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Latest Headlines

HyTrust brings automated security to VMware NSX

Cloud security automation company HyTrust released a new version of its CloudControl product at VMworld. With the release of version 4.5, HyTrust added new capabilities that tie into VMware's NSX software-defined networking product.

Outdated security protocols, firmware are putting enterprises at risk

It may seem like a no-brainer, but when it comes to network security, one of the biggest risks is the fact many outdated security protocols and technologies are still being used.

Standardize your network infrastructure for greater security

Maintaining network security in a changing environment, particularly as enterprises begin to shift from the old method of designing networks to including software-defined networking technology, is bringing about new challenges.

Routers are weak link in home network security technology

Smarter people than I have said that in the cybersecurity war, we've already lost; but it doesn't help that some of the technology that should be helping to keep networks secure simply aren't designed for security.

Security top-of-mind for Cisco's Robbins as he hosts Q4 earnings call

New Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins hosted the company's fourth quarter and end-of-year earnings call, closing out the last quarter in which former CEO John Chambers led the networking vendor. And for the new CEO, he's stepping into is a company that's on solid financial ground.

Robbins era of Cisco leading to more focused operations

Chuck Robbins is only into his second week as new CEO of Cisco Systems, but ever since his appointment (and John Chambers' retirement) was announced in May, Cisco has been shedding superfluous businesses and streamlining its operations at the top.

HP offers threat intelligence insight with new TippingPoint security product

With the growing threat of cyberattacks, most of the major networking vendors are looking for ways to help enterprises protect their networks and their assets. The latest announcement on that front comes from HP, which released the TippingPoint Threat Protection System.

Less than half of enterprises have constant IDS/IPS monitoring

Intrusion detection and intrusion prevention systems – or IDS/IPS – have been around for a lot of years, but it appears a slim majority of enterprises don't have 24/7 monitoring in place for detecting and then blocking intrusions.

Continuant adds network monitoring and reporting service for compliance

Hosted unified communications provider Continuant is looking to increase network monitoring of UC products and services, particularly for enterprises that must adhere to regulatory compliance regulations.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi feature raises security concerns

A feature that will be part of the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Windows 10 is sending up red flags among security professionals. The Wi-Fi Sense feature, which was designed to make it easier to connect to local wireless networks by sharing secure connections with friends, could make it easier for anyone to connect to home networks, whether the network owners want them to or not.