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Latest Headlines

Midokura adds OpenStack, Docker support to network virtualization solution

At OpenStack Summit, Midokura unveiled an update to its network virtualization solution designed for infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. The update adds support for both OpenStack Kilo and container-based environments, including Docker.

Spotlight: Big Switch SDN-based cloud fabric gets big update

Big Switch Networks updated both its SDN-based Big Cloud Fabric for physical and virtual workloads in data centers and its Big Tap monitoring fabric.

Design your networking, security environments in the cloud

Ravello has launched new Smart Labs for IT professionals to design both networking and security environments in a fenced environment on Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine.

It's a fragmented UCaaS world, so buyers beware

When it comes to unified communications as a service, it's a buyer's market. Seems like good news, right? And in some ways, it is. But there's also a significant danger that you're going to choose the wrong provider.

Future of UC is in cloud, thanks to mobility

There are two clear trends around unified communications. First, the adoption of unified communications as a service, or UCaaS, offerings is increasing, and you can bet it will become the de facto standard over the next few years. And part of the reason for that has to do with trend number two--the growing trend of BYOD.

If you want good cloud-based videoconferencing, make sure you have a well-designed network

It may seem that it's less important to keep the network functioning with low latency performance with videoconferencing applications moving to the cloud, but it's quite the opposite, according to an article on  TechTarget.

Pertino: Cloud removes much of networking complexity

Cloud-based software-defined networking simplifies the life of the networking administrator and puts more of the network design in the hands of the average end-user, according to Pertino.

Lifesize Cloud update includes Microsoft Lync interoperability

Lifesize unveiled an update to its Lifesize Cloud videconferencing service that includes new accessibility, control and collaboration features. Oh, and interoperability with Microsoft Lync.

How network admin, sysadmin skill sets are changing in cloud era

Network and system administrators are nothing if not resilient. Networking continues to change, and in an era of cloud, the skills required to design and build networks are shifting away from the traditional hardware-focused skill sets to software.

Spotlight: ShoreTel opens networking services to Sky customers

ShoreTel is expanding its networking services beyond its unified communications subscriber base.