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Latest Headlines

Lenovo's Surface knockoff among new Windows 10 machines to come

With the shift to Windows 10, there's not a ton of huge innovation in laptops, at least judging from the scores of new machines unveiled at IFA this week. One laptop is getting some buzz – a Lenovo that's a Surface knock off. Otherwise, it's a surprise to see desktops getting some interesting treatment.

What Intel's Skylake processors mean for the enterprise

Laptops and desktops powered by the much-anticipated Skylake microprocessors are coming. We take a quick look at what it means for the enterprise.

Spotlight: Rumor has it top Cisco execs are still reporting to Chambers

I'll agree with Cisco's John Chambers that the insinuation is a little insulting to new CEO Chuck Robbins, but there are more questions popping up about who really is running Cisco. Is it Robbins or Chambers?

QLogic simplifies VMware-based virtualized data center infrastructure management

QLogic released a new tool at VMworld that provides greater visibility into VMware's vCenter Server and vSphere while also trying to simplify network management.

CloudRouter 2.0 now generally available for the enterprise

Although it's the 2.0 release, the latest version of the CloudRouter Project of the software-defined networking project is the first that's ready and intended for production use.

VMware to provide 'EMM style' device management solution for Windows 10

VMware announced today a preview for a set of tools designed to help enterprises manage their Windows 10 devices. The solution, called Project A 2, will employ strategies that IT could be more used to seeing on mobile devices.

Native hypervisor project for OpenBSD announced

The OpenBSD Foundation is backing a native hypervisor project kicked off by a developer. 

Linux 4.2 released with better performance, security

Linux 4.2 was released this week, offering better performance, security, plus support for Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation.

Spotlight: Egnyte and Microsoft 365 add integrations for file sharing

Egnyte announced today that users will be able to open files stored in its systems using any of the Microsoft Office 365 tools.

Nvidia announces newest version of virtualization offering

Nvidia revealed today plans for Grid 2.0, the newest version of its virtualization technology aimed at the enterprise.