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Latest Headlines

Verizon launches team to help enterprises with digital transformation

A new professional services team at Verizon Enterprise Solutions will help the service provider's customers embrace digital transformation. Dubbed the Advanced Network Retainer program, it offers enterprise customers access to a variety of networking experts who can help improve networks and begin to deploy next-generation network technology.

Lack of access controls, poor password policy behind Target breach, says internal report

In the days after the data breach at Target that exposed 40 million customer debit and credit card numbers, Target commissioned Verizon to examine its networks for security weaknesses. What Verizon found is neither encouraging from an IT security standpoint nor good news for Target in its legal battle with banks.

Cisco SDN makes its way into service provider realm through Verizon

Cisco's software-defined networking technology, specifically Intelligent WAN, has found its way into the service provider world. Using the technology, Verizon launched a new software-defined WAN service for its enterprise customers.

Verizon distributes incident documentation app ahead of potential strike

Facing an impending strike from its biggest union, Verizon has pushed an app that allows non-union workers to document their counterparts on the job, according to a report.

Twitter, Oracle, AT&T join in on container standardization work

Just a month old and the Open Container Initiative has a draft charter and specification and has racked up some new, big-name members, including Twitter, Oracle, AT&T and Verizon, it announced today.

Spotlight: DigiCert buys Verizon Enterprise SSL business

Certificate authority DigiCert announced Tuesday that it acquired Verizon Enterprise SSL business for an undisclosed consideration.

What NASA is actually planning for drones

NASA confirmed that it is investigating the possiblity of drone monitoring via cell towers, following a report in The Guardian last week. 

NASA, Verizon reportedly team up to monitor drones

NASA and Verizon are working on essentially an air traffic control system for drones, according to a report from The Guardian. 

Verizon has access to mobile security data! Who knew, right?

Verizon just realized that it has a wireless unit to draw mobile security data from. Who knew, right?

Spotlight: 80% of merchants still falling short on card data security compliance

To get a better understanding of just how weak retailers are in protecting customer and bank data, read the new Verizon PCI Compliance report and weep.