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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Nearly half surveyed say SDN may be too immature to be secure

If you give a group of C-suite executives a list of bad things to choose from and tell them to arrange them in order of bad-to-worse, like a tally of "Brady Bunch" episodes, does the one...

Congress defunds ICANN/IANA governance transition

Inspired by a belief that ICANN and IANA extend First Amendment protections to Internet users worldwide, representatives in Congress successfully thwart budget provisions for a transition plan.

FCC insists rural broadband come to par with urban at 10 Mbps

It may not be an official re-definition of "broadband" just yet, but the FCC's alteration of its Universal Service Fund order does give it double-digit download speeds. The question remains, will enough carriers sign up?

2015: Year of the Regulator

Just last week, Congress passed S. 1353, the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2014, and sent it to President Obama's desk for a signature. Oh wait! That one's voluntary. No biting teeth there. But Suni Munshani says next year is THE year we all get gobsmacked with a slew of regulations, and those will have teeth.

Post-marketing data analysis of pharmaceuticals discovers side effects not previously known

Big data is delivering many breakthroughs in medicine at a breathtaking pace. One of the latest examples is in post-marketing data analysis of prescription drugs. 

Spotlight: Advocacy group urges FTC to go to war with FCC on net neutrality

Since the principle of divided government has performed so well in recent years, why not try pitting one government regulatory agency against another in order to effectuate a stall of net neutrality?...

Uber knows a lot more than you want it to

What if more people than "journalists Uber loves to hate" are on Uber's watch list for potential blackmail-worthy dirt? People such as politicians, business executives, law enforcement officers, and judges? Even if Uber restrains itself, spies and potential blackmailers could possibly tap into Uber's data to blackmail people or worse. 

Spotlight: The Internet of Things and your insurance costs

I've said any number of times, in these pages and elsewhere, that we as a society are not ready for the convergence of all the  concepts  we are creating that culminate from these new technologies, into one arena of public discourse.

Germany's Merkel joins with Italy in proposing two Internets, one with QoS

Europe's "way out" of the net neutrality debacle appears to be to divide the Internet into a quality-of-service tier and a free-for-all tier. Now, the E.U.'s most provocative member is on board.

Data Transparency Coalition gathers CFOs to implement DATA Act

The Data Transparency Coalition (DTC) is a trade association pushing the U.S. federal government to publish information as standardized, machine-readable data. The DTC is holding a breakfast meeting this very morning in preparation of the DATA Act's implementation now that they are this bit surer of how the Act will materialize in practice.