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Latest Headlines

Dialogic SVP: How WebRTC could put an end to carriers' voice plans

Think about this for a moment: If your phone has an HTML5 browser, and that browser has WebRTC, then why do you need a phone number?

Cisco tries new collaboration, compliance tools for diverse work environments

How can the largest producer of collaboration appliances make collaboration work where appliances typically don't? Cisco engineers are tackling the problem before they're tackled by it.

New Rackspace partnership aims to make a better SharePoint than SharePoint

As every mobile operator knows, when an app becomes available to a customer up front, its adoption soars dramatically. Now AvePoint has captured prime real estate with Rackspace without being acquired by it.

Amazon stabs at heart of SharePoint, Dropbox with one thrust

The cloud service leader already had enough storage in its ammo belt to deliver a competitive document collaboration service. The only real question was, when?

Scytl e-voting exposes the dangers of automating a democracy

A cryptographic protocol involving secret codes and device-to-device handshakes brings into question whether technology can actually drive away the world's last remaining voters.

Lua asks, can collaboration be managed with analytics?

How effectively are the people in your organization communicating with one another? Perhaps--just perhaps--the answer can come from analyzing the patterns of that communication.

Spotlight: Social publicity sites ban publicity seekers for seeking unfair advantage

It's called "social networking," not because it follows the principles of Marx and Engels, although many of its practitioners wish it did. 

Spotlight: Facebook depressed by having depressed people with depressing content

Following the publication of a research study that revealed that Facebook conducted clandestine tests on its own users, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg made a statement to reporters apologizing not for the study, but for the way people learned about it. 

IBM's move toward 'Connections' continues with hybrid v.5.0

In a refreshingly non-IBM-style move, the company is tying a lasso around all its collaboration services that want to, well, collaborate with each other, and is putting them all in one platform.

Facebook research reveals bad content can depress people

During one week in 2012, nearly 700,000 Facebook users had their news feed content positively or negatively stimulated, and their responses to that stimulus were clinically monitored.