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Latest Headlines

Aruba makes branch communications easier with controller

Aruba Networks has unveiled a new controller designed to get branch offices connected faster while reducing such networking costs by up to 50 percent. The Aruba 7000 Series Cloud Services Controllers were designed to "eliminate the time, costs and complexity of managing disparate single-purpose point products in the branch," according to the press release.

How to sell the CFO on UC

Building and deploying on-premise unified communications can be a costly endeavor, so getting the funds to roll it out can mean convincing the organization's CFO of the inherent benefits to the business.

Get strong end-user performance through cloud interconnects

It may seem like a no-brainer to professionals who work daily with the network and see how any performance fluctuation can affect end-users. It's not clear to everyone, though, and Vector Communications' Pieter Jordaan and Craig Sutton aimed to lay out just how the network affects the business in a  CIO  article.

When choosing a videoconferencing service, ensure compatibility

Cloud-based videoconferencing doesn't have quite the up-front expenditures of on-premise videoconferencing solutions, but before signing a deal with a videoconferencing software-as-a-service vendor, be sure to check its list of compatible applications and products.

Say goodbye to videoconferencing hardware

The hardware-centric videoconferencing deployment model isn't quite at its end of days yet, but it's not far off. 

Avaya SDN play with Open SDN Fx likely to target UC customers

Every vendor and their mother wants to claim dominance in the fledgling software-defined networking market. Avaya is the latest to make the claim with the launch of its new Open SDN Fx architecture, which is tied into the OpenDaylight, OpenStack and OpenFlow open source projects.

Brocade plans for more acquisitions in 2015

Cisco isn't the only company looking to build out its portfolio through acquisitions. Brocade is beefing up its product suite with acquisition, most recently with the announcement of its intent to acquire Riverbed's SteelApp line of business, and the company's CEO hinted at more purchases throughout 2015.

Networking moving to the cloud

Network functions virtualization, software-defined networking's cousin, is still mostly in use only at the telco level, but it's starting to find its uses in the enterprise. One of those few enterprise use cases is in cloud networking services from a handful of vendors and service providers aiming to supply a cloud-based alternative to enterprise WANs.

Spotlight: Google cloud outage caused by networking glitch

Whoops! A global two-hour outage of the Google Compute Engine public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering last week looks like it happened because of a glitch in the company's network. 

Brocade ups NFV ante with Riverbed SteelApp buy

Network functions virtualization may barely be on the radar for most enterprise networking professionals, but vendors are ramping up their NFV strategies as they also build on their software-defined networking initiatives. Brocade is the latest to give a boost to its NFV strategy.