Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

With $1B buy, IBM continues to use healthcare as Watson proving ground

With a $1 billion acquisition of Merge Healthcare, IBM continues its aggressive pursuit of healthcare analytics opportunities.

NextUser, IBM Watson team to deliver 'truly personalized marketing'

NextUser, an open marketing automation and analytics platform, teamed with IBM Watson to use "AI and cognitive computing to drastically change marketing and make it truly personal." It's a one-two punch aimed at a knockout in online consumer marketing. 

IBM unveils Watson Analytics, offers freemium

Bring-your-own-analytics has been cresting on the horizon for awhile, but IBM's unveiling of Watson Analytics has brought the idea home to roost. Delivering it in a freemium model was a stroke of genius. Let the consumerization of analytics begin in earnest!

Could a supercomputer be your best business meeting partner?

IBM apparently thinks so, as it is developing its famous supercomputer Watson to be able to "sit-in" on key business meetings as a top idea generator.

Welltok brings intelligence to health, wellness content in a mobile context

Welltok combines mobile, social, cloud and data to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

IBM puts ample stock in Watson cognitive computing invention

Watson is IBM's cognitive computing invention that beat human players at Jeopardy a few years ago and achieved some other publicity stunts as well. But its days of just playing around are gone; now it's doing real work in big data and is gaining traction in the field.

Future of search: Moving beyond a box and a button

Technologies like Siri and IBM Watson could have a big influence on our expectations of enterprise search in the coming years.

IBM's Watson takes on big data analytics

IBM's Watson, made famous by beating Jeopardy champions, is taking on the big data challenge faced by many enterprises.

Paging Dr. Watson

IBM's Watson has digested more than 600,000 diagnostic reports, two million pages of medical journal articles, 1.5 million patient records and absorbed 14,700 hours of hands-on training. The new doctor is in the house.

IBM plans to hire 500 for big data work in Columbus

IBM is planning to build a cutting-edge data analytics center in Columbus, Ohio, and the city wants to make it worth its while.