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Latest Headlines

The usual suspects return: IBM helps form another cloud coalition

Wouldn't it be nice if the skilled professionals who comprise the hosted online service industry were to coalesce behind sharing their skills?  Sure, but does such a coalition really need--or want--an enemy?

Enterprise file store service ownCloud adds access to others' clouds

If end users are truly the ones driving demand for better file access, then can't their goals still be met without moving file systems off-premise?  Open source-driven ownCloud tries a new method.

Spotlight: Revisiting the notion that there is no 'private cloud'

I've been down this road several times before. A private cloud, when I refer to it here and elsewhere, is a system that utilizes pooled resources (storage, memory, processing, networking) abstracted from hardware by a virtualization layer, stationed on-premise.

Spotlight: If you're shrinking your IT workforce, hey, talk to Rackspace!

Maybe you've noticed our running theme this week has been the trend (or maybe the inklings of a trend) toward reducing the head count of IT departments.

Latest additions to Workday will suggest better org charts

What if you could provision your human capital with something similar to the same tools you use to spin up a virtual machine? Maybe your organization could begin looking like the cloud.

How the app store model is overshadowing the IT department

Simply the ease of being able to procure and deploy resources on an automated catalog system and through a common platform may be catalyzing policy changes that leave IT out of the picture.

Google security engineer: 'We don't have a better option' than passwords

Passwords have been declared dead for the past few decades. But with regard to the technology that should replace passwords, a lead Google security engineer is open to ideas.

OpenStack leader: The IT department is going away

Walking beneath posters depicting the Soviet Union at the height of its power, the man in charge of setting a direction for OpenStack adopts a stance straight out of Ronald Reagan's playbook.

Google adds Kubernetes-based Container Engine to Cloud Platform

In an effort to raise the bet on the table against Amazon and Microsoft, Google places an open front end on its container management platform to better automate apps deployment.

Google: Web browsers are casualties of mobile, cloud revolution

A senior product manager with Google Cloud Platform tells a company conference that people still use Web browsers because human nature makes them hang on for too long.