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Latest Headlines

Frontier Communications tries a nationwide VoIP approach with Mitel

The rural broadband carrier becomes the latest to offer Mitel's MiCloud components and AnyWare service, but this time outside Frontier's comfort zone.

Snow days: Overcoming business disruption with Unified Communication

The weather outside truly has been frightful. No problem, right--today's enterprise has rich communication and collaboration options, from IM to file sync. That may be true, according to Stephen Leaden, but unified communications is a viable business continuity solution only if you've put some forethought into it.

Will WebRTC raise contact center costs?

Cost savings via WebRTC is not the no-brainer that "web browser" might suggest.

Don't let your old 800 number turn into an 'adult' chat line

Instead of letting such a fate befall you, here are several recommendations for putting old toll-free numbers to new use.

Evaluating UC and IT products: Dismissal is lazy

UC and IT being awash in product launches and product hype, these dismissal strategies are useful initial filters to help the inundated buyer. However, if dismissal is too entrenched, the buyer will miss opportunities for genuine improvement.

Enterprise communications: In the cloud or on-premise?

Deploying enterprise communications in the cloud makes sense in many regards. However, as Robert Lee Harris points out, "nothing is as unforgiving to a slow network connection as real-time voice and video services." So service levels are of paramount importance, and in some instances the cloud is not the right solution.

Building--and supporting--the next generation 'customer interaction center'

Yes, customers increasingly expect a plethora of options for connecting to customer support. But while plenty of applicable technologies are swirling around in the Unified Communications pot, Art Rosenberg points out that there's more to customer interaction than just adding channels.

Unified Comms in 2013: The year of living boringly?

For all the noise and product announcements and putative advances in technology, analyst Dave Michels says the year 2013 in Unified Communications was characterized by very little real progress.

Cloud solutions, WebRTC to accelerate videoconferencing in 2014

Two tech trends are making videoconferencing more realistic for a broader set of businesses. Videoconferencing is of course an issue of corporate culture too, not just technology. 

What's a next-gen contact center look like?

What does the next-generation contact center look like? Stephen Leaden paints an ambitious picture on  UC Strategies.