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Latest Headlines

There's a patch for Cisco TelePresence vulnerabilities

Enterprises with Cisco TelePresence units deployed may want to grab the latest security patches. Cisco released several patches to address vulnerabilities in a few of its telepresence products.

Cisco is not acquiring FireEye, but there are other potential targets for acquisition

Recent rumors indicated Cisco was making a play to purchase network threat prevention vendor FireEye, but those rumors were quashed not only by Cisco, but also by FireEye. Sources at the FireEye told Re/Code the company wouldn't even be up for sale until revenue hit $1 billion.

Design your networking, security environments in the cloud

Ravello has launched new Smart Labs for IT professionals to design both networking and security environments in a fenced environment on Amazon Web Services and Google Compute Engine.

SDN: The new type of firewall? Not so much

Here's an interesting idea: Scott Hogg of  Network World  put forth the idea that software-defined networking could possibly be used as a firewall, but in the end, his investigation into the concept found that SDN is missing some key criteria. But it also depends on the individual SDN solution.

Huawei, EdgeWave team up to combat cybersecurity threats

Huawei is building on its announcement from earlier this week at RSA Conference 2015 with the introduction of a new cybersecurity solution that uses its USG3600 Series Next General Firewall, as well as the EdgeWave EPIC Security Assurance Service.

Huawei tackles security sandboxing with FireHunter appliance

At the RSA Conference this morning, networking vendor Huawei took the wrapping off of its latest firewall and advanced persistent threat prevention solution.

Security a major reason for SDN adoption

Network efficiency, agility and flexibility may not be the only benefits enterprises are looking to get out of software-defined networking (SDN). "Security" is also on the tips of the tongues of enterprise networking professionals.

Oversaturated networks driving need for 100Gbps firewalls

The increase in bandwidth usage because of growing consumption of applications and content is pushing networks to becoming oversaturated, and according to Fortinet, that's driving the need for more than 10GbE connectivity. Instead, Fortinet noted a growing requirement for 100GbE--and with that, the need for firewalls capable of handling such capacity.

Cisco to patch eavesdropping vulnerability on two IP phones

An exploit that could allow an attacker to listen in on VoIP calls made on Cisco SPA3000 and SPA5000 IP phones will be patched after Cisco initially opted not to patch the security flaw, according to a report from  iTnews.

Remote workers: Got trust issues?

There's a trust issue when it comes to remote workers. Since they're not within the four walls of the enterprise--or at a branch under control of the IT department--there's a tenuous connection between the centralized IT systems and that worker.