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Latest Headlines

In the NFV era, Cisco bolsters its physical firewall to stay competitive

There have been software firewalls for years, and a growing number of software-based firewall appliances for NFV.  The latter threatens Cisco, and this week the network giant has responded.

Cisco aims to differentiate OpenStack with its Metacloud buy

Metacloud makes a distinguished distribution of OpenStack: one with a hosting model and a service policy attached. If Cisco runs it, it won't be a little side project any more.

New intelligence tool from Dyn projects 'shape' of the net in real-time

There may not be a direct method for gauging quality of service through the Internet. But another company seeking the next best thing has created a convincing graphical weather report.

Brocade acquires alternative to deep packet inspection for MNOs

Up until now, Brocade's NFV components had been marketed as a means for accomplishing DPI with x86 servers. Now the NFV pioneer has acquired a technology that could succeed DPI.

Nokia, the cloud service provider, now offers OSS-as-a-service

The former Nokia Siemens Networks now joins the ranks of Alcatel-Lucent in offering network management systems to customers whose networks may not all be on-premise.

SDN vendors: Carriers can't upgrade their hardware all at once

A recent webinar hosted by one of the software-defined networking industry's premier analyst firms reached the conclusion that too much disruption may not be a good thing. Sorry, Intel.

Nancy Pelosi to FCC: Take a hint from Supremes, make broadband Title II

The House Minority Leader makes official the Democratic leadership's support of a very controversial move to regulate the Internet with the same language used to regulate long distance service.

Less need for broadband regulation with more competitors, says FCC's Wheeler

"It was the absence of competition that historically forced the imposition of strict government regulation in telecommunications," said a man whose industry is responsible for some monopolies.

New 40GbE 'Fortville' can load-balance network traffic across CPU cores

It's been said a multicore processor doesn't act like multiple processors when it's processing a multitude of mundane tasks. That's not so any more, if the network adapter knows what to look for.

Comms-specific Xeon CPUs to power purpose-built servers for SDN, NFV

As HP, Dell and Cisco already heralded with blasting trumpets, the first x86 servers with custom-built functionality for communications are on their way. Here's how they'll be unique.