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Latest Headlines

No, Vidyo's inclusion in devices is not 'Internet of Things video'

Suppose something could see you and talk to you over the Internet? Then suppose that something had a person on the other end instead of a thing. It wouldn't be an "Internet of Things", would it?

Dialogic: What contact centers cannot do with WebRTC by itself

A conferencing server can manage multiple pairs of two-way calls over the Web, but in a conversation with Dialogic, we learn that a standard for bridging existing calls doesn't really exist yet.

Oracle acquires live-assist technology it thought it already had

The best live customer service for Web users utilizes remote access technology, one prominent example of which Oracle now owns.

Survey: Consumers prefer calling for support, but would consider Facebook

The Web plays a backseat role in the ideal customer support experience, according to a survey from a customer support service provider that uses the Web itself.

Alcatel-Lucent leverages customer analytics engine for operational support systems

An analytics system makes good sense for use in a customer support environment. On the other hand, it could make really great sense for use in a network management system.

New PureCloud contact center SaaS lets customers choose their agents

A multi-tenant contact center service provider tries an unusual approach: rolling out a hybrid cloud-based alternative at the same time it continues to support its VM-based deployments.

Verizon: Our customers aren't investing for growth

Verizon Communications' enterprise business continued to face an uphill battle in Q1 2014 as it looked to balance legacy service declines and delays in customer spending.

Frontier Communications tries a nationwide VoIP approach with Mitel

The rural broadband carrier becomes the latest to offer Mitel's MiCloud components and AnyWare service, but this time outside Frontier's comfort zone.

Snow days: Overcoming business disruption with Unified Communication

The weather outside truly has been frightful. No problem, right--today's enterprise has rich communication and collaboration options, from IM to file sync. That may be true, according to Stephen Leaden, but unified communications is a viable business continuity solution only if you've put some forethought into it.

Will WebRTC raise contact center costs?

Cost savings via WebRTC is not the no-brainer that "web browser" might suggest.