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Latest Headlines

Why enterprise networking professionals should care about NFV

Don't care about network functions virtualization? You should.

60% of medium, large businesses already piloting SDN in data center

Software-defined networking is catching on, and over the next two years, there's a good chance you'll be involved in an implementation. Research from Infonetics indicated that 80 percent of...

7 SDN myths exposed

Thanks to Andrew Lerner, a research director at Gartner, here are seven common SDN myths and the truth behind them.

IBM gears up for SDN, NFV with opening of first two Network Innovation Centers

Big Blue opened the first two of its Network Innovation Centers last week, but one is going to be a bit of a trip for American customers.

Security a major reason for SDN adoption

Network efficiency, agility and flexibility may not be the only benefits enterprises are looking to get out of software-defined networking (SDN). "Security" is also on the tips of the tongues of enterprise networking professionals.

Open Networking Foundation warns of perils of big vendor SDN influence

Open standards have a way of disrupting the competitive landscape of technology markets, and the emergence of software-defined networking has the potential of significantly impacting networking vendors that maintain proprietary technology.

Juniper SDN solutions overlapping one another

Juniper Networks has been tackling software-defined networking (SDN) from various angles, and  Network World's  Jim Duffy speculated that the networking vendor may now have too many SDN solutions. Can some consolidation be on the way?

Spotlight: SDN as an enabler of NFV

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) often get spoken about in the same sentences, but as two different things--possibly even adopted separately.

Signiant: Software-defined file transfer driven by cloud adoption

Everything is getting software-defined. And according to Ian Hamilton, CTO of Signiant, the next shift in the software-defined everything movement is software-defined file transfer. And if it does gain some traction, it will mean accelerating large file transfers across the network and into the cloud.

Open Compute Project embraces Open Network Linux

The Open Compute Project has accepted Big Switch's Open Network Linux contribution as the project's reference network operating system.