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Latest Headlines

Doing DevOps builds competitive advantage, but only in the short term

IT has for some time been considered a competitive advantage to the overall business. Or, more to the point, leaders with forethought and business savvy consider IT to be a considerable advantage.

Spotlight: IBM cloud business continues growing

From a revenue perspective, IBM isn't looking so great right now, but when you look at the growth of its cloud business, Big Blue appears to be coming along nicely.

Spotlight: IBM opens up 700 terabyte threat intelligence archive

IBM is opening up its massive threat intelligence archive, which contains more than 700 terabytes of raw aggregated data, to the private sector in an effort to set up a data sharing exchange called IBM X-Force Exchange.

Apple, IBM expand partnership to healthcare research

Apple and IBM made headlines when they announced their enterprise mobility partnership last year. Now the two firms are taking that partnership and expanding it to medical research.

Analyst: OpenStack may be what's holding back Helion adoption

Last week, reports indicated that HP saw the light--or lack of it--and planned to exit the public cloud market. Of course, it's not true.

Mobile enterprise apps from Apple-IBM partnership show that the firms 'get' mobile IT

As expected, Apple and IBM launched eight more mobile apps for the enterprise this week, adding to the three announced at Mobile World Congress early in March.

IBM will need to follow IoT announcement with action

IBM today announced a $3 billion investment in a business unit for the Internet of Things that will focus on analyzing data from clients to create actionable intelligence, according to a release from the company. The company demonstrated its commitment to IoT through an arrangement with The Weather Company, of The Weather Channel renown. 

IBM gears up for SDN, NFV with opening of first two Network Innovation Centers

Big Blue opened the first two of its Network Innovation Centers last week, but one is going to be a bit of a trip for American customers.

5 enterprise apps that do mobile right

It seems like everyone is scrambling to offer productivity apps for mobile workers these days. Well, here are the top five most popular mobile enterprise apps, according to Wendyann Lewis with TabTimes.

Enterprises have a mobile security blind spot, warns IBM

Enterprises large and small are at risk from insecure mobile apps and mobile malware, particularly those that allow employees to bring their own devices to work. To give IT tools to combat these threat, IBM is bringing together technology from two of its recent acquisitions--Fiberlink and Trusteer.