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Latest Headlines

Despite controversy, RSA should be chock full of IT security insights

I'm attending RSA this week in San Francisco to get the scoop on the latest IT security technology, techniques, trends and threats. Thursday's issue of FierceITSecurity will be devoted to RSA content, so look for the issue in your inbox, as well for content on the website.

Sipera targets VoIP toll fraud

Sipera Systems is highlighting the need for VoIP and UC security architectures, as it said its security experts have identified an increase in costly VoIP toll fraud that affects both service

A Skype Back Door?

High-ranking officials at the Austrian interior ministry have said it isn't a problem to listen into Skype conversations, implying that there is a back door built into the program. Heise online has

VoIP Security and the Circle of Trust

Now is the time to build our castle walls and moats before The Bad Guys do to VoIP what they did to email, according to security experts. With 90 percent of today's email messages spam, another 5