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Latest Headlines

Dimension Data buys Nexus, bolsters U.S. IT capabilities

Dimension Data is acquiring Nexus, an IT network integrator, a purchase that immediately enhances its presence in the United States and broadens its services portfolio for high growth vertical segments like education, retail, hospitality and healthcare.

State of the Cloud report: 'Cloud security concerns are abating'

The longer an enterprise maintains a cloud deployment--be it public, hybrid or private--the less worried it becomes, not only about security but everything else, according to the latest survey numbers from RightScale.

Red Hat's embrace of containers could end Linux dependencies

At Red Hat's annual summit, it announced that not only is it supporting a new technology for distributing server apps intact, but it will actively build onto that technology and integrate it into RHEL.

VMware makes Office 2013 run in the cloud on an iPad desktop

Suddenly the virtue of native applications doesn't count for much, as apps that think they're running on Windows are made to fit quite nicely on Apple's hardware.

Dropbox plays catch-up with Box for business, collaboration forthcoming

Its first genuine appeal to businesses to please, please let it join the party, is accompanied by a renewed appeal to consumers.

Storage provider Avere: Public cloud storage as fast as NAS

Benchmark tests conducted by Avere and confirmed independently show the speed difference between a data cluster with local storage, and one using Amazon S3, as negligible.

Interop: Xilinx realizes the dream of programmable SDN data planes

Should the data plane element of an SDN be a dumb switch or a smart gate array? This week at Interop, FPGA producer Xilinx makes a strong case for the latter--a case that may fly in the face of OpenFlow's best-laid plans.

After Snowden, walls around the cloud are more fortified

An NTT survey casts light on more evidence of growing nationalist sentiments that could inhibit enterprise cloud deployments even further, including 1 in 6 respondents saying their deployments have stopped cold.

Spotlight: With SDN, certifications have yet to catch up with reality

NetworkWorld's Jim Duffy explores the growing problem of certifying hardware engineers in a trade that's made up of code.

Synergy Research: Equinix, NTT lead the North America, APAC colocation markets

Equinix  has maintained its strong lead in the colocation market, including a dominant presence in both North America and EMEA, while NTT took the top spot in the APAC region in Q4 2013.