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Latest Headlines

IBM's South African experiment could go global

Some people complain about the hype around big data, but at least it got people to take notice that there was such a thing as Global Water Day.

IBM edges out HP for pole position in HPC server market

IBM edged out HP for top revenues in the high-performance computing (HPC) technical server market, according to the latest stats from research firm IDC.

UCLA, IBM analyzing brain injuries with big data

Forbes highlighted recent work by neurologists at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles and IBM data scientists tackling a narrow, but critical aspect of brain injury with big data analytics: inter-cranial pressure.

Illinois agency looks to big data for help

Can one of the union's most economically-troubled state governments fix its problems with big data?

IBM aims downstream with analytics, cloud

Small businesses have been understandably hesitant to join in the latest advances in IT, but they have shown they can make progress using some of the new tools. And they can take advantage of cloud and big data by taking big-time IT in little sips.

Is SKA the ultimate big data project?

What is bigger or can generate more data than the universe? When we think about an ultimate application of big data, the Square Kilometre Array, an international effort to build the world's largest and most sensitive radio telescope, just might be it--for astronomers and cosmologists anyway.

IBM shakes up the private cloud world

Last week, IBM shook up the private cloud world by announcing that all of its cloud services and software will be based on the Rackspace-backed OpenStack open source cloud architecture.

Might a big Splunk deal validate big data?

Can a company with approximately $200 million in revenue really be worth $4 billion? Is that the kind of valuation that causes groans?

Money flowing into big data analytics

Whether it's the amount of money budgeted for research and development, acquisition or seed funding, money is flowing into big data.

IBM's Watson takes on big data analytics

IBM's Watson, made famous by beating Jeopardy champions, is taking on the big data challenge faced by many enterprises.