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Latest Headlines

President Obama proposes consumer data privacy protections--but will they pass through Congress?

In a move that many big data practitioners have long feared, President Obama has proposed serious restrictions on consumer data use in order to protect consumer privacy. This is, of course, good news for consumers if the proposals actually become laws--but that's a mighty big "if."

Cisco CEO Chambers endorses Germany's 'Industry 4.0,' stops short of 'two Internets'

An endorsement of the German industrial re-innovation program may put Cisco on a controversial side of a new and troublesome issue: whether net neutrality proponents should be given their own Internet.

Congress attempts giant leap backward on data transparency

While polarizing bills on abortion, Obamacare and immigration got all the media headlines, one very important Congressional action dipped beneath the radar: an attempt to eliminate data transparency in financial reporting.  

FCC Chair: 'We are down to the short strokes' on net neutrality

An existing avenue in the law may be available for regulating Open Internet principles, said Tom Wheeler at CES on Wednesday, so long as you erase the word "wireless carrier" and insert "Internet service provider."

New Republican Congress gears to fight Obama on Title II

It's unlikely that any attacks by Republicans to the head of the President's effort to regulate net neutrality will score any hits. So what comes next may be a series of body blows.

Librarians tackle data privacy, data tracking and free expression issues with 3D printers

To protect their intellectual property, manufacturers of all types will be tracking data from 3D printers as part of the Internet of Things data deluge. Librarians are caught in the middle of protecting their patrons' right to free expression and protecting manufacturers' intellectual property rights plus their own safety.

SEC launches pilot program for investor analysis, public company financial statement data comparisons

The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, launched a pilot program last week designed to expedite investor analysis and comparisons of public company financial statement data. 

New FCC Open Internet regulations will be voted on in February

The next round of deliberations over how the FCC navigates the net neutrality maze begins in earnest during the last week of February, but when it ends remains uncertain.

Google sees benefits if Title II makes it a cable company

A letter sent by Google last week to the FCC spells out its argument that if Google became regulated like a cable company, mandates for equal access to utility poles would apply to Google, too.

Verizon: Peering agreements, net neutrality are separate issues

Perhaps the interconnection agreements between Internet service providers should always be private affairs.  But does this mean the FCC can only regulate the "last mile?"