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Latest Headlines

Array integrates application delivery networking technology with Nutanix Xtreme

Array Networks' application delivery networking technology is now available for use on Nutanix's Xtreme Computing Platform. Array completed the validation on Nutanix's server, storage and virtualization convergence product.

Certes secures SD-WAN with new CryptoFlow products

One inhibitor to adoption of software-defined networking technologies is a concern about the security of the products at this point in their maturity. There are even greater concerns when it comes to software-defined WAN. Security vendor Certes is hoping to put some of those fears to rest.

Ocedo unveils cloud networking offering at AWS re:Invent

Software-defined networking vendor Ocedo launched a new cloud-based networking offering on Amazon Web Services at the public cloud provider's AWS re:Invent 2015 conference in Las Vegas.

Cisco ACI to support Layer 4-7 devices from non-partners

Cisco may not generally be a fan of open networking, even though it is a member of the OpenDaylight Project, but the company is at least interested in making its Application Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking architecture a little more open in its next release.

HP launches OpenSwitch community to boost open networking

HP's latest volley in the war of open versus proprietary networking technology brings together several of the company's supporters in the form of the OpenSwitch community.

SDN promises operational ease, cost reduction

If recent vendor claims are to be believed, software-defined networking is starting to take off in a big way in the enterprise. There are still years ahead of tweaking and improving those deployments, as well as security concerns to overcome. The reason is clear: SDN promises several benefits over the old way of designing networks.

Spotlight: Cisco says it has signed on 1,000 SDN customers

If Cisco Systems' claims of hitting the 1,000 customer market for its software-defined networking technology is true, then it may show a significant increase in enterprise adoption of the technology.

HP open networking now supports Pica8's PicOS

HP added support for Pica8's PicOS networking operating system to the Altoline family of open networking switches – something HP first started talking about a month ago, according to eWeek. But now, PicOS is supported across Altoline products.

Alcatel-Lucent targets small locations with 7750 SR-e service router

Alcatel-Lucent expanded its 7750 line of routers with the addition of the 7750 SR-e service router. Designed for branches that are part of a larger IP network or to be used as "full-service" router for small networks, the new router is intended for enterprises using high-bandwidth applications like cloud, the Internet of Things and video.

Aryaka hybrid WAN aims to solve latency and response time issues

There's plenty of talk about software-defined WAN and shifting some of the traffic off of traditional MPLS connections to the public Internet, but Aryaka Networks' founder and CTO believes the next generation WAN is a hybrid where only the last mile is actually using the public Internet.