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Latest Headlines

XO takes to the cloud for new contact center offering

XO Communications launched a new cloud-based contact center service designed to route incoming calls to the most qualified agents so customer needs can be addressed in the fastest way possible.

Teo helps enterprises analyze call detail recordings with analytics tool

Communications vendor Teo Technologies is hoping to provide a one-stop shop for unified communications and analytics. The company introduced Teo Analytics this week to pair analytics with its...

Discipline is key to efficient network management, says SolarWinds head geek

With so many things going on and many frequent fires to put out to keep the lights on and the network operational, it can be a struggle to maintain some semblance of discipline in the job of a network engineer or administrator. Adato said it's vital to keep the network (and networking department) operating successfully though.

Spotlight: Nearly half surveyed say SDN may be too immature to be secure

If you give a group of C-suite executives a list of bad things to choose from and tell them to arrange them in order of bad-to-worse, like a tally of "Brady Bunch" episodes, does the one...

IP phones may get productivity boost with Asterisk 13 upgrade

Close to one-fifth of the world's VoIP software for PCs and unified communications platforms is built on an open source platform that, on Friday, plans to alleviate at least one cause of headaches.

BMC applies natural language, predictive analytics to Remedy service desk

If your organization plans to spend months whiteboarding the response patterns for support desk agents responding to customer incidents, be advised, you might want to rethink your plans.

ExactTarget's Jeff Rohrs: No audience can be owned

Marketing experts tell stories about how every company can reach their customers better by becoming content publishers.  But where would such a transformation leave content publishers?

Businesses ask, must everybody be a software company?

The real-world goals of marketing professionals don't really include transforming their employers into model customers for software vendors. So how can those vendors meet them halfway?

Spotlight: No, CRM is most certainly not dead

One of the sad realities of the business I'm in is that we too often succumb to the temptation to tilt our headlines toward the extremes. As a result, quite a few technologies have been declared dead--for example, The Cloud (2007- 2010), content management systems (1994- 2010) and passwords (1000 B.C.- 2014).

Marc Benioff, force of nature, heralds dawn of mobile marketing

The chief of Salesforce, which is the parent of ExactTarget, would probably command the stage if he stood there for longer than two minutes. As it is, he can certainly command an audience.