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Latest Headlines

5 hot new business apps: Microsoft changes name of Bing apps; 1Password could be data security game changer; more

Five hot new business apps for Oct. 1.

Everything you need to know about Windows 10

Here's everything we know about Windows 10: What's new, how it relates to the enterprise, when it's arriving, and how to get hold of it today.

Microsoft touts Windows 10 to enterprises: 'We don't want that duality'

The long, global nightmare will come to an end. But the going away party for Windows 8's Start Screen, whose tight grip has locked businesses in Windows 7 and XP, will last a whole year.

Microsoft beefs up audio quality for mobile Skype users

Microsoft is improving the audio quality for mobile users of its Skype VoIP software, a popular low-cost communication option for small businesses and business travelers.

Microsoft executive mistakenly confirms that Windows 9 will be revealed next week

A Microsoft executive have mistakenly confirmed that Windows 9 will be revealed in the Microsoft event next week.

Microsoft unveils Miracast adapter to bring Apple TV-like streaming to Windows

Microsoft unveiled the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, a Miracast dongle that offers wireless streaming of video and audio to a HDMI-equipped TV or projector.

Details about next version of Office start to emerge

Screenshots and other details of the next version of Microsoft Office have leaked, which various minor tweaks--and the retention of the ribbon interface.

Microsoft courts iOS upgraders by upping OneDrive free space to 30GB

Microsoft has announced a time-limited promotion where users can get up to 30GB of free storage space by enabling the Camera backup feature.

Second wave of Microsoft layoffs expected today

Microsoft will reportedly execute the second round of its massive layoffs today, which is part of the effort to reduce the company's headcount by 18,000--or 14 percent--by June 30, 2015.

5 hot new business apps: Google and Android hit the 'books; Microsoft looking for mobile gold with Minecraft; more

The 5 hot new business apps from  FierceMobileIT.