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Latest Headlines

ISIS supporters target vulnerable WordPress plug-ins

When a group finds WordPress vulnerabilities, they can exploit them worldwide. That is exactly what sympathizers with the terrorist group ISIS are doing, according to a warning issued Tuesday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Mozilla plugs critical vulnerabilities, adds 'opportunistic encryption' to latest Firefox browser

Mozilla has fixed more than a dozen vulnerabilities with the latest version of its Firefox browser, including a number of critical security flaws. In addition, Mozilla has added to the Firefox 37 browser "opportunistic encryption," which encrypts possibly sensitive data before sending it in the clear.

Cisco plugs 16 security holes in operating system for its routers and switches

On Wednesday, Cisco released its semiannual security advisory for IOS software and IOS XE software, plugging 16 security holes that could result in "denial of service condition or interface wedge."

Apple fixes 17 security holes in Safari's WebKit engine

Apple has plugged 17 security vulnerabilities in the Safari browser's WebKit engine, which renders Web pages in the browser.

Infographic: Slipshod vendor security could cost you dearly

Security vulnerabilities at third-party vendors have been behind a number of high-profile data breaches, including major breaches at Target, AT&T, Lowe's, AutoNation and the Department of Defense's TRICARE healthcare network.

Is Apple endangering privacy to cut costs?

As Apple prepares to launch two iPhone 6 versions and a rumored iWatch, some are questioning whether Cupertino's reputation for iron-clad security is deserved.

Data breaches expose an all-time high of 502 million records in first half of 2014

Data breaches in the first half of this year exposed 502 million records, far exceeding the number of records exposed in the first half of 2013, the previous half-year record, according to the last data from security intelligence firm Risk Based Security.

Like Vegas in August, mobile security is hot at Black Hat

Mobile security is a hot topic at the Black Hat security conference being held this week in Las Vegas. I am here at Black Hat and will be sharing mobile security insights with you in the coming days.

More than three-quarters of mobile apps would fail basic security testing, says Gartner

More than three-quarters of mobile applications would fail basic security testing, according to market research firm Gartner.

Researchers identify 30 security issues with Oracle's Java Cloud Service

Security Exploration researchers are warning about 30 security issues with Oracle's Java Cloud Service that could enable an attacker to access users' sensitive information or execute malware, according to a report by Dan Goodin of Ars Technica.