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Latest Headlines

Big data to fuel 53% CAGR for storage market through 2016, says IDC

Big data is fueling enterprise demand for increased data storage, a market that is forecast by IDC to increase at a 53 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2016.

State agencies turn to big data for health care, social program management

The states of Arkansas and South Carolina have both turned to big data analytics to become "smarter cities" when it comes to health care and social services

IBM execs turn out in force to lobby for CISPA passage

Almost 200 senior executives from IBM are flying to Washington, D.C., to push for House passage of the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which is scheduled for a floor vote this week,  The Hill  is reporting.

Q&A with Infochimps CEO Jim Kaskade

"These kids? They could care less about structured query language. This is a schema-and-read generation versus a schema-and-write generation."

IBM, Oracle rivalry heating up over big data

Some analysts, such as Wikibon's Jeff Kelly, have questioned IBM's ability to coalesce its new properties into a long-term competitive portfolio based on its utility not its market size and domination. Could the questions now stop? 

US sees surge in mobile patents

The number of mobile technology patents granted in the United States has soared 591 percent over the past decade, according to a recent study by mobile analyst Chetan Sharma.

IBM's South African experiment could go global

Some people complain about the hype around big data, but at least it got people to take notice that there was such a thing as Global Water Day.

IBM edges out HP for pole position in HPC server market

IBM edged out HP for top revenues in the high-performance computing (HPC) technical server market, according to the latest stats from research firm IDC.

UCLA, IBM analyzing brain injuries with big data

Forbes highlighted recent work by neurologists at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and IBM data scientists tackling a narrow, but critical aspect of brain injury with big data analytics: inter-cranial pressure.

Illinois agency looks to big data for help

Can one of the union's most economically-troubled state governments fix its problems with big data?