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Latest Headlines

Juniper launches network firewall with 2Tbps throughput for large enterprises

Juniper Networks has introduced what it characterizes as the industry's fastest network firewall--the SRX5800 Services Gateway--with 2Tbps throughput.

More restructuring at IBM

There's an old saying, "The more things change, the more they stay the same." That is not always the case, especially with IT. IBM, for one, announced a new plan last week to improve company

IBM and Cisco get cozier in telecom, large enterprise space

Building on a strategic alliance first announced in 1999, IBM and Cisco Systems plan to release a jointly developed offering called the Cisco Assurance Management Solution, which integrates

IBM Targets SMBs with Blade Server System

IBM is jumping on the bandwagon, and is taking a closer look at small and medium sized companies. Last week, Big Blue said that it would begin building blade server systems for SMBs--companies

U.S. IT spending closing in on $1 trillion

All the recent talk about tight IT budgets not withstanding, the trillion-dollar mark for nation-wide enterprise technology investments is on the horizon. Info-Tech Research Group's Indaba Division

Storage: knowledge is power

Do you know where your data is? Most CIOs really don't know where their companies' data is stored and managed (the data center?), but that knowledge is critical when it comes to

The art of choosing an ERP system

For smaller companies in particular, the decision of which enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to buy can be daunting. There are a great variety of systems, both in terms of functionality

SPOTLIGHT: Don't count Cobol out just yet

Despite the continual spotlight on emerging programming languages such as Java, the death knell has not yet run for Cobol. The longtime favorite of large enterprises, it still runs approximately 70

SPOTLIGHT: Email infractions end in employee firings

Right on the heels of recent news about how companies are snooping on employee email comes a survey that the snooping is resulting in more staff firings. A survey by Proofpoint, a messaging vendor,