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Latest Headlines

Aviatrix beefs up security and support for OpenVPN in latest Cloud Native Networking release

A new version of Aviatrix's Cloud Native Networking product aims to make it easy to not only connect and use a hybrid IT environment, but also easily scale out virtual private clouds using VLAN-like segmentation of cloud instances.

Riverbed puts its best foot forward with new SD-WAN product

Riverbed Technology introduced a new SD-WAN technology that the company is aiming at enterprises that are interested in integrating both the WAN and LAN into a single management point.

Akanda's latest OpenStack Astara release brings web-scale to virtualized network services

Akanda launched a new version of OpenStack network orchestration and virtualization product at OpenStack Summit in Austin on Monday. The latest release of OpenStack Astara makes use of the OpenStack Mitaka release, the latest stable version of OpenStack that launched earlier this month.

Midokura network virtualization now available for Dell Red Hat OpenStack offering

Dell is looking to help customers increase the performance of their Red Hat OpenStack private clouds. The company is now offering Midokura Enterprise MidoNet as an optional performance accelerator for its Dell Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Solution.

Vonage adds gUnify to Oracle Cloud for integration between voice and mission-critical apps

Enterprises using the Oracle Cloud have a new option for integrating elements of their voice and mission-critical applications. This morning, Vonage added its gUnify Connector to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

Spotlight: Palo Alto beefs up cloud and virtualization features with PAN-OS update

Updates to Palo Alto Networks' PAN-OS increase its cloud support and virtualization features.

Arista takes on enterprise data centers and CSPs with 100 Tbps cloud networking switch

A new switching and routing series from Arista Networks aims to provide the scalability and speeds needed for enterprise private clouds and next-generation data centers.

Twilio adds private connection options to cloud-based communications service

Twilio is making it easier for developers to connect to its cloud-based cloud communications offering. Twilio Interconnect offers private connection options between Twilio and an enterprise's on-premise infrastructure and applications.

ShoreTel allows enterprises to mix and match Connect Onsite, Connect Cloud offerings for hybrid UC

ShoreTel is providing more flexibility in how enterprises roll out its unified communications suites. The vendor's new ShoreTel Connect Hybrid Sites offering is essentially a way to package existing Connect Onsite and Connect Cloud services – giving organizations more choice by mixing and matches services across locations to form their own packages.

Oracle aims to boost cloud network performance with new SDN-enabled fabric

Oracle's latest move to capture the enterprise cloud market is the announcement of Oracle Enhanced Data Rate InfiniBand Fabric, a software-defined networking enabled 100 Gbps cloud network infrastructure designed to boost application performance.