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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Data breaches expose an all-time high of 502 million records in first half of 2014

Data breaches in the first half of this year exposed 502 million records, far exceeding the number of records exposed in the first half of 2013, the previous half-year record, according to the last data from security intelligence firm Risk Based Security.

Like Vegas in August, mobile security is hot at Black Hat

Mobile security is a hot topic at the Black Hat security conference being held this week in Las Vegas. I am here at Black Hat and will be sharing mobile security insights with you in the coming days.

More than three-quarters of mobile apps would fail basic security testing, says Gartner

More than three-quarters of mobile applications would fail basic security testing, according to market research firm Gartner.

Researchers identify 30 security issues with Oracle's Java Cloud Service

Security Exploration researchers are warning about 30 security issues with Oracle's Java Cloud Service that could enable an attacker to access users' sensitive information or execute malware, according to a report by Dan Goodin of Ars Technica.

Most apps have vulnerabilities outside of their source code, warns HP

Nearly 80 percent of apps reviewed by HP contained vulnerabilities outside of their source code, indicating that misconfigured software is a growing security problem for enterprises.

IT pros, corporate board don't speak same security language

IT pros and corporate board members do not speak the same language when it comes to security, which means that security does not get the resources it needs, according to a survey of 350 IT pros in the U.K. conducted by OnePoll on behalf of network security firm RedSeal Networks.

Oracle releases huge batch of security patches

Oracle is releasing a breathtaking 147 security patches on Tuesday, including 36 patches for its much exploited Java software. A full 34 of the Java security holes are remotely exploitable without authentication.

Most mobile banking apps have security vulnerabilities, says IOActive Labs

Most of the mobile banking apps examined by IOActive Labs have security vulnerabilities, according to a blog by researcher Ariel Sanchez.

Security holes in WordPress continue to be exploited

Vulnerabilities in WordPress continue, with the latest example being the website hacking of Canadian internet services company Storm, reports Chris Larsen, a security researcher at BlueCoat.

Mozilla plugs 5 critical holes in Firefox, other products

Mozilla has released security updates for its Firefox browser, Thunderbird email client and Seamonkey cross-platform Internet suite, patching 10 security holes, including five critical flaws.