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Latest Headlines

Harden your network's security against these threats in 2015

The good news about network security is there are always new processes, products and updates to fight the constant battle against malicious nogoodniks. The bad news? Those malevolent rascals tend to always pull more aces out of their sleeves.

A10, Cisco partner for dynamic application networking services

A10's Thunder ADC has been fully integrated with Cisco ACI, offering enterprises a new option for automatic provisioning of application delivery and security services. A10 says it's a lower cost alternative to other ADC offerings.

Brocade hopes to spur SDN market with free Vyatta controller offer

Brocade is now offering its Vyatta controller and will let you use it for free for a year so you can gain some experience with SDN. 

Cisco to offer switches to support faster Wi-Fi without requiring new cabling

Cisco plans to roll out in the second quarter new LAN switches that will serve as a stopgap for businesses that want to roll out faster WLANs but don't want to update their cabling just yet.

New open source project to add virtual networking to Open vSwitch

Some of the developers of Open vSwitch are now working on a new project, called Open Virtual Network, to add virtual networking for OVS users.

Spotlight: Big funding for SDN startup

Pluribus, an SDN startup, just scored another $50 million in funding, this time from Temesak, an investment firm based in Singapore.

WhatsApp comes to the desktop via a Web browser

WhatsApp has announced a Web version of its popular messaging app on the Chrome Web browser.

Less than 6 months left to retirement of Windows Server 2003

Companies are facing the heat with less than six months until the retirement of the highly successful Windows Server 2003.

Release of Xen 4.5 offers improvements to both Intel and ARM

The release of Xen 4.5 brings various improvements that among others, allow it to run faster on Intel hardware and support more memory on ARM.

Marriott eases off plan to block Wi-Fi on its properties

Marriott has softened its stance on the use of personal Wi-Fi hotspots on its premises this week.