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Latest Headlines

The clock runs out for Aereo, though the debate may linger on

If Aereo isn't around to fight the battle of independent providers of access to content, then will legislators even bother to patch the holes in the law that made Aereo possible?

Reports: Euro Parliament to consider call for search engine 'unbundling'

A genuine movement may be under way in the EU government to define a new kind of "net neutrality" as a system where no single provider of Internet service can leverage its popularity for mere financial gain.

California attempting to lead on data privacy rights--again

Voters overwhelmingly approved a California constitutional amendment aimed explicitly at granting the right to data privacy--in 1972. Now the state of California appears to be stepping up again to take on privacy more stringently even as legislators at the federal level cave to lobbyists. 

Broadband industry groups warn Title II may be unreasonable, unfeasible

The Title II debate was beginning to look black-and-white, with major service providers wearing the black hats. Now several PR offensives could result in a new switching of the hats.

Spotlight: What if government regulation truly does enable innovation?

When a  VentureBeat  correspondent found himself moving from Oakland, California to Toulouse, France, he moved so far "outside the box," to coin a phrase, that he realized Americans may actually have an innovation problem after all.

Rift forms between ISOC and WEF on Internet governance

Two organizations whose voices hold considerable sway on Internet governance issues--which appeared up until just last weekend to be speaking in harmony--now find themselves at odds.

Spotlight: Don't let big data become big trouble

The article in in  The Register-- titled "Make sure big data doesn't land you in big trouble,"--looks at several issues IT must resolve in using big data.

Data ownership question may shut that whole Internet of Things down

There's a problem with the Internet of Things. It's the question of who owns the data devices collect. The entire Internet of Things could be entirely derailed shortly if the official answer favors consumers, says Alex "Sandy" Pentland.

It's war: AT&T CEO to suspend broadband buildout, claims FCC's Wheeler for his side

If Randall Stephenson's comments are to be taken at face value, the FCC chairman actively worked to avoid a Title II scenario. But those negotiations fell apart after the mid-terms.

Spotlight: Net neutrality now a political football, outcome could affect cost of data transfers

No doubt you heard President Obama urged the FCC to protect net neutrality this week. But the conversation in the capitol has degraded according to an eWeek report. While the President does not have...