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Spotlight: Dell, NEC navigate tricky relationship as they aim for SDN market

NEC and Dell have been working to make some of their products interoperable in order to offer customers a more complete package of SDN products. The companies compete directly with some of their...

What you need to know about disaggregation, HP-style

With software-defined networking becoming an increasingly hot topic among the enterprise networking crowd, there may still be some confusion as to what it really is. Or, rather, what a disaggregated networking model entails.

OpenDaylight progress could be slowed by lack of vendor contributions

The OpenDaylight Project is an interesting one, but it may be going the way of Session Initiation Protocol in that it's an open software-defined networking offering but is then commercialized by turning it into proprietary technology.

What's new in OpenDaylight's most recent Lithium release

As we noted last week, the third release of OpenDaylight, the open source software-defined networking (SDN) project, apparently came together in a methodical and drama-free approach – something not always typical of a fairly new open source project. Dubbed Lithium, the latest version of OpenDaylight (now available for download) is a significant update, providing several new and updated features.

Avaya teams with Steel ORCA for SDDC offerings

Another piece has fallen into place in Avaya's software-defined networking and software-defined data center strategy. The company is beginning to collaborate with data center services provider Steel ORCA to build a SDDC offering based on Avaya Fabric Connect.

Windows 10 Wi-Fi feature raises security concerns

A feature that will be part of the soon-to-be-released Microsoft Windows 10 is sending up red flags among security professionals. The Wi-Fi Sense feature, which was designed to make it easier to connect to local wireless networks by sharing secure connections with friends, could make it easier for anyone to connect to home networks, whether the network owners want them to or not.

Cisco invests in 6WIND for high-performance networking

During a recent visit to France, Cisco CEO John Chambers committed to investing $100 million in the country's innovative technology businesses, and it looks like the networking vendor is already making good on that promise. The company is now investing in and working with 6WIND, a high-performance networking software business.

Spotlight: Hardware is still important in networking

With all the buzz around SDN, you'd be forgiven for thinking that hardware is no longer important. It's true that software is driving exciting improvements in networking. The future of...

Masergy virtualizes router, firewall with new NFV product

Masergy is hoping to attract enterprises with a new network functions virtualization product that virtualizes both routing and firewall functions. The new Virtual f(n) was designed to eliminate the need for on-site administration while also replacing traditional on-premises routing and firewall appliances.

OpenDaylight comes into its own with upcoming Lithium release

With the third release of OpenDaylight coming up, it appears that the project has come into its own relatively quickly. With new features and the hardening of existing features, Lithium represents a much more methodical and collaborative approach by its members and staff.