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Latest Headlines

Data center SDN pilots are on the rise

If Big Switch Networks is correct, then software-defined networking in the data center is about to cross the chasm from being sales driven to market driven.

VMware NSX use cases are few and far between

Pretty much every networking vendor is at least dabbling in software-defined networking at this point. That includes virtualization-focused VMware, which has been aiming to go head-to-head against Cisco in the next-generation networking space, but according to SolarWinds' Patrick Hubbard, there are several things holding NSX back from success.

Solve branch bandwidth issues with SD-WAN, says VeloCloud exec

With increasing WAN bandwidth needs to the branch and no sign of MPLS costs coming down, software-defined WAN vendors are positioning their products as the medicine for what's ailing the enterprise. And according to Mike Wood, vice president of marketing for VeloCloud, it's entirely a scaling issue.

Cisco extends ACI to VCE Vblock systems

Cisco has been touting much success with its Application Centric Infrastructure software-defined networking architecture, and now the company has struck a deal to put ACI on the VCE Vblock.

Red Hat bolsters Enterprise Linux networking and security capabilities

Red Hat rolled out a new version of its Enterprise Linux distribution with a focus on improving network performance and boosting security, particularly for verticals like government, finance and military.

Viptela: The era of SD-WAN is now here

As WAN traffic increases and changes, the attractiveness of MPLS technology is being overshadowed by the costs. Software-defined WAN vendors are looking to change the network and alleviate some of the pricing pressure enterprises are feeling as their branch office bandwidth requirements increase.

Talari launches SD-WAN subscription-based pricing model

Talari is hoping to attract additional enterprises by changing its software-defined WAN pricing model to a subscription-based one.

Cisco aims to converge data center and WAN with cloud-scale networking update

Cisco is making cloud-scale networking easier to achieve for its large enterprise and service provider customers. The company unveiled new software and developer tools designed for cloud-scale networking.

Alcatel-Lucent supports multiple open networking projects as it joins ONOS and OpenDaylight

Alcatel-Lucent is taking a greater interest in open networking. Barely a week after the company  officially joined  the OpenDaylight Project, it's now also making itself at home with the Open Networking Operating System project.

UberConference adds support for HipChat and Slack

Switch Communications is adding more collaboration and chat capabilities to its UberConference service with integrations with both HipChat and Slack.