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Latest Headlines

Snow days: Overcoming business disruption with Unified Communication

The weather outside truly has been frightful. No problem, right--today's enterprise has rich communication and collaboration options, from IM to file sync. That may be true, according to Stephen Leaden, but unified communications is a viable business continuity solution only if you've put some forethought into it.

Boomtown: Unified Communications revenue grew 31% in 2013, says Infonetics

Research firm Infonetics says the Unified Communications sector is strong and getting stronger.

Spotlight: SIP Trunking myths debunked

Wait--SIP Trunking is two decades old?

Don't let your old 800 number turn into an 'adult' chat line

Instead of letting such a fate befall you, here are several recommendations for putting old toll-free numbers to new use.

Evaluating UC and IT products: Dismissal is lazy

UC and IT being awash in product launches and product hype, these dismissal strategies are useful initial filters to help the inundated buyer. However, if dismissal is too entrenched, the buyer will miss opportunities for genuine improvement.

Google guns for Lync, WebEx with $999 Chromebox for Meetings, PBX integration

Google announced a $999 Chromebox for Meetings and a new partnership which allows more convenient conferencing. Together these advances aim squarely at making Google+ Hangouts a viable alternative to Microsoft's Lync and Cisco's WebEx collaboration platforms.

Building--and supporting--the next generation 'customer interaction center'

Yes, customers increasingly expect a plethora of options for connecting to customer support. But while plenty of applicable technologies are swirling around in the Unified Communications pot, Art Rosenberg points out that there's more to customer interaction than just adding channels.

What does the demise of Net Neutrality mean for enterprise networks?

For those living in a cone of silence, the US Court of Appeals knocked over net neutrality on Tuesday.

Unified Comms in 2013: The year of living boringly?

For all the noise and product announcements and putative advances in technology, analyst Dave Michels says the year 2013 in Unified Communications was characterized by very little real progress.

WebRTC just a different kettle of fish

The WebRTC technology for in-browser communications offers much promise in the enterprise space--for quick-and-easy videoconferencing, video customer service and other applications. However, it's going to take some more work to put the 'easy' in quick-and-easy.