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How to prevent wearable devices from ruining your information security

Google Glass has been described as both a work of art and a security nightmare. But it's not the only revolutionary piece of wearable tech raising eyebrows, writes Jenna Puckett.

Spotlight: Terabits, or This is what happens when you regulate network traffic

I still believe that supercomputing benefits the world by encouraging engineers to pursue new definitions of excellence in entirely new ways. As I've mentioned before, faster supercomputing is made slightly faster with incremental improvements to processors, but it's made exponentially faster through improvements to interconnections and networking.

Why some organizations are replacing their stock PHP interpreters with Facebook's speedier version

WordPress hosting site WP Engine has discovered that the HipHip Virtual Machine executes PHP commands some 5.6 times faster than a standard PHP interpreter. And Box says it saw the average request latency dropped by a factor of three when it switched to HHVM.

The clock runs out for Aereo, though the debate may linger on

If Aereo isn't around to fight the battle of independent providers of access to content, then will legislators even bother to patch the holes in the law that made Aereo possible?

Reports: Euro Parliament to consider call for search engine 'unbundling'

A genuine movement may be under way in the EU government to define a new kind of "net neutrality" as a system where no single provider of Internet service can leverage its popularity for mere financial gain.

Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby reflects on the top tech trends for 2014 and 2015

FierceCIO recently spoke with Cisco CIO Rebecca Jacoby for her take on the top trends in IT for 2014, and what she expects will dominate her thoughts in 2015.

Microsoft explains 11-hour Azure outage as critics find fault with its communications strategy

According to Microsoft, the 11-hour Azure outage earlier this week is caused by a bad performance update to its storage services.

CIOs losing patience with time and cost to develop mobile apps

Has the romance gone out of mobile applications development already? That might seem to be the case, as a new study reveals that the time and money required to build mobile apps are preventing companies from seeing immediate benefits.

Broadband industry groups warn Title II may be unreasonable, unfeasible

The Title II debate was beginning to look black-and-white, with major service providers wearing the black hats. Now several PR offensives could result in a new switching of the hats.

Google adds autoscaling capability to Compute Engine

Google has added a new autoscaling feature for its Compute Engine platform.