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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Get smarter about software to make SDN and UC pairing a reality

As enterprises continue to explore the potential benefits of software-defined networking, one area that is piquing the interest of some is how SDN could improve unified communications.

Dell enables Jive to Yammer migration with new automation tool

A new social migration solution from Dell Software will help the company's customers move their Jive content over to Microsoft Yammer.

Avaya expands SDN, IoT strategies with new stackable switch line

Avaya is rounding out its software-defined networking and Internet of Things strategies a bit more with the release of new stackable switches.

Legacy enterprise WAN creating missed opportunities for businesses

Agile IT is a top-of-mind concern for businesses and IT organizations, but according to one analyst, the network--particularly the wide area network (WAN)--has fallen so far behind that it's actually causing some businesses to miss opportunities.

Making sense of the 3 approaches to SDN

Even as enterprises embrace software-defined networking, there's still some confusion about what SDN is--and, maybe even more importantly, what it is not.

IP Infusion drives down network complexities with Open Compute Project-based NOS

Software-defined networking vendor IP Infusion is the latest to release a networking operating system, or NOS, based on the Open Compute Project. IP Infusion's OcNOS isn't its first NOS, but the company typically focuses on serving the OEM market with its products instead of heading to the public with its announcements.

NetFortris targets mid-sized enterprise with WebRTC-based UC platform

NetFortris targets the mid-sized enterprise market with the release of a new unified communications solution. Today, the company launched its NetFortris UC-Ready Cloud Communications Platform, a UC platform based on WebRTC.

Pertino: Cloud removes much of networking complexity

Cloud-based software-defined networking simplifies the life of the networking administrator and puts more of the network design in the hands of the average end-user, according to Pertino.

How network admin, sysadmin skill sets are changing in cloud era

Network and system administrators are nothing if not resilient. Networking continues to change, and in an era of cloud, the skills required to design and build networks are shifting away from the traditional hardware-focused skill sets to software.

Don't just save money with SDN--make money

Software-defined networking isn't just about saving money; it's about using it to earn money, according to Ajay Malik, senior vice president of worldwide engineering and products at Meru Networks.