Unified Communications

Unified Communications is rapidly being deployed across enterprises as companies seek to converge their voice and messaging and integrate their business processes with their communications. The aim is to improve both employee convenience and productivity but also shorten and improve decision making by fully exploiting the flexibility of multiple devices and real time networks.

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Unified Communications

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Spotlight: The key differences between Skype and Skype for Business

Microsoft created a little bit of confusion when it announced Skype for Business, seeing as the consumer version has existed for years. 

ShoreTel rolls out single user interface for UCC

ShoreTel released a new single platform and user interface designed to provide enterprises with a variety of configuration options, including cloud, on-premises and hybrid. The intent of ShoreTel Connect is to provide customers with more flexibility while also increasing employee collaboration options.

ConnectSolutions simplifies Skype visibility, management

ConnectSolutions launched a new managed service for Skype for Business. The intention is to provide enterprise customers with a higher quality of unified communications service.

UCC training is trickier than it sounds

Adding unified communications and collaboration products to an enterprise environment is going to create changes, not just in how end users work, but in the culture itself. So wrote Blair Pleasant,...

Skype for Business heading to mobile devices

There are so many promises of features for Skype for Business that some enterprises must be chomping at the bit. So much potential... sometime in the future. And now there's even more news of features, but they won't be generally available until later this year. Basically, Microsoft has put the Android and iOS versions of Skype for Business into preview mode.

CounterPath updates desktop, mobile UC apps

A unified communications deployment that doesn't take mobile into account isn't all that useful in the era of the always-on road warrior. With that in mind, CounterPath is rolling out a new version of both its desktop and mobile unified communications messaging application.

Free Skype multi-party video calling gets wider release

Skype video calling and multi-party video calling is getting a wider release as Microsoft continues to move the communications tool toward a more ad-driven model. Now the video calling services are available to Skype for Web and end users using Outlook.com.

Birch adds advanced call monitoring, recording to TotalCloud IP PBX

Communications and cloud services provider Birch added new call monitoring and recording capabilities to its TotalCloud IP PBX products. The new features are pretty much exactly as they sound,...

Traditional IP telephony abandoned in favor of cloud

As enterprises shift their telephony to the cloud, the need for on-premises equipment running telephony and related functions is becoming less necessary. According to Dell'Oro Group, the increasing move to cloud-based services will show the overall enterprise IP telephony market shrinking by about 20 percent over the next few years.

Many enterprises still wary of cloud-based UCC

Sorry, enterprises, but it appears small and medium-sized businesses will be leading the way in the adoption of hosted IP telephony and unified communications and collaboration products. The economical benefits to SMBs will be too hard to resist, according to a Frost & Sullivan report, but enterprises will follow their smaller brethren into the hosted world.