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Latest Headlines

LibreOffice 5.1 now faster than ever, adds support for cloud

The Document Foundation on Wednesday took the wraps off LibreOffice 5.1, which comes with a variety of improvements and a performance bump.

Microsoft adds a new track to Windows 10 beta program

Microsoft has announced a new update track to its Windows 10 preview program that will be more conservative than the 'Fast' and 'Slow' tracks.

GitHub Enterprise update takes aim at the biggest dev shops out there

In the midst of reports of internal strife at Github, reportedly related to debates over whether the organization should cater to large businesses, the organization rolled out features targeted at its very biggest users.

Gmail to alert users to unsecured or unauthenticated email messages

Gmail will now alert users to unsecured or unauthenticated email messages as part of a bid to ratchet up the security of the popular email service.

Cisco beefs up Catalyst, ASR and Aironet lines to increase app performance, reliability

Three Cisco product lines received an infusion of new products. Cisco's Catalyst, ASR and Aironet lines were beefed up this week as part of the company's ongoing digital transformation initiatives. The updates aim to solve a problem network professionals are having with performance and reliability.

Spotlight: Spiceworks Network Monitor update now includes IoT

Spiceworks added the ability to monitor and manage Internet of Things devices to its Spiceworks Network Monitor. 

Zentera offers CoIP on CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace

Zentera has expanded its Cloud over IP product to the CenturyLink Cloud Marketplace, enabling organizations to get its session network product on CenturyLink Cloud. CoIP was designed to provide enterprise-grade security across cloud data center administration and uses without changing the underlying network infrastructure.

Cato takes security first approach to mid-market and small enterprise WAN

WAN vendor Cato Networks has already made headlines, but up until this week, the company was officially operating in stealth mode – but this is no longer true. Cato, which has promised to fix the middle mile problem of Internet-based WANs, has emerged from stealth with the launch of its first product, Cato Cloud.

Microsoft reportedly responds to mounting criticism over per-core licensing plan

Microsoft reportedly engaged in a back-and-forth online examination of its new Windows Server licensing rules, including disagreements on changes that some see as confusing and possibly exploitative.

Cisco recalls ruggedized switches that threaten to burn up data centers

A wiring issue that has been recognized as a potential fire hazard has resulted in a recall of Cisco IE 5000 industrial Ethernet switches.