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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: IBM to train Watson to tackle cybersecurity

Now that Watson has conquered "Jeopardy!" IBM wants to train it to tackle cybersecurity.

Intel's updated development IoT kit lets developers use Bluemix, Watson, Brillo and more

Intel apparently wants developers to have as easy a time as possible building useful, intelligent wearables, gadgets, robots and drones. The latest version of the company's development kit for Internet of Things devices has been released.

KPMG signs up IBM's Watson for help with auditing

IBM has spent a lot of work applying Watson to healthcare applications. But Watson can tackle other problems, too, and a new customer offers an example of how it can help with professional services. On Tuesday, KPMG said it plans to start using Watson to help with its auditing and other services.

IBM inks major Watson IoT deals with Finnish firms

Many of us remember when IBM's Watson defeated former winners of the game show Jeopardy back in 2011, and many of us have seen the commercials of Watson meeting with various famous and not-so-famous people. Well, Watson is now tackling the Internet of Things (IoT) market in a big way. IBM announced on Friday two major contracts for Watson to help IoT companies in Finland.

Spotlight: IBM cognitive computing exec gone after 9 months

Stephen Pratt, head of IBM's cognitive business solutions group, has left the company after just nine months, according to Fortune.

IBM boosts Watson's response times through Nvidia partnership

IBM and its partners in OpenPOWER today announced a host of efforts to improve systems with big data operations in mind, including revving up Big Blue's favorite child Watson.

IBM plans to use Weather Co. platform to collect data from cars, medical and other devices

Watson is hungry for data, and IBM just ordered up a king-sized portion for the artificially intelligent system. Big Blue today announced plans to acquire the Weather Company's B2B, mobile and cloud-based web properties, with the acquired company's data processing platform as the main course.

Intel buys cognitive computing startup Saffron with eye on Internet of Things

Intel announced Monday its acquisition of cognitive computing startup Saffron to help push new use cases to the tech giant's catalog, including new devices, big data, cybersecurity, healthcare and IOT.

Spotlight: IBM begins consulting on cognitive computing

IBM is looking to show businesses how to properly take advantage of Watson's cognitive computing capabilities through a newly opened consultancy.

Spotlight: IBM appoints head for its new Watson Health business unit

IBM Thursday announced it hired Deborah DiSanzo to head up the IBM Watson Health business unit, an important initiative for the company.