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Latest Headlines

Enterprise-friendly detachable tablets are bucking the downward tablet trend, says IDC

Detachable tablets, which appeal to enterprises users are replacements for bulkier laptops, are bucking the downward tablet market trend, according to the latest stats from IDC.

Healthcare, retail to push mobility spending to $1.85T in 2019

I came across some interesting stats from IDC about mobility spending. It seems that the healthcare and retail sectors will lead the charge in terms of spending on mobility, which is expected to jump to $1.85 trillion by 2019 for both enterprise and consumer markets, up from $1.6 trillion last year.

Mobile printing, scanning capabilities needed to maximize enterprise mobility investment, says IDC

Enterprises need to incorporate mobile printing and scanning capabilities to maximize their overall enterprise mobility investment, advised market research firm IDC.

The holidays and Windows 10 didn't save the PC market in the fourth quarter

IDC and Gartner are both reporting steep continued declines in PC shipments, indicating that neither Windows 10 nor the holidays managed to reverse an ongoing trend away from PCs. 

IoT spending to top $1.3T in 2019, IDC forecasts

Worldwide spending on the Internet of Things is forecast by IDC to climb to nearly $1.32 trillion in 2019, up from $699 billion this year, an aggressive 17 percent compound annual growth rate.

Extreme rolls out Wave 2 access points intended for dense environments

Extreme Networks has added application analytics to its 802.11ac Wave 2 access points, providing the improved speeds of Wave 2 along with the ability to do location-based analytics.

Hospital CEOs need to develop mobile strategies to address new use cases, advises IDC

Hospital CEOs and other healthcare executives will need to develop mobile computing strategies to address new use cases and organization settings for mobile devices, advised market research firm IDC.

Tablet market suffers: Less need or detachables to blame?

A report from IDC found that tablet sales have been in decline for a full year, and it's possible that the microscopic detachables market is to blame.  

IoT will power smart factory of the future

Internet of Things technologies, such as data acquisition, connectivity, analytics and actuation, will be an integral part of the smart factory of the future, predicts IDC.

Why PC shipments dropped 10 percent during the quarter in which Windows 10 launched

If you're wondering why Dell and HP jumped this week to push their devices built on the latest Microsoft OS, just take a look at the numbers on PC shipments. The market has been soft in recent quarters – with shipments declining 10.8 percent worldwide in the third quarter, according to IDC – and those companies are looking to strike on the hot iron that is Windows 10.