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Latest Headlines

Open source ownCloud innovates unique collaboration scheme

It looks like an open source, on-premise implementation of Dropbox. Look closer, though, and you'll see a way to securely open up object stores on an OpenStack platform.

RightScale adds more automation, self-service to its cloud of clouds

Now a company can give its employees the ability to provision themselves on the company's choice of cloud platforms, all within the mandates and guidelines set by IT in advance.

New Rackspace partnership aims to make a better SharePoint than SharePoint

As every mobile operator knows, when an app becomes available to a customer up front, its adoption soars dramatically. Now AvePoint has captured prime real estate with Rackspace without being acquired by it.

Amazon stabs at heart of SharePoint, Dropbox with one thrust

The cloud service leader already had enough storage in its ammo belt to deliver a competitive document collaboration service. The only real question was, when?

With Windows Server fading away, Microsoft unveils Azure storage appliances

There may be less of a role for Windows Server in the data center than ever before. Ironically, what takes its place could very well bear Microsoft's trademark.

Cloud Conspiracy Review: End of the road for new technology, proclaims newspaper

It was a good go for a promising new technology, but alas, dozens of services outages and one or two bankruptcies doomed cloud computing at the starting gate. I know. I read it in the Times.

Brocade: NFV will change what it means to be 'certified'

Can yesterday's certified communications skills translate into today's NFV skills? It depends on whether someone steps up to serve as a certification broker of sorts between the two skill sets.

Oracle's new Orchestrator aims to help NFV do whatever it does

Last year, Oracle acquired one of the principal players in the session border controller space. This year, it's injecting that space with its IT-based vision of service orchestration.

Salesforce, Oracle grapple for retailer cloud space

You knew something was up with Salesforce by the way Oracle snapped up a retail service provider from out of nowhere.

The decision: Aereo's technology cannot circumvent copyright

Aereo had hoped that its personally rented antennas were legally sheltered from the Copyright Act's definition of public performances. Now that shelter has been blown all to smithereens.