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Latest Headlines

Unified Comms in 2013: The year of living boringly?

For all the noise and product announcements and putative advances in technology, analyst Dave Michels says the year 2013 in Unified Communications was characterized by very little real progress.

Cloud solutions, WebRTC to accelerate videoconferencing in 2014

Two tech trends are making videoconferencing more realistic for a broader set of businesses. Videoconferencing is of course an issue of corporate culture too, not just technology. 

Oracle's new Enterprise Communications Broker boon for Unified Comms?

On the heels of last week's discussion about User Experience (UX) design in Unified Communications, Zeus Kerravala agrees that "UC is a mess" and digs into Oracles' Enterprise Communications Broker as a possible solution--or at least improvement.

Unified Communications vendors fighting the wrong battle?

Which client is best for enterprise communications? Microsoft's Lync? Cisco's WebEx? Something from a smaller vendor or emerging in the mobile space? Joe Williams says the whole question is 'so 2010'.

WebRTC just a different kettle of fish

The WebRTC technology for in-browser communications offers much promise in the enterprise space--for quick-and-easy videoconferencing, video customer service and other applications. However, it's going to take some more work to put the 'easy' in quick-and-easy.

Marissa Mayer says mobile is remaking Yahoo

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says mobile computing may remake her company completely.

Why is your desk phone still so dumb?

Still have a desk phone? If you don't next year, maybe the problem isn't that mobile phones have become so smart. Maybe the problem is that the desk phone has stayed so dumb.

Will Amazon's Mayday button spark video revival in customer service?

The Mayday button on Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet allows customers to initiate a customer service videoconference with one click--or does it?

Cloud might be putting the 'unified' in UC

Everybody's got phones and email; lots of companies have videoconferencing too. The problem has been stitching them together to make employees more productive.

Cisco reaffirms its support of remote-based workforce

In the midst of reports that some leading technology companies are reining in their remote workers, networking giant Cisco reaffirmed its policy last week that remote workers are a valued and critical part of its workforce.