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Latest Headlines

Dropbox receives good ISO 27001 grades from Ernst & Young

The safety of the service most often cited as the culprit behind "shadow IT" is looking better after one of the world's best-known accounting firms clears it for international certification.

College study reveals evidence of e-retailers 'personalizing' price

Some good, old-fashioned applied mathematics confirms what many online shoppers have always suspected: that their browsers may be doing the bartering for them, and not very well.

Sustainable IT and security markets need clearer signals, says Bruce Schneier

It goes against human nature to take a small risk in order to avoid the losses from a larger one. And that, says the world's leading security expert, leaves us unprepared for the worst.

Marcus Ranum: 'We've failed at building system administration'

A security conference is generally where you'd expect the keynote speaker to present something called a "solution." At this one, one of the most recognized names in the field was left wanting one.

Spotlight: What the Ebola crisis can teach you about workflow management

"Workflow" sounds better than "itinerary," and that poetic lilt is important when trying to get your workforce on board with a tactical improvement program.

Security in the cloud era, such as it is

It was a small security conference, but I'll take it.  It gives me time to listen to people in their everyday work whose business is suffering from a lack of healthy communication.

Where's your latest network exploit? Check behind the coffee machine

The tech press often waxes poetic about the latest clever, automated, exploit "bot." But a veteran security engineer uses the oldest tricks in the book to prove you don't need bots to take down a network.

Bruce Schneier: NSA would rather eavesdrop than negotiate for bulk data

Already, people are happy to give away elements of their personal data to private industries for marketing purposes. Why does the U.S. Government bother with eavesdropping for the same data?

Dropbox's defense against password leak raises more questions than answers

Bloggers acting on public information do have a tendency to get the facts wrong. But Dropbox's effort to correct them, spearheaded by someone other than its PR team, pointed to some uglier facts.

Spotlight: What to consider before an EMM purchase

Larry Dignan,  ZDNet' s Editor-In-Chief, says enterprise mobility management is a thick soup of components that range from security to document management.