Apple and IBM for the enterprise, has achieved "remarkable" growth in popularity among app developers since being introduced last year, according to a report by analyst firm RedMonk.