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Latest Headlines

Digium: Too few businesses take advantage of telecommuting

One key benefit of unified communications in the cloud should be, including workers from across the globe. At least, you'd think that stands to reason. Now, a Digium marketing leader says, that message isn't really getting out.

Unify gambles to topple Outlook with 'single pane of glass'

In front of the curtain, there appears to be a new UX for UC that could render existing collaboration software obsolete. Behind it could be something bigger: an interface between real-time communications and actionable databases.

Cisco fights to keep videoconferencing screens relevant

Admitting "the experience sucks" for videoconferencing systems priced at $1,000 and under, a Cisco exec announces plug-and-play room systems that give something back to smartphones.

Snow days: Overcoming business disruption with Unified Communication

The weather outside truly has been frightful. No problem, right--today's enterprise has rich communication and collaboration options, from IM to file sync. That may be true, according to Stephen Leaden, but unified communications is a viable business continuity solution only if you've put some forethought into it.

Boomtown: Unified Communications revenue grew 31% in 2013, says Infonetics

Research firm Infonetics says the Unified Communications sector is strong and getting stronger.

Will WebRTC raise contact center costs?

Cost savings via WebRTC is not the no-brainer that "web browser" might suggest.

Google guns for Lync, WebEx with $999 Chromebox for Meetings, PBX integration

Google announced a $999 Chromebox for Meetings and a new partnership which allows more convenient conferencing. Together these advances aim squarely at making Google+ Hangouts a viable alternative to Microsoft's Lync and Cisco's WebEx collaboration platforms.

Building--and supporting--the next generation 'customer interaction center'

Yes, customers increasingly expect a plethora of options for connecting to customer support. But while plenty of applicable technologies are swirling around in the Unified Communications pot, Art Rosenberg points out that there's more to customer interaction than just adding channels.

Unified Comms in 2013: The year of living boringly?

For all the noise and product announcements and putative advances in technology, analyst Dave Michels says the year 2013 in Unified Communications was characterized by very little real progress.

Cloud solutions, WebRTC to accelerate videoconferencing in 2014

Two tech trends are making videoconferencing more realistic for a broader set of businesses. Videoconferencing is of course an issue of corporate culture too, not just technology.