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Latest Headlines

Sprint to resell Google Apps for Business, adding 24x7 support

Reviving a sales model that goes back to the 1980s, the reseller becomes the customer's point-of-presence for Google's SMB applications.

Open source ownCloud innovates unique collaboration scheme

It looks like an open source, on-premise implementation of Dropbox. Look closer, though, and you'll see a way to securely open up object stores on an OpenStack platform.

Verizon tests the 100 Gigabit Ethernet network waters during recent field trial

Separated by 4.6 miles of fiber from the customer edge, a select customer exchanged Ethernet traffic with the telco over a 100GigE connection.

Spotlight: Microsoft's passion play takes a (predictably) tragic turn

You know that Microsoft hasn't quite yet joined the world of you and me when the functions of running the business are orchestrated on the public stage like a symphonic masterwork.

RightScale adds more automation, self-service to its cloud of clouds

Now a company can give its employees the ability to provision themselves on the company's choice of cloud platforms, all within the mandates and guidelines set by IT in advance.

Salesforce, Oracle grapple for retailer cloud space

You knew something was up with Salesforce by the way Oracle snapped up a retail service provider from out of nowhere.

W3C: HTML5 is just about closer to taking the next step toward almost being done

It's something around which mobile app developers are already building business models, but the standards body in charge says these things take time to bake.

Spotlight: Actual journalism prevails: TweetDeck was just vulnerable to misuse, not hacking

In a medium devised specifically to amplify the power of knee-jerk reactions, a software deficiency got trumpeted way out of proportion.

Are APIs entitled to copyright protection? Legal experts debate

A development tools company hosts an online discussion that, in an unexpected twist of events, turned friendly at one point.

Actual mobile/desktop convergence: Sencha's Ext JS 5 weans the net from the Web

While the next generation of Sencha's HTML5 controls promise more beautiful tablet-style interaction, they also embrace a new style of writing programs that old HTML could never allow.