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Latest Headlines

Masergy virtualizes router, firewall with new NFV product

Masergy is hoping to attract enterprises with a new network functions virtualization product that virtualizes both routing and firewall functions. The new Virtual f(n) was designed to eliminate the need for on-site administration while also replacing traditional on-premises routing and firewall appliances.

OpenDaylight comes into its own with upcoming Lithium release

With the third release of OpenDaylight coming up, it appears that the project has come into its own relatively quickly. With new features and the hardening of existing features, Lithium represents a much more methodical and collaborative approach by its members and staff.

Spotlight: What's interesting in SDN?

There are many software-defined technologies being hyped, and the number of software-defined networking pilots and production projects is increasing. Network Computing provides a list of seven...

Arista pushes EOS to cloud with CloudVision SDN architecture

Arista expanded on its EOS network operating system by layering a new product on top of it to provide cloud-based software-defined networking to enterprises. Arista CloudVision is being touted as a turnkey cloud networking product, and it has has support from a variety of other vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, HP, Dell and Red Hat. simplifies networking for Linux containers unveiled a new element of the networking and storage products it's developing for Linux-based containers. Project 6 is software that enables deploying and managing Docker containers across a cluster of hosts; and part of its feature set is a simplified networking system.

Pica8 fires back at Cisco, calls ACI security 'primitive'

The battle between open source and proprietary software-defined networking continues; and of course, Cisco is once again at the heart of the disagreement between the two sides. But this time, instead of Cisco executives taking shots at whitebox solutions, it's an open source proponent saying Cisco is behind the times.

CloudRouter Project to get some help from Down Under

The CloudRouter Project, which aims to create Linux-based open source router and software-defined networking technologies, should soon be getting Layer 3 automated router configuration capabilities thanks to a new partnership with The Australian National University TechLauncher program.

Internet2 connects 5 universities with large-scale SDN ONOS rollout

Internet2 and the Open Network Operating System community have completed what Internet2 is calling the first large-scale deployment of ONOS through its NOC at Indiana University.

SDN abstraction, automation features could boost cloud app access

With cloud and virtualization becoming more pervasive within the enterprise, the one thing that's holding back the greatest benefits is the network itself, argued Brendan Ziolo, head of large enterprise strategy at Alcatel-Lucent, in a Network Computing column.

Silver Peak creates hybrid WAN with new Unity EdgeConnect appliance

Silver Peak introduced a new product within its software-defined wide area networking strategy, enabling a reduction of costs by supplementing or outright replacing multi-protocol label switching WAN connections with the public Internet.