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Latest Headlines

Despite rapid growth rates, Microsoft and Google had little impact on AWS in Q4, says Synergy

Microsoft and Google are by far the fastest growing cloud providers, but for all their growth, they had little effect on the juggernaut that is Amazon Web Services as the year closed.

Both Microsoft and Google want a piece of the Parse customer base

Parse may not have been much of a moneymaker for Facebook (at least according to reports), but it didn't take long for competitors to start trying to attract existing Parse users to their own backend as a service and cloud database offerings.

Spotlight: Shippable adds industry veterans to board of directors and strategic advisors

Shippable added several big names in the technology business to its board of directors.

Microsoft expands its iOS, Android beachhead with SwiftKey acquisition

Microsoft announced today its acquisition of mobile keyboard software maker SwiftKey. The move fits Microsoft's relatively new strategy of offering its software for non-Windows devices and adds to the growing list of mobile productivity apps and services that the company offers to iOS and Android users.

Microsoft sets sights on oceanic data center deployments

One of the first data centers I ever visited was somewhere outside of Las Vegas – right in the middle of the desert. With my limited knowledge of data center requirements, it seemed like an odd location choice for a data center, but I later learned the cool desert nights and arid climates made it ideal.

'Bring your own Windows Server' arrives on Azure

Microsoft launched the Azure Hybrid Use benefit, or HUB, yesterday, enabling customers to spin up an Azure virtual machine and then attach a Windows Server license to it at a later time, according to a ZDNet article.

Microsoft provides app, platform for tallying Iowa caucus voting

Microsoft is providing apps and other technology for free to help the precinct officials of the Iowa caucuses being held on Monday report the results in a timely fashion.

In the latest data center experiment, Microsoft goes underwater

With data centers popping up in nearly every kind of terrain – underneath mountains, in the desert, alongside coalmines – companies were running out of novel locations to set up digital shop. That is until Microsoft decided to make its Project Natick a maritime adventure.

Only a tiny percentage of companies are actually using cloud email

Gartner looked at records for 40,000 public companies and found that only 13 percent use cloud email.   

Missed chance for Safe Harbor 2.0 means we'll likely see stricter EU data privacy rules

The deadline to reach a deal on data transfer rules between the U.S. and EU came and passed Sunday evening without a new agreement in place.