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Latest Headlines

Security a major reason for SDN adoption

Network efficiency, agility and flexibility may not be the only benefits enterprises are looking to get out of software-defined networking (SDN). "Security" is also on the tips of the tongues of enterprise networking professionals.

Oversaturated networks driving need for 100Gbps firewalls

The increase in bandwidth usage because of growing consumption of applications and content is pushing networks to becoming oversaturated, and according to Fortinet, that's driving the need for more than 10GbE connectivity. Instead, Fortinet noted a growing requirement for 100GbE--and with that, the need for firewalls capable of handling such capacity.

Cisco to patch eavesdropping vulnerability on two IP phones

An exploit that could allow an attacker to listen in on VoIP calls made on Cisco SPA3000 and SPA5000 IP phones will be patched after Cisco initially opted not to patch the security flaw, according to a report from  iTnews.

Remote workers: Got trust issues?

There's a trust issue when it comes to remote workers. Since they're not within the four walls of the enterprise--or at a branch under control of the IT department--there's a tenuous connection between the centralized IT systems and that worker.

2 critical security flaws affect several thousand WordPress websites

WordPress users should be aware of two critical issues affecting several thousand websites across the Internet.

Shields up! How to defend against common Wi-Fi attacks

Too many organizations have become the target of malicious nogoodniks. There are some highly sophisticated attacks that all types of businesses have to protect themselves against. But in some cases, the attacks on Wi-Fi networks aren't all that sophisticated.

WAN gearing up for extreme makeover

The wide area network, or WAN, is attracting more attention from established vendors and startups--a trend that will no doubt make the WAN more strategic and start to create change that may be overdue.

Be wary of UC app security risks

Unified communications has shifted into the cloud and onto mobile devices in a big way, but some of those applications--which may or may not be officially part of the enterprise's UC strategy--are creating cause for concern.

Marriott underscores difficulty of WLAN management

Marriott International has certainly come out as the bad guy in the recent battle over its blocking of personal Wi-Fi hotspots, but have some sympathy for its misunderstood network administrators.

Harden your network's security against these threats in 2015

The good news about network security is there are always new processes, products and updates to fight the constant battle against malicious nogoodniks. The bad news? Those malevolent rascals tend to always pull more aces out of their sleeves.