Mobile Device Management (MDM) and BYOD

Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Dropbox plays catch-up with Box for business, collaboration forthcoming

Its first genuine appeal to businesses to please, please let it join the party, is accompanied by a renewed appeal to consumers.

Ping Identity acquires multi-factor authentication patent holder

In a deal announced Friday afternoon, the creator of a lucrative method for using mobile devices as authenticators is absorbed into a prominent identity provider.

Spotlight: 88% of healthcare orgs permit BYOD

The latest Ponemon benchmark study is reviewed by a legal expert, and his findings look like an accident in the operating room.

Enterprise service architecture for mobile era

Do we really need a distinct branch of Enterprise Architecture to address mobile computing needs?

OpenFlow embracing wireless, mobile

Open-source Software-Defined Networking program OpenFlow is putting more muscle into the integration and support of wireless and mobile technologies.

Spotlight: VMware puts its money where mobility is

VMware's $1B-plus purchase of AirWatch gives the virtualization company a big step forward in mobile computing, according to industry watchers.

Marissa Mayer says mobile is remaking Yahoo

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says mobile computing may remake her company completely.

Industry Roundup: IBM gobbles up Fiberlink; Juniper, OpenDaylight get new leadership

Quick news roundup for Thursday, 11/14 including: IBM's plans to buy out Fiberlink, Juniper's new CEO with experience in the CIO world and the Executive Director announcement for the opensource collaboration The OpenDaylight Project.

Spotlight: Native apps or mobile web? Not a simple choice

Just make an app! What could be simpler?! Well, maybe a responsive web design could be simpler.

Spotlight: 10 Commandments of BYOD

Nobody ever said managing a BYOD program was easy, but the good folks at MaaS360 have offered up a bit of advice aimed at helping you at least put the right steps in place.