Mobile Device Management (MDM) and BYOD

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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Spiceworks Network Monitor update now includes IoT

Spiceworks added the ability to monitor and manage Internet of Things devices to its Spiceworks Network Monitor. 

Spotlight: Strapped data centers force merging of networks

As the number of mobile and Internet of Things devices connecting to individual networks and across the Internet continues to grow at an accelerated pace, there's another trend happening within the overall networking services industry.

CounterPath updates desktop, mobile UC apps

A unified communications deployment that doesn't take mobile into account isn't all that useful in the era of the always-on road warrior. With that in mind, CounterPath is rolling out a new version of both its desktop and mobile unified communications messaging application.

What's new in OpenDaylight's most recent Lithium release

As we noted last week, the third release of OpenDaylight, the open source software-defined networking (SDN) project, apparently came together in a methodical and drama-free approach – something not always typical of a fairly new open source project. Dubbed Lithium, the latest version of OpenDaylight (now available for download) is a significant update, providing several new and updated features.

Greatest network pain point: The home network

It's hard enough keeping the LAN and WAN functioning properly and providing end-users with the services they need to do their jobs. It's getting worse, though.

Don't let slowest 'car' lead the way in 802.11ac

Even with the launch of the latest 802.11 wireless networking standard, Wi-Fi has a performance issue. The slowest device on an access point kills the fun for everyone else, bringing throughput down and impacting efficiency. But there are ways to combat the problem, even without waiting for 802.11ac Wave 2.

Reduce the pain in 802.11ac upgrade

Upgrading wireless networks to 802.11ac--and then on to Wave 2 later this year--can be a tricky task even in the best situations. Enterprises are still moving to the latest wireless standard, but with a rapidly increasing number of devices supporting it and the overall benefit of faster transfer speeds, it's a justifiable network upgrade project.

Spotlight: Cloud, BYOD, IoT, big data, social media driving UC

The unified communications market has been growing steadily for some time now, but according to Frost & Sullivan, new technologies and trends are going to have an even greater impact on unified communications.

Be wary of UC app security risks

Unified communications has shifted into the cloud and onto mobile devices in a big way, but some of those applications--which may or may not be officially part of the enterprise's UC strategy--are creating cause for concern.

Spotlight: The antithesis to the 'Shadow IT' argument

You may have read someplace that "shadow IT" is a significant threat to the enterprise--the notion that the latest wave of software presented as services is taking power away from on-premise IT departments.