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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Why we swallowed the surveillance-based business model

Ethan Zuckerman is the director of MIT's Center for Civic Media, and the  author of a book called  Rewire, where he makes the case that the very forces that made the Web "free" to begin with have empowered corporate influences to take it over again, thus channeling the flow of ideas into potentially dangerous political silos.

After history's most public interoperability failure, now US Gov't writes a 'Playbook'

Six years into the administration of the man whose campaign poster read "Change", a document is issued that suggests such a thing could actually happen.

Spotlight: For some women, it's not so much a glass ceiling as it is a wall

I trust  Forbes  staff editor Jeff Bercovici at his word that the piece he published for an anonymous writer, who states she's the CIO of a Silicon Valley startup, is legitimate (although he did a poor job at editing the first draft, for which he apologizes).

US Government could save $32.5 B annually by not using report-driven databases

A realistic observation of time spent maintaining outdated data processing policies within federal government agencies concludes enough money could be saved to double NASA's funding.

Facebook security acquisition points to something like a CDN

A small acquisition in the security space lends new evidence to the poorly-kept secret that the parent company of Instagram is building up security for its content delivery... rather, for its "edge network".

Spotlight: An Internet of People, this time when they need help

One subject that's close to my heart, especially just a few years out from the tornado disaster in Joplin, Missouri, is the use of Internet-oriented technology to keep first responders and rescue officials close at hand, and in touch with the people who may need assistance most.

Level 3's Q2 enterprise revenues jump to $984M, plots new EMEA, Latin America opportunities

Level 3's ongoing focus to become a larger factor in the enterprise service market continues to pay off in the second quarter as revenue from its enterprise Core Network Services (CNS) segment rose 11 percent to $984 million.

Dialogic SVP: How WebRTC could put an end to carriers' voice plans

Think about this for a moment: If your phone has an HTML5 browser, and that browser has WebRTC, then why do you need a phone number?

Cisco tries new collaboration, compliance tools for diverse work environments

How can the largest producer of collaboration appliances make collaboration work where appliances typically don't? Cisco engineers are tackling the problem before they're tackled by it.

New Rackspace partnership aims to make a better SharePoint than SharePoint

As every mobile operator knows, when an app becomes available to a customer up front, its adoption soars dramatically. Now AvePoint has captured prime real estate with Rackspace without being acquired by it.