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Spotlight: Nearly half surveyed say SDN may be too immature to be secure

If you give a group of C-suite executives a list of bad things to choose from and tell them to arrange them in order of bad-to-worse, like a tally of "Brady Bunch" episodes, does the one...

Yubico puts FIDO's second authentication factor in your pocket

The era of logging onto the Web using a real, physical key may have just begun. Of course, if things start to get cumbersome and that key is easily bypassed, it may have just ended.

Microsoft prepares more Windows 10 details for January 21

IT organizations aching for more data that could lead them to a decision about whether to abandon Windows as their company desktop may get a few morsels next month.

Linux leader: Dependency on a platform is good for the platform

Now that Linux in the enterprise can be described using the Latin phrase de facto, the proverbial shoe finds itself on the other foot. It may be too soon for any Linux vendor to adopt a Microsoft-style swagger.

Microsoft COO signals end of license-driven Windows

"We've got to monetize it differently," says the man responsible for implementing the business model that will define what it means to be a PC in the year 2015.

Dell, Wyse reassess the high cost of virtual desktops

If cost remains the key inhibitor to deploying virtual desktops on thin client devices, then could Dell's incorporation of Wyse into the entire company drive those costs down?  Or should I say, drive them down enough?

Spotlight: Insecurity-as-a-service

Recently, tech news stories are leaving out the obvious implications, and let's see whether you can guess which implication is being left out of today's Spotlight story before you reach the end of this paragraph.

Dell, Wyse double down on vWorkspace as VDI's '4th broker'

Would a virtual desktop make more sense to users if they could access it from any device? And by "any device," include a television set in the mix. A conquest that Dell just realized it made, could answer this question.

Top 10 issues in communications: Number 7, apps eat the Web

As more users move their everyday work and life functions from their PCs to their phones, the Web browser as we've come to know it plays a lesser role. That matters for the firms whose livelihoods depend on browsers.

Spotlight: On the 29th anniversary of Windows 1.0

There were any number of other names that Microsoft was supposed to have called the thing, but rumors ran the only mill there was in the technology press of 1985.