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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: On the 29th anniversary of Windows 1.0

There were any number of other names that Microsoft was supposed to have called the thing, but rumors ran the only mill there was in the technology press of 1985.  

IBM's next bid to conquer email: Same song, new Verse

In the 1990s, Lotus was for a time the undisputed champion of corporate e-mail and scheduling. It's too late for IBM to resurrect Notes at this point, but maybe the time is right for a new composition.

Enterprise file store service ownCloud adds access to others' clouds

If end users are truly the ones driving demand for better file access, then can't their goals still be met without moving file systems off-premise?  Open source-driven ownCloud tries a new method.

Where's the value-add? Xerox responds on Digital Alternatives

The company's chief evangelist for reducing the consumption of the same resources that "Xerox machines" once ate for lunch, defends the document management system as a behavior-changing tool.

Latest additions to Workday will suggest better org charts

What if you could provision your human capital with something similar to the same tools you use to spin up a virtual machine? Maybe your organization could begin looking like the cloud.

Xerox declares the end of paper (again)

The electronic document company's latest system for acquiring and sharing documents depends on users' willingness to convert them all by means of a printer driver. How well has that worked before?

Spotlight: What Microsoft's next Office B-roll shows, and what it doesn't

In a tape released Thursday, we see the earliest public pictures of Microsoft trying to make a touchable Office for Windows as good as its touchable Office for Android. 

Google: Web browsers are casualties of mobile, cloud revolution

A senior product manager with Google Cloud Platform tells a company conference that people still use Web browsers because human nature makes them hang on for too long.

Office apps for iOS, Android to include Dropbox integration

Users of Microsoft's Office apps for Android, iPhone and iPad will soon be able to store documents in Dropbox' cloud directly and see them there. But what about the functionality Dropbox promised in June?

ForecastThis makes clearer argument against human judgment for all problems

Human beings have a difficult time ascertaining the right method to apply when predicting the outcome of a problem. The company making that assertion demonstrated its own case in point.