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Latest Headlines

Treat end users as colleagues, not customers, says SolarWinds head geek

It's common to hear that IT departments in general should treat end users within the business as customers, but according to Leon Adato, network management head geek at SolarWinds, there's a fundamental flaw to that way of thinking. Instead, Adato recommends treating end users as colleagues for a healthier relationship between business users and the techs.

Spotlight: Demand for UC grows thanks to flexible working and M&A

Unified communications and collaboration is starting to grow.

Lifesize adds group chat to cloud videoconferencing service

Lifesize has updated its cloud videoconferencing service with group chat capabilities to further drive its software as a service offering into the enterprise.

Cisco asks developers to help beef up Spark collaboration capabilities

Cisco is looking for third parties to add to its Spark collaboration tool's capabilities. The vendor just invested $150 million in Cisco Spark for Developers to provide greater support to developers and also initiate some joint development projects around the cloud-based collaboration offering.

Spotlight: Collaboration technology improves productivity, but many business benefits elude organizations

Collaboration technology hype has been in high gear for more than a decade, but it seems to have failed many customers in improving their ability to compete.

SpotCues app brings location-based context to social networking

There's a new contextualized and location-based social network available for businesses to interact with end users and mobile customers. SpotCues launched this morning as a social network that uses Wi-Fi or geofencing to create location-based social networks.

Vidyo aims to dive deeper into enterprise with updates to video collaboration service

Vidyo has updated its VidyoWorks service to provide customers with greater performance and security. VidyoWorks, which provides infrastructure and software for video routing, management tools, interoperability, security compliance and both recording and webcasting, received a significant boost in performance. According to the vendor, VidyoPortal and VidyoGateway now require up to 50 percent less in machine CPU requirements to get the same performance.

Bolste aims to be the next generation of team communication and collaboration software

Bolste is aiming to provide the next generation of team collaboration tools; and although the company doesn't directly compare itself to Slack, that's the market it's going after. Bolste officially launched this morning after spending months in beta.

Spotlight: Google is apparently working on an AI-driven messaging app

Rumors indicate Google is working a messaging application that will use AI to essentially create a chatbot within the app.

Kubi telepresence robot gives users new perspectives

Revolve Robotics's Kubi telepresence robots allows users to remotely change the camera angle in a video call. That functionality has found uses in a number of different use cases, but videoconferencing in the enterprise might not be one of them.