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Latest Headlines

Masergy snaps up Global DataGuard, expands managed security capabilities

Masergy has purchased Global DataGuard, a move that will enhance its growing cloud services portfolio with additional managed security capabilities.

WhiteHat security: Testing beats built-in frameworks for remediation

At most security conferences you attend, you'll hear someone recommend one server-side language as being safer than another. Don't believe anything you hear.

OpenSSL finance chief: Funding unrealistic for mitigating the next Heartbleed

The man responsible for the security library's fundraising efforts states that the current funding mechanism "is nowhere near enough to properly sustain the manpower levels needed" to keep it going at its present pace.

Verizon enhances multi-cloud play with Secure Cloud Interconnect service

Verizon is tapping into the emerging bring your own cloud trend by allowing its Private IP service the opportunity to connect to multiple cloud services with its new Secure Cloud Interconnect, or SCI, service.

Spotlight: Can better browsers fill the session security gap?

One of the most experienced journalists in all of tech tests 7 examples to two approaches--old and new--to improving client-side security.

Security vulnerability with its own logo and marketing: Did 'Heartbleed' backfire?

First of all, what do you call the class of thing that Heartbleed is? Even local TV news websites have done a relatively good job the past few days in using the appropriate language to describe Heartbleed, usually by way of running the  Associated Press  story with little or no alterations.

FTC to Facebook: Stick to your promises after buying WhatsApp

If this is really an approval by the Federal Trade Commission of Facebook's pending acquisition of the messaging app maker, it did not come gift-wrapped.

Spotlight: If you're stuck with Windows XP, how do you tread water?

Journalist Andy Patrizio lists the remaining options for software support after Microsoft's long and drawn-out exit.

Sloppy coding blamed for worldwide SSL 'Heartbleed' vulnerability

The temptation to bypass the standard C language library for memory handling functions may have caused the bounds check bug that plagues secure Web sites this week, according to experts.

Spotlight: The continued evolution of spam

Spam finds a way to survive, like "life" in Jurassic Park, but surprisingly the tools for diagnosing it may be smarter now.