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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: SDN brings benefits, but challenges remain

Software-defined networking may be on the path to becoming the standard way of designing a network, but there are many hurdles to cross ahead.

Midokura adds OpenStack, Docker support to network virtualization solution

At OpenStack Summit, Midokura unveiled an update to its network virtualization solution designed for infrastructure-as-a-service clouds. The update adds support for both OpenStack Kilo and container-based environments, including Docker.

SDN, big data analytics may be perfect match

Software-defined networking and big data analytics may very well be a match made in heaven, according to Len Padilla, vice president of product strategy for NTT Europe.

Nuage wants to drive SDN adoption with new overlay network visibility tool

A new open tool from Nuage provides deeper visibility into both virtual, software-defined networks and the physical hardware they run on. That includes the routers, switches and other networking equipment.

Spotlight: Big Switch SDN-based cloud fabric gets big update

Big Switch Networks updated both its SDN-based Big Cloud Fabric for physical and virtual workloads in data centers and its Big Tap monitoring fabric.

When using standard networking approaches with Docker, scalability is a problem

As Docker continues to build out its capabilities, it's beginning to solve the problem of network scalability, thanks to the acquisition earlier this year of SocketPlane. But third parties are still designing their own solutions. One of those is Midokura.

SDN: The new type of firewall? Not so much

Here's an interesting idea: Scott Hogg of  Network World  put forth the idea that software-defined networking could possibly be used as a firewall, but in the end, his investigation into the concept found that SDN is missing some key criteria. But it also depends on the individual SDN solution.

Spotlight: Adopt SDN, but do it in bite-sized pieces

It's generally agreed upon by vendors that upgrading to a software-defined network is best done bit by bit rather than all at once. But how to begin the journey?

SDN: Viva la evolution!

Although the hype may at times indicate otherwise, the adoption of software defined networking is more of an evolution rather than a revolution.

Adoption of SDN, NFV in WAN is inevitable

It's still very early in the adoption phase, but the adoption of software-defined networking and network functions virtualization within the wide area network is inevitable. This is according to an article from  eWeek  about the recent WAN Summit 2015 in New York City.