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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Women innovators need more men to become feminists

I've spotlighted this topic here in  FierceEnterpriseCommunications  in the past, and there are some who will ask me if I think I've overdoing this topic. No, I'm not. 

Businesses ask, must everybody be a software company?

The real-world goals of marketing professionals don't really include transforming their employers into model customers for software vendors. So how can those vendors meet them halfway?

Ovum's Gerry Brown: Digital marketing is not enough

One of the world's most prolific analysts in the business space talks candidly about his observations of the continuing disconnect between digital marketing and practical marketing.

Could Twitter redefine 'relevance?' A talk with Salesforce's Kyle Lacy

If the Twitter platform is being leveraged by marketing service providers to determine what's interesting and relevant to people, then won't Twitter's own determinations ruin their predictions?

Salesforce connects ExactTarget's CRM platform to mobile apps

ExactTarget's existing flowcharting system for designing customer interactions--originally created for managing e-mail campaigns--was extended this week to both manage and create mobile apps.

Spotlight: New branch of data science industry appears all for naught

So here's my question: If a multi-billion dollar industry has sprung up overnight around the collection of data about the habits, interests, appetites, preferences and wardrobe of elementary school kids based on where they sign in with their digital IDs, then how come education isn't improving?

CenturyLink extends Canadian reach by opening second Toronto-area data center

CenturyLink is giving its growing Canadian customer base more options for colocation and cloud services by opening its second data center in the greater Toronto area.

Spotlight: No, the folks in Ferguson weren't protesting for net neutrality

 If we let Google News or Facebook act as our single source for how all information is filtered, we're in danger of losing our perspective.

Social media is tearing us apart, says Pew Research

A chilling report on the effects of social media on everyday society reveals that Americans are less willing to be open in public about controversial viewpoints when they are members of Facebook or Twitter.

Spotlight: At last, a rational explanation for why so many social network people are fake

I would have skipped this video after having skimmed through the title alone-"Facebook Fraud"--which on the surface appears to be blatant click-bait. But hear me out on this one.