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Latest Headlines

IBM, HP, Dell battle for second spot behind Cisco in network equipment market, says Infonetics

IBM, HP and Dell are battling to take second place in the enterprise network equipment market behind leader Cisco, according to a survey of 210 enterprises in North America conducted by Infonetics Research.

IBM adds BLU Acceleration to DB2, loads terabytes of data in RAM

IBM customers say that while they readily embraced the BLU Acceleration concept, they were fearful of it too. That is likely to be a common reaction to any vendor shift to in-memory processing. 

Enterprise social heads for the niches

As I attended the E2 conference in Boston this week, I noticed that the space seems to be headed for the niches, looking for smaller departmental use cases, rather than a bigger, all-encompassing enterprise communications tool.

IBM, Salesforce acquisitions latest in series of high-profile cloud purchases

IBM has agreed to acquire cloud computing company SoftLayer Technologies for around $2 billion, according to a report by Bloomberg. Enterprises are becoming more comfortable with putting their data in the cloud, which is fueling acquisitions of smaller cloud firms by bigger firms.

HP, IBM battle for lead in shrinking server market, says IDC

HP and IBM are vying for the lead in a shrinking server market, according to two reports released last week, one by IDC and the other by Gartner.

Accenture, IBM and PwC lead enterprise mobility consulting market, says IDC

Accenture, IBM and Pricewaterhousecoopers (PwC) lead the market for enterprise mobility consulting services, according to IDC's latest MarketScape report.

Predicting weather events starts with focus on the business impact

When minutes and seconds can make the difference between life and death, as it did this week in Oklahoma and does whenever a natural disaster or serious weather situation occurs, every bit of advanced notice matters. Forecasting and public communications have improved significantly over the last decade and have no doubt saved many lives. And some big data analysts hope they can continue to improve those capabilities and continue to save more lives.

Supermarket chain looks to big data to reduce energy costs

United Kingdom-based supermarket chain Tesco, a 70 billion euro company, is working with IBM Dublin's research laboratories on an experimental research project to significantly reduce Tesco's energy costs.

There's a battle brewing over the soul of big data

Usually, techno wars have only two camps, usually comprised of major vendors and their flagship customers pushing for one standard or another like TDMA vs. CDMA or ATM vs. IP. But it is different this time. 

Gartner: Microsoft gains on IBM, CA, BMC in IT operations management software market

Microsoft posted robust 16.1 percent year-over-year revenue growth in the IT operations management (ITOM) software market last year, closing in on markets leaders IBM, CA Technologies and BMC Software, which all had lackluster performances in 2012, according to Gartner.