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Latest Headlines

College study reveals evidence of e-retailers 'personalizing' price

Some good, old-fashioned applied mathematics confirms what many online shoppers have always suspected: that their browsers may be doing the bartering for them, and not very well.

Sustainable IT and security markets need clearer signals, says Bruce Schneier

It goes against human nature to take a small risk in order to avoid the losses from a larger one. And that, says the world's leading security expert, leaves us unprepared for the worst.

Twitter courts mobile app developers with something like a platform

The commentary service could have simply said, please, please embed us in your apps, and here's an SDK, but don't violate our rules. Instead, Twitter went and did somethin' more clever-like.

Spotlight: What the Ebola crisis can teach you about workflow management

"Workflow" sounds better than "itinerary," and that poetic lilt is important when trying to get your workforce on board with a tactical improvement program.

Security in the cloud era, such as it is

It was a small security conference, but I'll take it.  It gives me time to listen to people in their everyday work whose business is suffering from a lack of healthy communication.

Not just Salesforce for Windows, Salesforce for Office

This week's Dreamforce 2014 kicked off with a Microsoft announcement. That fact alone reveals how dominant Salesforce has become in recent months.

Yes, Salesforce is launching an analytics cloud, already

It was the announcement that absolutely everyone knew ahead of time, but some of the real advancements in Salesforce's new Wave platform still remained surprises.

Spotlight: Here's a lesson we can learn from 'Shadow IT'

Why exactly are we blaming employees for doing what they need to do to get work done?

Tech keynoter Hillary Clinton: Polarization makes conversation difficult

The depersonalized nature of electronic connections has created a situation where people with the capability to lead are reluctant to try, said the former Secretary of State and former presidential candidate.

Spotlight: 'Content strategy' is not an oxymoron

My friend and former colleague Wolfgang Gruener has gone on to become a professional  content strategist, which is like a technologist who produces material that people read as opposed to material people use. Here's what he has to say.