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Latest Headlines

Think your calls on Skype are secure? Think again

A burgeoning industry in the U.S. is designing "spyware" that can eavesdrop on calls across Skype, intercepting voice streams before they reach the free VoIP service's encryption, or, recording them

Sipera says its security solutions help ensure credit card privacy

VoIP and Unified Communications security specialist Sipera Systems said its security solutions will help users meet the new guidance issued by the industry council for payment card privacy. Earlier

FBI warning of VoIP attacks

Just the facts, M'am. The FBI is seeing more denial of service attacks on VoIP, so best to be careful when securing your VoIP network. Luckily, we spolighted Sipera in today's issue and NoJitter has

Sipera raises another $10M to advance UC security

UC sercurity company, Sipera Systems raised another $10M to advance its enterprise unified communications (UC) security systems. Their offering provides security for smartphone, VoIP, IM and video

Verizon beefs up security on wholesale VoIP

Verizon Global Wholesale just beefed up its call setup security. The company has enabled its product offerings--SIP Gateway Service, Advanced Toll Free IP Termination and Carrier IP Termination

Victim of success: VoIP vulnerability tripled since 2006

McAfee labs has released an alarming white paper about the state of VoIP security. According to the report, they found almost 60 vulnerabilities in VoIP products. In 2006 they found only 20 such

Interview with Verizon Business President

Our sister publication FierceTelecom got an interview with Verizon Business president Fran Shammo this week that touched on a number of relevant topics, including the division's hosted VoIP business,

Sipera targets VoIP toll fraud

Sipera Systems is highlighting the need for VoIP and UC security architectures, as it said its security experts have identified an increase in costly VoIP toll fraud that affects both service

Acme Packet buys Covergence Inc. for $23M

Acme Packet announced Thursday it has bought Covergence, Inc. in a deal valued at roughly $22.8 million. Covergence shareholders will receive $22.2 million in Acme Packet common stock and an

Botnets + VoIP services = trouble?

Researchers at Secure Science have discovered methods to make unauthorized calls from both Skype and the Google Voice services. Add botnets for massive dialing and let the fun (not) begin. Google