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Latest Headlines

Mobile Managers: Broadview's Shulman was mobile before it was cool

In this edition of Mobile Managers, I sat down with Ken Shulman of Broadview Networks to talk about how he's been mobile since the start of mobile, and how he plans to push Broadview's own mobile offering to the front lines of the mobile workforce. 

Fear of fraud may overpower convenience of wearable payments

The jury is still out on the security of wearable devices with payment functions, and the fear of fraud may overpower the convenience factor, according to an article at Bloomberg.

Mobile Managers: How Redfin's chief economist gets work done on the go

Nela Richardson, Redfin's chief economist, offers a peak at how she uses her mobile phone throughout the day. 

As CRM vendors look to mobility, Qstream offers mobile performance assessment tool

More and more, sales representatives are using mobile technology to interact with customers and colleagues and customer relationship management vendors are taking note. Sales teams and managers can also use mobile technology to get feedback using tools like Qstream, which provides automated and live tools to assess and provide feedback on performance.

Is 2015 the year ECM finally 'gets' mobile content?

Mobile device usage is  projected to top 6.2 billion worldwide by 2018 and the number of people accessing the internet via mobile has surpassed access on a desktop. It's a wake up call for companies everywhere: You can't afford to ignore mobile any longer.

TITUS Classification for Mobile update adds several security enhancements

Data classification and security firm TITUS rolled out several security enhancements to its corporate email app TITUS Classification for Mobile to help bridge the gap between what employees want and organizations are willing to provide.

Spotlight: Salesforce for HP emphasizes mobile, social

Salesforce is placing the emphasis of its new Salesforce for HR app squarely on mobile and social connections.

BYOD now the cornerstone of the mobile office

It seems like only a year ago that experts were telling CIOs that BYOD programs were becoming commonplace. Now we learn that they are in fact the cornerstone of the new mobile office.

Apple upbeat as it readies first Mobile First apps for the enterprise

Despite consecutive quarters of declining iPad sales, Apple is trying to remain upbeat--banking on its recent enterprise mobility alliance with IBM. The first enterprise apps coming out of the alliance is set to launch next month, says Apple.

TITUS Classification for Mobile bridges divide between BYOD, document security

BYOD and data management are often a challenge for IT departments that need to balance document access on mobile devices with corporate security and compliance regulations. Data classification and security firm TITUS announced the launch of TITUS Classification for Mobile, to help organizations and government agencies bridge that divide.