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Latest Headlines

DoD, NASA among agencies not collecting demographic data of grant recipients

A new GAO study released this week found that half of the federal agencies reviewed fail to collect demographic data for federal research grant recipients to determine whether gender discrimination is a factor in grant distribution.

Tax Day data sheds light on accountants, taxpayers, legislators and lobbyist relationships

It's tax day! Yeah, I know, I don't like paying taxes either but here we are and those returns have to be filed. But once you've done that, you can look at the following data on the relationships between accountants, taxpayers, legislators, and lobbyists surrounding tax day. More data is always better right? We may not like what we find but at least we will know where we stand. 

Data Justice taking on big data as a broader economic issue

A new report (pdf) by Data Justice, a consumer group, is taking on big data as an economic justice issue, saying corporate use of big data is a driver of economic inequality. The report outlines steps the country can take to put individuals and corporations on equal footing with big data.

How data collectors get around HIPAA to get sensitive medical data

According to recent research, nearly every medical information website--from and to and university websites--is collecting and monetizing information based on searches about symptoms or diseases. 

FTC: Miami, Florida and Columbus, Georgia 'hotbeds' for identity theft

A recent FTC report says identity theft is the number one consumer complaint for the 15 th consecutive year. But there is more data in the FTC report than many headlines would suggest. One interesting thing is the ranking of identity theft hotbeds. 

SIM card manufacturer Gemalto hacked by American and British governments

American and British governments hacked the largest SIM card manufacturer, Gemalto, in order to steal encryption keys and spy on private mobile phone conversations and communications. The details of this hack were provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Campaign contributions tied to net neutrality and other issues

MapLight data shows ISP contributions to congressmen supporting a bill that would kneecap the FCC's efforts to ensure fair competition in broadband providers and to provide ubiquitous Internet access and speeds needed for the success of the Internet of Things.

FCC to address broadband gaps impeding Internet of Things

Next week, the FCC is expected to render a decision that could close the digital divide and assist the rise of the Internet of Things. But will Congress hogtie the FCC and pass a law that expressly prohibits throttling at the provider level but also protects throttling at the state level? Yes, they just might.

Spotlight: 'Magna Carta' for data

While most of the world is focused on improving data privacy for individuals there are forces arguing for the opposite in order to remove obstacles to progress. You'll find a scathing report in  The Register  on one such group who is promoting the idea of a Magna Carta for data.

Anthem is the poster child for massive consumer lawsuits after huge breach

While many industry watchers, myself included, have long sounded the warning on the dangers of taking data security too lightly, it appears that good advice is less effective than massive lawsuits in potentially rectifying the situation. Health insurance giant Anthem may end up the poster child in mega-lawsuits for data security negligence. Suits were filed in Alabama and California just one day after the breach.