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Latest Headlines

Soha: Third-party access causes security headaches for IT pros, but it's still not a priority

Enabling third-party access to network and application infrastructure and software isn't a priority for IT professionals even though it's a major source of enterprise data breaches, according to a new report from Soha Systems' new Soha Third-Party Advisory Group.

Infoblox survey: Follow industry best practices for best network security outcomes

A survey of 200 enterprises in the U.S. and Canada conducted by security vendor Infoblox found that organizations adhering to industry best practices had the best network security outcomes.

Spotlight: Most organizations not making use of network security data they have

Enterprises aren't lacking in information and alerts regarding network security, but most of them aren't taking advantage of that knowledge.

Juniper debuts containerized virtual firewall as part of SDSN framework

Juniper Networks unveiled two new series of cloud and virtual firewalls that the company designed to provide deeper security services for its enterprise customers.

Fortinet evolves network security with the launch of Security Fabric

New security technology from Fortinet aims to extend network security to remote and Internet of Things devices, as well as into the cloud.

Spotlight: Cisco patches DoS vulnerabilities in WLAN, ASA and SRTP

Denial of service vulnerabilities discovered in Cisco's WLAN Controller software, Adaptive Security Appliance and in the Secure Real-Time Library used in several of its products have been fixed.

ThreatTrack centralizes malware and intrusion analysis with ThreatSecure Network update

In the latest incremental release of its security product, ThreatTrack has beefed up its ability to aggregate sensor data from a variety of locations across a network and deepened the integration with its own ThreatAnalyzer technology.

Spotlight: No new backdoors found as Juniper continues code review

Since discovering unauthorized code in its networking equipment last year, Juniper Networks has been on the hunt for any other coding issues to ensure security of its gear. 

Vulnerability in residential modems could cut remote workers off from the internet

A vulnerability discovered in a particular residential modem could enable an attacker to disconnect a home from the internet until the user can contact their service provider and get a reset.

Cisco FirePower software gets update to lock down exploit bug

Cisco has dealt with a bug in its FirePower System Software that, according to a security advisory, "could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to bypass malware detection mechanisms on an affected system."