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Latest Headlines

High speed network efforts bypassing the Linux kernel for better performance

Organizations have started to bypass the Linux kernel as they seek to push the limits of high-performance networking to cope with the increasing demands of the cloud and streaming high-resolution 4K video. The BBC and CloudFlare have both recently shown how they do this. 

Latest Windows 10 Insider build comes with more forgiving activation

The latest Windows 10 build now allows you to use your Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 activation key to get the free upgrade offer.

Reevaluating Macs in the enterprise

Do Macs ever have a place in the enterprise? We take another look at some traditional roadblocks to Mac computers on the corporate network. 

With an eye on the enterprise, Google invests in Symphony

Symphony, the chat and social sharing service for business users, announced that a group of companies including Google have invested $100 million in the business. Google's participation in the investment is curious given that it has its own chat and communications offerings, in Hangouts.

QLogic expands Gen 5 and Gen 6 Fibre Channel product lines

QLogic is expanding its portfolio of storage connectivity products with the launch of the Enhanced Gen 5 Fibre Channel Adapter line and the Gen 6 Fibre Channel Ready product.

Southwest Airlines's systems suffer outage, and the network may be to blame

Travellers across the nation are suffering from a technology failure that has taken down Southwest Airlines' systems. Although the cause is not yet confirmed, the speculation that the network is the failing technology has already begun.

Juniper may be considering becoming private company again

The rumor mill is running again. This time, it has to do with Juniper Networks and hearsay that the networking vendor has hired Goldman Sachs to take the company private.

Wi-Fi alternative Li-Fi could solve radio spectrum problems

In search of a replacement for Wi-Fi, many researchers and vendors are turning to light-based networking systems. Earlier this year, Oxford University unveiled its own light-based wireless technology, dubbed "Li-Fi" at the time.

Cisco WebVPN vulnerable to JavaScript implant attack

Security research firm Volexity indicated in a blog last week that Cisco's Clientless SSL VPN (Web VPN) is vulnerable to JavaScript implant techniques that could enable malicious individuals to get access to internal corporate resources.

Microsoft still working on fix for Office for Mac 2016 crashing on OS X El Capitan

Microsoft says it has isolated the issue, and is working on Apple on a fix for a problem that causes Office for Mac 2016 running on the just-released version of OS X to crash.