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Latest Headlines

Pwn2Own 2016 offers $75K prize for hacking VMware Workstation

The Pwn2Own annual hacking contest is adding a $75,000 carrot for a successful VMware virtual machine bypass.

Nvidia announces newest version of virtualization offering

Nvidia revealed today plans for Grid 2.0, the newest version of its virtualization technology aimed at the enterprise.

Google pushes more enterprise functions to Chromebook

Google announced new features to make its line of Chromebooks more enterprise-ready plus a new Chromebook from Dell.

SDN abstraction, automation features could boost cloud app access

With cloud and virtualization becoming more pervasive within the enterprise, the one thing that's holding back the greatest benefits is the network itself, argued Brendan Ziolo, head of large enterprise strategy at Alcatel-Lucent, in a Network Computing column.

Release of Xen 4.5 offers improvements to both Intel and ARM

The release of Xen 4.5 brings various improvements that among others, allow it to run faster on Intel hardware and support more memory on ARM.

After long wait, VMware vSphere 6 expected to be unveiled in February

Various reports hint that the new version will be a significant upgrade that focuses on the hybrid cloud.

White House launches special ops web fix team; British school children learn the art of cyber warfare; More

The top news stories for August 13, 2014.  

Revisiting the virtues of virtualization

By all accounts, destop virtualization is a very good thing for your employees, enabling them to access the information they need and to work from any device, anytime, anywhere, write Carl Hugener and Michael Farley.

News Scan: Data distrust; Bitcoin value plunge; more

The top news articles for Feb. 12, 2014.

Spotlight: VMware puts its money where mobility is

VMware's $1B-plus purchase of AirWatch gives the virtualization company a big step forward in mobile computing, according to industry watchers.