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Latest Headlines

There's a battle brewing over the soul of big data

Usually, techno wars have only two camps, usually comprised of major vendors and their flagship customers pushing for one standard or another like TDMA vs. CDMA or ATM vs. IP. But it is different this time. 

Gartner: Microsoft gains on IBM, CA, BMC in IT operations management software market

Microsoft posted robust 16.1 percent year-over-year revenue growth in the IT operations management (ITOM) software market last year, closing in on markets leaders IBM, CA Technologies and BMC Software, which all had lackluster performances in 2012, according to Gartner.

Where is the center of big data?

The New York Times  today profiled Cisco CEO John Chambers' new strategy for big data and in the process, put a fine point on the most important question for the big data market, one being answered with four different approaches by some of the biggest names in networking and computing: "The question could ultimately be whether the center of the system is in the data, as EMC thinks, or in H.P.'s servers, IBM's software, or Cisco's network."

Will open models, standards be forever at odds?

Even the White House has its policies around "open data standards," and has developed a set of guiding principles around implementation. But these so-called standards are not in any way a set of specifications for the industry.

MasterCard hopes to push analytics from free data to small businesses

It is good to see a Fortune 500 company such as MasterCard concerned with the competitive capabilities of small businesses and pushing for their ability to leverage big data analytics like it does.

Dreaming of atomic-level big data

Big data analytics and the collection of data don't require atomic-scale storage and processing yet, but if the current pace of networked data growth continues, it will soon. And IBM can't do it alone.

Worldwide BPO market to reach $209.4B in 2017, says IDC

The worldwide business process outsourcing (BPO) market is forecast to increase at a 5.7 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching $209.4 billion in 2017, according to the latest stats from research firm IDC.

Adding more Vs to the big data definition

With so many varieties of data and variables to consider in building an effective predictive model, the first task should be to assess the viability of that data and confirm a particular variable's relevance before going further.

IDC: Aegis, IBM, Teleperformance, West are leading contact center BPO market vendors

Aegis, IBM, Teleperformance and West are the leading vendors in the contact center business process outsourcing (BPO) market, according to IDC's MarketScape report.

Microsoft dominates sluggish enterprise software market, says IDC

Microsoft continues to dominate a sluggish enterprise software market, according to the latest stats from IDC.  Microsoft had a 17.1 percent share of the enterprise software market based on revenues in 2012, down from a 17.4 percent share in 2011.