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Latest Headlines

Top 10 issues in communications: Number 4, the virtualization of devices

One of the most productive and useful innovations in the history of communications may not happen because some folks are making headway characterizing it as unnecessary.

Linux leader: Dependency on a platform is good for the platform

Now that Linux in the enterprise can be described using the Latin phrase de facto, the proverbial shoe finds itself on the other foot. It may be too soon for any Linux vendor to adopt a Microsoft-style swagger.

Dell, Wyse reassess the high cost of virtual desktops

If cost remains the key inhibitor to deploying virtual desktops on thin client devices, then could Dell's incorporation of Wyse into the entire company drive those costs down?  Or should I say, drive them down enough?

Leveraging GPUs for virtual desktops: Dell and Wyse attempt high-performance VDI

Could the Sony Pictures Studios leak of intellectual property have been prevented had the company's various outsourced producers been able to access Sony's network directly? Dell makes an interesting case.

Dell, Wyse double down on vWorkspace as VDI's '4th broker'

Would a virtual desktop make more sense to users if they could access it from any device? And by "any device," include a television set in the mix. A conquest that Dell just realized it made, could answer this question.

Top 10 issues in communications: Number 8, clouds redefine service

The original meaning of "cloud" in communication was a service provider whose identity was immaterial. Well, the time has come for certain cloud services to assume an identity beyond the cloud.

The usual suspects return: IBM helps form another cloud coalition

Wouldn't it be nice if the skilled professionals who comprise the hosted online service industry were to coalesce behind sharing their skills?  Sure, but does such a coalition really need--or want--an enemy?

Enterprise file store service ownCloud adds access to others' clouds

If end users are truly the ones driving demand for better file access, then can't their goals still be met without moving file systems off-premise?  Open source-driven ownCloud tries a new method.

Spotlight: Revisiting the notion that there is no 'private cloud'

I've been down this road several times before. A private cloud, when I refer to it here and elsewhere, is a system that utilizes pooled resources (storage, memory, processing, networking) abstracted from hardware by a virtualization layer, stationed on-premise.

Spotlight: If you're shrinking your IT workforce, hey, talk to Rackspace!

Maybe you've noticed our running theme this week has been the trend (or maybe the inklings of a trend) toward reducing the head count of IT departments.