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Latest Headlines

John Chambers: Cisco wants 40% market share for future WebEx

Reassuring members of the Cisco faithful last week that his company's in the collaboration business as something more than a hobby, the CEO outlined his goals for ending remote conferencing as we know it.

One more cross-platform collaborations solution provider: BlackBerry

Just a few years ago, BlackBerry Messenger was one of the most populated chat systems on the planet due to so many people owning BlackBerry phones. Now BB needs a collaboration service just to bring people back.

IBM's next bid to conquer email: Same song, new Verse

In the 1990s, Lotus was for a time the undisputed champion of corporate e-mail and scheduling. It's too late for IBM to resurrect Notes at this point, but maybe the time is right for a new composition.

The usual suspects return: IBM helps form another cloud coalition

Wouldn't it be nice if the skilled professionals who comprise the hosted online service industry were to coalesce behind sharing their skills?  Sure, but does such a coalition really need--or want--an enemy?

Where's the value-add? Xerox responds on Digital Alternatives

The company's chief evangelist for reducing the consumption of the same resources that "Xerox machines" once ate for lunch, defends the document management system as a behavior-changing tool.

Xerox declares the end of paper (again)

The electronic document company's latest system for acquiring and sharing documents depends on users' willingness to convert them all by means of a printer driver. How well has that worked before?

Spotlight: One big data raison d'être goes up in flames thanks to IBM

Yes, yes, Pam, I'm sorry. I know this Spotlight appears to be aimed squarely at your territory. (Folks, do be sure to read Pam Baker's  FierceBigData, it's well worth your time.) 

College study reveals evidence of e-retailers 'personalizing' price

Some good, old-fashioned applied mathematics confirms what many online shoppers have always suspected: that their browsers may be doing the bartering for them, and not very well.

Sustainable IT and security markets need clearer signals, says Bruce Schneier

It goes against human nature to take a small risk in order to avoid the losses from a larger one. And that, says the world's leading security expert, leaves us unprepared for the worst.

Twitter courts mobile app developers with something like a platform

The commentary service could have simply said, please, please embed us in your apps, and here's an SDK, but don't violate our rules. Instead, Twitter went and did somethin' more clever-like.